new album??

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i've heard a lot of clamor about a new AnCo album in the works..however that is all the information i have been given. i'm just interested where i can hear some of the tunes they performed at MPP this past july other than youtube


  • Well, we HAD a bunch of them (thanks to the folks on collected animals) but lost them when the server went KABLOOEY. You might be able to go to collected animals and find them there but they are not as sweet as us. If you wait a bit we can get those recordings to ya.
  • Go with the ATP recording, it's quite good. I was at the first show where they encored with the new "Taste"! Tasty!
  • you should download the Pitchfork boot which sounds best and has Taste, and the ATP recording which has 3 more new songs but no Taste.
  • Well, if we want to debate "best sounding", the GAMH show is the best in terms of quality of recording, and it's lossless, so it can be mixed and/or cranked up without it sounding crappy and thin. Unfortunately, I don't really think there have been any standout performances this tour, at least to my knowledge. Not like LUX back in 2008. What. A. Show. One thing I love about deadheads is that they're totally compulsive about figuring out how to make their audience recordings sound as good as possible. Not so with Animal Collective and other indie band bootleggers. I think GAMH is the only high quality audience recording made during any of their shows in 2011, so far. :(
  • have you got a link to that?
  • I do, I do. Glad to see you posting again, by the way.[
  • I wish the guy who recorded the ATP show hadn't accidentally deleted the original files. Now there's no chance of a lossless version. Spent a few minutes looking through CA's thread again and I'm still pretty sure GAMH is the only lossless recording. What a bummer.
  • danke schoen
  • Nice to see people on here again, shins was here for like a little bit, and then she vanished !
  • I want to see Animal Collective is concert so badly... I am waiting for their next album, though I still haven't gotten a hold of their visual album...
  • If they're ever playing somewhere in Florida, let me know. I drove up to Orlando with a friend to see them. Carpooling, for real. Yukbon could come, too. It'd be an Animal Collective extravaganza. They very well may tour again after the album drops. They did that for MPP, pre-album and post-album shows.
  • and now everyone is making me jealous of going to see AC ! its annoying because i know to see the band i love i will have to travel to America ! maybe if i do someday then i can meet you guys !
  • last time they were touring they hit miami (or maybe it was lauderdale), i'd assume they'd do that again...
  • In '09 or '11? This year they were in Orlando. By the way, did you go to that? I had a chance to see them way back in 2006 I think but I passed it up >__< Passed up an Oddsac screening the Beach, too. Don't remember why.
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    '09 and no, i was busy (long story)
  • as an aside, at one of the CA members got all the new songs that have been played live and remastered them so that the sound quality doesn't suck quite so hard. just fyi.
  • oh, same thread has a compilation of radio appearances called "remnants of you is emotion" -- totally worth getting, very nice quality. chocolate girl/who could win a rabbit are GREAT
  • AC Album by June, I can't wait for it. I want to annoy my High School friends with the new album (didn't have that chance with MPP).
  • If I could figure out how to post in News again I would post all the news I nose. Har.
  • That video got me really excited! I miss loving Animal Collective.
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    I just wanted to say how happy I am that this site is being rebuilt. This is my favorite site and I was really sad when it went down so thanks winilula.. or hofr or whoever rebuilt!
  • ^^Hateradio.
  • A new album would potentially a new tour so yeahyeahyeahyeah. I have yet to see them and they are the only band I would drive to the next state over for to see.
  • theres an insane amount of already written un-released songs
  • They should revamp them and put them out on a B-Side/unrealeasd album.
  • and call it The Bees! they're going into my EYES! ahhhh!
  • Wicker Man, now thats a film (sarcastic laugh)!
  • it IS! i kinda think i should have seen the original version first and i still need to see the original in full sucha different feeling as compared to the AMAZING remake! which i saw first so will probably forever like more!
  • Are you serious G.O., I thought it was amusing!
  • often times things that amuse me also amaze me! my fave. movies of all time are bubble boy, groundhog day, evil dead trilogy, freddy got fingered! the "fun" ones... then also the time machine (original of course!), shawshank redemption, primer, solaris (remake of course!), etc!
  • There is no pattern to which movies you like, I like that.
  • If there was a like option on this website I would definetly like that.
  • but thank goodness there's not :D
  • GO, you really like the remake of wicker man more than the original? but it's so....flat. the original is so hard to pin down: it's a musical, it's horror, it's comedy, it's heavy and light, serious and frivolous and sexy in parts. the remake w/ nick cage is just...LOOK SCARY WOMEN OH GOD BEES SCARY WOMEN WILL HURT MEN. I dunno, I like Cage, especially when he's a crazy nutjob, but the remake was just so underwhelming. It was like watching a 1.5 movie about how scary girls are. Solaris' remake is better -- more lush, not as slow as the original; although in defense of the original: the stanislaw lem book it's based on is also slow and sort of monochromatic. It's supposed to be a slow oppressive mood, which I think it delivers. The remake loses that in favor of actually keeping you awake and they make up for losing that oppressive mood by making it horrific in a personal, psychological way. Clooney's really good in it and the cinematography's gorgeous.
  • well i didn't see the original in full AND i saw it after the remake... so i can't fully judge! but yes... the comedy elements / musical (?!) were great... christopher lee was delightfully MANIC haha! but the remake! ... that one is def. surreal horror thriller COMEDY WEIRDO CRAZY ... totally hard to pin down too! ... it can be enjoyed as a descent into madness and also enjoyed for the weirdo... badness! ... it works on so many levels! ... and cage is along for the ride playing it so straight! haha! ... bearsuit punch! i was fine with the slowness of the original solaris... but it was so... cold... and the remake was too but also had warmth... the balance of the two... after seeing the remake i just felt like the original didn't have that... the girl in it... she was young and pretty and he supposedly loved her... but it seemed more like she was this blank person / about her looks... where the remake she was so much more! ... oh god! ... and the ending! are we alive? dead? ... we don't have to think like that any more! hot damn! not to mention JEREMY DAVIES! (!!!) ...
  • i actually liked the original better than the remake.
  • everyone always likes the originals more than the remakes / the books more than the films :(
  • no, I just said I think solaris remake is better in most respects. wicker man's a hideous miscarriage of jesus-man-what-were-you-thinking.
  • Not necessarily, but in this case I preferred the original.
  • Hey SpritBearsie, rumor has it you abandoned us for CA! I'm happy to see that isn't true!
  • It twas true, but time can be rewritten! The Rumor WAS right, and Spirt was gone and Spirit was Vanished (he said it in an early post this year that he was at our buddies CA). Regardless I WISH YOU WERE HERE!
  • I'm loving this idea! instead of soly sample-based, having manual instrumentation reintroduces the concept of "jamming out" which is somthing I like. The more exiting thing is New album = New Tour = I can finally see them!!!! :D . My only concern is that with Panda back on drum kit he might not get to sing or at least it would make singing for him difficult. I have come to really like his voice on da' tracks.
  • I watched part of Animal Collective at Pitchfork 2011 Festival and Panda was singing and playing the drums at the same time, so he probably will. Plus Panda will probably sing on the tracks he writes, a la My Girls and Brothersport. I really hope Animal Collective travel to Australia so I can go see them!
  • Probably, if I were world touring I would find it a great excuse to visit all the places I want. (Ex: australia) I be like : Yo guys! A Tour date in istanbul turkey would be profitable right? Guys: Hell sure why not?
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