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[img][/img] well i figure why not! ... sure i'm all scummy looking but it must be done! ... notice a few key fun things... how in the first pic Avey's THUMB is in my FIST! ... and the last one was avey with a buddy of mine but i put it in because the TONGUE on avey's shirt is in the BEER BOTTLE! ... fun stuff like that! little white lies like "i was there" this is from May of 2007 ... in IOWA (if you can believe it!) notice the reference to geo beard trim trabblings! and noah actually looking happy for A Change!


  • I love this! Especially Avey's thumb being part of your hand. at first I didn't realize that Avey wasn't hanging out with the dog! I think your general appearance perfectly compliments your online personality. also, you're one lucky guy to be hanging out with them all!
  • It's nice to see your face, furry one. Those are great photos! I especially like the subtleties you noticed that make it so hilarious, the tongue in the BEER oh it's fantastic. I bet he'd like that. OK, G.O. stop reading... {{{{omg avey is so freaking kyooooooooooooooooooootttt in that last photo with his sweet smile it makes me want to mwah mwah all over his little earnest face}}}}
  • for the record, I think Panda looks freaking adorable/awesome [though avey does have a nice smile there].
  • wow, G.O. Tigers, Derek and me all online!!! In the same place!
  • it's an Animal Collective gang! We just need Phantom!
  • it would be nice if the OWNER showed back up, too!
  • you forgot about the Grizzly Kid! ): (great pics, G.O.[!]!!!)
  • aw...i'm sorry Grizzly. I'm new though, that's my excuse.
  • No excuses, no looses, mooses, grew since, walrus... what?
  • oh god i really regret putting this up now! ... but it was all in good clean old fashion'd fun... this will make it even MORE fun!: [img][/img] roller coaster ac!
  • they're SO happy!
  • don't regret it! I love your pictures/your beard! That picture is pretty amazing! So carefree! Also.....Deakin (shit I think I spelled that wrong), looks sooo much like young Gene Ween when he smiles.
  • Grizzers, you weren't on at the moment I posted that...I would never neglect a fellow animal. Yeah, I see the Deeks/Gene similarity. What a Beach-Boys-esque shot!
  • Nah I'm kinda sad G.O. posted pictures of himself. Ruined the mystery for me. It's like the tramp talking. Hopefully I will forget the image (not that it's bad G.O.).
  • Panda looks ecstatic. He's like AWW HELLS YEAH. I've been online for approx. 5 hours straight. What is this I don't even...
  • Yeah it is a really good picture. Might make it my desktop.
  • i feel left out! it looks like you sat down to have dinner with them at some awesome medival restaurant with wooden tables and goblets. at least that's the impression i got. i wish i had a beard like yours.
  • beards really suck! ... i mean it grows long and you don't want to cut it because it'll take forever to get long again... but sometimes you don't want a beard... and i've always sucked at shaving there's always stubble it's never totally fresh and smooth! sometimes that would be nice (but then sometimes it IS nice to have a damn beard!)... i'm a beardo weirdo! and yeah that was the back area of the venue ac played at (in IOWA!) and it was really mellow and nice atmosphere... i had never been to iowa city (shitty) and it seemed pretty nice... you wouldn't expect such good stuff in iowa but sometimes things are like that!
  • sometimes I wish I had a beard to stroke when I ponder things! The affect of hand vs chin is not as great!
  • that sounds like an incredibly cool place to hang out with the AC, GO! luckily I never have to debate whether or not to have a beard or not. Sounds like a lot to think about there (to shave or not to shave?)
  • yeah, I don't get the choice of beard either, but there's always fake ones!
  • haha, very true. I've actually had a fake beard before......... it was a play sort of thing
  • i sometimes wish girls could sprout a beard. even if just for a day. i just want to rub it on things. sometimes they're sharp, and sometimes they tickle. i did a documentary on beards once.
  • be my beard!
  • i'll hold on to your ears.
  • you are all my fears!
  • Can we get some beers?
  • what does that mean?
  • I broke the combo. Rhyming combo, any combo. Just happy to bust it.
  • but you never could trust it!
  • even so, I must 'git!
  • geez now even YOU have over a hundred! this is growing out of control! this fire! (burn this shitty!)
  • YAAAAAAY! GO KAYGEEE!!!!!!! 102 IS THE PLACE TO BE!! now maybe I'll shoot for 103?
  • years from now you'll have THOUSANDS of posts and lament yr wasted youth!
  • nostalgia comes with a price, I suppose.
  • but nothing beats the low prices of todays prostitution. (it's so neat, it just can't be beat!)
  • won't have time to work the streets if you gab about AC day in and day out!
  • I'm only interested in prostitution that involves the AC themselves.
  • how much do you think one Chinese businessman would have to pay for a night with Avey? hmm...
  • I'm sure Kria handles those appointments.
  • i wonder if kria really wears stockings or if avey just really meant tights! ... i wonder what that dress that he likes looks like! oh god! these are the things that can't be asked! man i wonder if any groovy girlies tried to be ac groupies and resulted in really awkward turn-downs from the band... deeks needs to get married and then they'll all be taken... so weird to be into them when they were young and watch the years go by and them making babies having famblies gettin married settle down range life... to think when they were posting on akka in 05 they were about 25... when i got into them in 03 and indian only 23! avey's spirit at 20!!! sometimes i think about that and it is crazy but then i realize no that's not that strange that is how it works i guess! look at me talking too much! crap!
  • Yeah Avey's Spirit at 20 makes me sad since I'm 20 and no Spirit.
  • you gotta pay your dues before you pay your rent...nice pavement throw in there G.O. Phantom: anything I say will sound like old lady platitudes so I won't.
  • i wish i could grow old with them. i often imagine how fun it would be to just sit around with them at a casual get together and talk about life. awesome. they'd be welcome in my living room at any time.
  • imagine how sad it'll be when they're all in their 50s doing reunion shows and avey trying to scream like he used to!
  • he might still be able to pull it off! Frank Black (Pixies) is in his fifties, i'm sure, and his screams are just as fantastic as they were twenty+ years ago. He's said that it's actually easier for him now.
  • oh god i hate to keep name-dropping but... i met frank black before i knew who the pixies were! which amuses me... the very idear of that? he was on some hip little x-files soundtrack and he was doing an in-store... [i was introduced to pixies by way of a method a LOT of people got into them... fight club creddies!] also i went to their TRUE first reunion show in April 2004 which for some odd reason was in Minnesota... which was just insane to be a part of... i'm kinda glad they never made a new album and i still really hope they don't...
  • same here. A new album would not be able to compare with their old ones. I know it! Awesome you met the man. I used to have a copy of Fear and Loathing signed by him, my ex-bf/best friend met him at a random bar in Boston and got him to sign it. How was he? I hear he's an ass. I got to see them last year on their Doolittle tour. The first True reunion would've been more epic. But hearing them play through all of the Doolittle album with six extra tracks was pretty awesome too. I'm also a fight club convert.
  • fear & loathing signed by frank black? what the! i don't get it! he Was kind of an ass! i was pretty young and out of it so the main thing i asked was if the frank black in the show millenium was named after him (it was!) and then for some dumb reason i then asked Is that your real name? (so embrassing!) ... some nerdy guy behind me then said the full real name and it was just awkward... oh well! why is the person your EX best friend!
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