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It's even more different than befored! :O


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    i don't know WHAT to make of it! will it ever go back to how it was? :( i don't think it will! we'll just have to make do! afterall... it is the PEOPLE that make the bored! (but a shnazzy bored design sure helps!)
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    Shnazzy bringsh zse peoplesh to zse bored.
  • ..I feel guilty that I haven't been around lately! I miss the shpiffy people of zees boardd. I swear! I will stay around!
  • i hope the board can recover i feel people aren't posting more... because people aren't posting more! it's a circular problem!
  • I feel as if I tried to help in the last two weeks but even the regulars won't show up as much. I miss them, and I miss the conversations we had. May ClayDaveyFish G.O [!] live on!!!
  • I took a couple days off because I flew up to New York, where I am currently. But it'll ebb and flow as long as it's still online... We've been saying "hmm I hope this board will recover" for ages now. I know that there are some people who just need a break from posting here. If they come back, cool. If they don't... then send some fuckin' links to your friends so we get more people in here.
  • Hahaha wise words, but there is one problem, my friends hate it...
  • ClayDaveyFish is a GO! yes... we are The Survivors! we can rebuild! just wish we had all the old stuff back... i like getting obsessed with the post count next to each post and the top posters member list and my BOBCAT BOY SCOUT PATCH avatar and my SIGNATURE and THE LOST WOODS! i'm no good with change!
  • Why do you not have your Bobcat boy scout patch, that was your thang.
  • Yeah i missed that about you, and i know that i have been neglectful with my posting but i promise i will keep on posting if you all do aswell ! And i miss the signatures aswell, and something i love about this board is when new people join and express their profound love for AC and then never post again ! It makes me smile !
  • Don't get hung up on avatars. They're just blue motherfuckers.
  • I need to change mine to something comical, maybe a blue motherfucker would work just fine.
  • He'll murder you.
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    I'll eventually make the forum look like the old one, but currently rewriting the main site has taken priority. It'll be done in a few days. I'll also search for a better temporary theme. This one's broken. If anyone wants to look at some available, you can go here. Maybe I'll have a majority-votes deal for now.
  • I am not sure now, i have grown attached to this one, unless you can make the old site mobile compatible like this then that would be great !
  • It's true, there are nice things about this board. I just wish we could post pictures!!! And a non-plain white background would be nice. Whatever, though, I'm just happy we have a place to meat.
  • hehe! MEAT! "I'll eventually make the forum look like the old one," yayyyyyyyyyy! the dream is still alive!
  • Dreams never die and big girls don't cry!
  • Well its debatable, my dreams are places that only a human could dream of !
  • hey now HEY NOW! don't dream shit's over!
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