Tips For Teens

This is by Fran Leibowitz, a social commentator(tot) and author. She should have put at the end something about how no teenager will believe a single word of it (but adults will). [url][/url] p.s. I don't necessarily believe everything she says, but it's funny.


  • I thought some were pretty funny. I don't agree with her on the movie thing though.
  • You are correct in your statement Winilula, funny but I do not agree with some of what is said. Also MoonDog I agree that movies ARE important, they always have been. Maybe stupid movies do not count, ya know what they are (this was for those teenage girls who like Twilight movies, unless if anyone on here enjoys them I am sorry to offend you).
  • [img][/img] Twilight is srs bizness
  • more like twighSHITE!
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