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Hello everyone, I'm new to this site but glad to see there's a A C community ! I have a simple question : What is "Ark" exactly ? Is it an official Animal Collective record ? It does not appear on several discography's of the band that I've seen on the internet. It's not mentioned in the Animal Collective discography page of Wikipedia for example. Little James


  • Welcome. Ark is an alternate mix of Here Comes The Indian that doesn't have most of the vocals that were added later to the final version.
  • it was also the version FatCat heard and didn't want to put out, so they started Paw Tracks. Anybody wanna fact check me on that? And WELCOME!
  • Thank you for the welcome ! And thank you for the answer :)
  • The people next town fortify of mug avey usual code of just the people
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    i never heard about that fat cat thing... that'd be messed up! and clayson's been taking crazy pills or something! STOP MAKING SENSE!
  • I was so drunk i am really sorry, i do this forum on my phone and i write with predictive text, that's what i wrote apparently... I am sorry
  • hahahaha it's cool dude I loved it. I was gonna respond with nonsense of my own but didn't have the time to do justice to it.
  • Welcome Little James!! DREAM BIG! CHASE YOUR JAMES! James sounds like dreams...doesn't it? And wow the board's gotten so nonsensical since I last was on. I love it.
  • WE HAVE ALL MISSED YOU SHINSALINS!!! seriously, where have you been ????
  • where do ALL of you people go? when yr not here! you all and your secret lives!
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    They go to Honey Hives and turn into Vampires!!! [Funny video explains what I said (Not the BEES!!!)] EDIT: It Worked!
  • We don't have pictures, though, and that pisses me off.
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    Worst thing about this place is no pictures, true dat!
  • They'll murder us, that's why they won't show up. It's an anti-theft mechanism.
  • I like this murder theme going on at the minute Dave ...
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