Does A.C. work for haunted houses?

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YES!!! i had the privilege of working in a haunted house and creeping out people. but the thing i cherished the most was the permission to make my own soundtrack of scary songs for the clown room. a little bit of My Favorite Colors, fried camp, friend vamp, SOmeda ill grow...., untittled off spirit, bat youll fly, ALvin Row, mr fingers, #1, throwing the roundball, lady on the Lake, mess hour house, Kindle song, lablakely dress, Satin orb wash, spirit they've vanished, What happened, and tiquid. Dont believe me? sheck it out, homes. [url],0,777017.story[/url]


  • That's awesome! I've always imagined some AC tracks to be scary. Or at least unsettling. And unsettling is much cooler than scary. What were people's reactions?
  • it worked. kids soiled themselves, thirty year olds cried, and my co workers loved the energy. i recommend the playlist to anyone who wants to scare people this halloween. Moondog, kids were easier to scare when the beats were faster like in the last part of mr fingers, #1, and other sorts of fast paced sounds. the eerie sounds were scarier to adults. I think its awesome how listening to animal collective almost everyday paid off like that. i don't share much with this forum, because id rather read. But this was something i had to share, and i love that animal collective fans have an outlet of this form.
  • I see all of them working except for alvin row, it just isnt scary to me for some reason
  • I think a couple others would work but your play list is solid and I am thinking of doing the same for my house when I hand out candy, and also my mom got creeped out by ODDSAC when I showed it to her. Thanks Barry! <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif" alt=":D" title="lol" /><!-- s:D -->
  • your right mitch. alvin row has some parts, but most of it did seem out of place. i should have edited to leave in the appropriate parts. and no problem peacefish. you should try projecting oddsac outside your house on the garage door or wall.
  • This was such a fantastic idea on so many levels, Barry! One, you got to use your creative skills in a public venue to positive results, two, you got to introduce Animal Collective to hundreds of unsuspecting people who will now, if they ever hear the songs again, have a strong emotional reaction, and three, you got to scare the pants off people! I would send the link and your story to <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->. They don't respond to their mail, but they do read it, and I think they'd get a kick out of what you did. Thank you for sharing!!!
  • Haha Barry that's a good idea projecting ODDSAC on your garage door. People would just walk by and be like woahh wtf?
  • Spirit at high volume so you can destroy those little ears' high frequency sensitivity.
  • spirit to destroy the spirits of the young !
  • i don't think bat you'll fly or tiquid fit too well but otherwise i agree
  • yr name is barry? call me larry! LARRY! :(|)
  • I'll call you Gary?
  • sometimes i fear that i'm turning... turning into gary!
  • that is very scary!! turn into something
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