The Site's Current Status

The site was attacked sometime yesterday. It is unclear how it happened, though it could likely have been through our ZenPhoto gallery. The attack left the site completely empty, with the downloads, photos, site templates, all gone. You should change your passwords if you used them on this site. However, it is unclear what was done with the databases since they remained intact.

I've currently moved the site to a new web host and installed Vanilla forums to replace phpBB3. It may look a bit different, but I'm sure everyone will familiarize themselves with it soon.

I'll try to restore the site during the following week.

If you would like to help return some of the media files to the site, please post here.


Dec 1st 2011,
Lyrics and Discography are back online.

Nov 30th 2011,
News is back online.


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    Wow, this sucks, but we will rebuild and get used to whatever will come next. Good luck hateradio. Edit: I didn't read the last line, and that is why I posted regardless of what the purpose was.
  • gah! why does this keep happening on nearly every board i post on? i wish things could last! ... well jeez... at least we didn't lose all the posts but that really sucks about the site and everything in general... we're all pulling for you hate the radio! this new forum looks and acts REALLY weird / glow-fi... i'm very nervous! where are many things and why is it doing strange things! ahh!
  • Yep. It's really white. Reeeeeally white. HONKY!
  • BTW Hate I have at least half of the music from the "Gets" section along with other stuff that would go well there. How can it be submitted? Megaupload or some other file sharing site? Should I just send you links? Not really clear on what should be done about that.
  • One more thing -- thanks a lot for the work, as always, Hate.
  • well this is truely shit, i tried going on on my phone but was unsuccessful and now i know why !! oh well like go-man said, we are all rooting for you buddy !!
  • Hey, it looks like some of it is coming back. Go hatepatio!
  • ^Damn those patio heaters. I got a default page on the main site to display for now. I'm currently uploading the template and images. I think I'll get most of it to work sooner than later.
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    we should Smurj the whole SHMboard into just 2 threads AC RELATED and TALKY TALK! it'd be... all we need! OH GOD.
  • The Status, There is no Status here.
  • I have been rearranging the back-end of the old site. I think it should all be up and running by the end of the week. The only two sections that will be missing for a while will be the gallery and the downloads. I'll decide whether or not to bring back the old systems, which I didn't write, or create new ones. The second option will make things take a little longer. I'm also going to see if I can combine WordPress and this forum so that users can reply to news.
  • Really too bad about the old site.. But thank you for working on a new one for the community here! Looking good so far. It'll take some getting used to, but it seems pretty easy to navigate through.
  • Hey guys. much love and support to anyone working on this i spend half of my internet time on this site! I've got a couple of gets and i'll do anything i can to help. P.S Are most people here from the U.K or the U.S or what?
  • I live in Ghana...
  • It really is too bad it is down. Good luck getting it back up, we all appreciate it
  • I get really paranoid about the board now with patio heaters and what not, maybe they know where i live :(
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    I'm almost done with it. However, data entry and form validation has really been slowing me down. I'll update the site next week for sure. In the meantime . . . [b]Helpers Wanted For Gets[/b] I need a group of five or so people. My connection isn't the fastest so it would take me too long to put all the files online. I'll need help to get them on the server. I'll need the group to use FTP to upload the files. If you're not familiar with it, that could be a problem. However, you can still help by downloading the files that the others have sent and test them to see if they are broken or if they contain viruses. Once an archive (a ZIP file) has been approved as not being broken and being safe, I'll move them to the main site so that people can download them. If you're interested post here.
  • Still need help? Send an e-mail.
  • Good luck with this! I've been at CA and I'm sad that this happened! I miss you guys...
  • We missed you...
  • I think most of us are on CA too, but don't leave here!
  • this place will forever be the charming underdog! the alternative!
  • CA...? someone enlighten me ?
  • Oh yeah, collected animals, forgot about that other one, it seems like that one went to shit !
  • Been shit for a year or more! But this one could very easily do the same; the only reason we work the way we do is because of our extremely low population and kind-hearted mods. On a big forum, that doesn't always work.
  • Yeah i suppose, there are a lot of once posters not posting any more which is extremely sad !
  • all OUR GIRLS.... we tigers / terror toast / 156curses / kidgrizz now even SOMETHING has left us! and shinsy cannot be trusted! whatever happened to YUKBON? funny guy! also CA has been shit since September 2005! eyah! the first incarnation was SO magical! i still pine for it!
  • That key logger post scares me, it makes me worried about what to write on here !
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    It seems that the lack of pictures is hurting this site. I look back to a month or two ago and all the good threads had some type of picture. Video killer of Radio stars, you're doing your best and we need it for the sake of this place. We need the brown of the old place back.
  • We need PICTURES GOD DAMMIT ! Give us our freedom ! Sorry went off on a bit of a mad one then !
  • uh, you can have them
  • Like Dave said, never thought HTML code would work here, anyways looks like your common sense made the place more like a home again, we'll go crazy with the pics now.
  • I'll never leave you guys again! It's so friendly here. I love you guys! Truckstops... what a funny thing.
  • <blockquote>we'll go crazy with the pics now.</blockquote> <img src=""> "regrets, I have a few..."
  • i can't upload photos because i do this on my phone, so truly am jealous !
  • Well shit on my face and call me a walrus!
  • ...I just did.
  • and me too !
  • I don't think I will, no.
  • What is going on here? :-/ In any case, as of right now, the Lyrics and Discography sections are back online. The news section was brought online yesterday. Now I need to create a gallery and live music section.
  • Thanks for all your work!
  • Please get the Forum to the old style, thanks! (P.S. I know this is hard so do'nt feel like one person can tell you what to do on here. I appreciate your website bro!)
  • yeah i agree, i wouldn't be able to accomplish what you have, also do you reckon somehow you could make the forum a mobile site aswell, otherwise its hard to post sometimes
  • Three votes for going back to the old forum style or something different that this. For those of us who use the site mostly for the board (and that is the majority) it is hard to navigate and does not follow a linear newest-newer-new-older-old approach. I realize you are a computer genius and can adapt like a cyborg but I am an animal.
  • I am currently skinning the forums on my computer. It won't be complete for a few days, but it should be a mix of the previous white/blue scheme and the old one. Clayson, I don't know much about mobile styles. If I find a mobile Vanilla scheme later on, maybe I'll do that.
  • sounds brilliant and it will help me out, cheers mate, loving the work you are doing :)
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    sticking with vanilla on a permanent basis or going back to bbcode eventually?
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    Do you mean phpBB3? Vanilla isn't going anywhere. The new design is out! I hope you guys like it. I also added Gravatar Monster IDs for uses who have no avatar.
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    Thank you!!! I've been having much more luck navigating this format so far.
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