completely irrelevant thread

I didn't know where to put this thread, a bit confused ! Basically i wanted to create an irrelevant thread, what this means is that you can discuss anything you want without the fear it won't go off topic ! I believe that time machines will never work- for instance ! And then the next person responds and creates a new completely irrelevant topic, should be fun, see how it goes !


  • Same here! I don't understand how it would work.... Yet again, I don't understand how many of today's gadgets work. Bahaha. Man, my boyfriend is coming today. And we're going to talk about our relationship :s I'm so nervous. And I can't stop listening to Banshee Beat. I never thought the lyrics would relate so much to everything that's going on. Meh
  • See this is my theory, what you do is discuss the topic that someone has posted and then you post your own irrelevant topic and so on so forth ! And that does sound pretty touchy, i would be nervous, but friend of sofi we will always be here for you ! Banshee beat means a lot to me, it is a fantastic song ! I don't trust the company apple, i think they are us to something !
  • Green Apple trees, with Green apples. Robin had a couple of them. Batman was always a jerk to him though.
  • When I was a young boy, I had a Batman action figure. I loved it. It was a good toy, a toy that someone had put some real effort into designing. Acceptance.
  • I never really liked Batman... It's like 45 degrees in Miami and I have my window open :3 it feels SO good! I'm also craving a McChicken.. Mehh like I can almost taste it.
  • I prefer McDonald him self, for I'am a Vampire, I'am a vampire. My war with slippiWhereWo! will forever go on, but forever in this case is a twilight movie, and there is about 1 and a half hours of crap in one of those movies. Forever=1.5 hours for teens these days!
  • Shorter attention spans are a result of screens. Computers, televisions, stupid phones, etc. Funk music
  • It reminds me of the jazz funk music, a bit like slap bass ! With a little bit more soooooo of jazz fusion, in hindsight not really my kind of music ! When i was a little boy i was fascinated by everything, like the smallest things, i think i just have a small attention span in general.
  • General Eisenhower! POWER!!!
  • Power is powerful. <- Revelation.
  • WTF has sanitized the phrase "what the fuck" somewhat, so I try to be specific and say "what the fuck". Contrarian, I know.
  • anyone want a spotify invite? send me a message.
  • we tigers, you need to catch up with G.O, he has out done you with his posts now.
  • I think G.O.'s got dibs on top spot.
  • how many does he have? how do we check that out?
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    Click your name on this page. I think it'll do the same thing at the top, too, though I'm not sure. I'm about 400 of you now :-bd That's how you know you've been gone a while. Still, G.O.'s got a lot on me... like 7-800 still. ^:)^ New emoticons are amusing lol
  • Cool! Thanks Dave!
  • Crying because I miss The White Stripes.
  • Brothers Karamazov! Good book.
  • And I hate everything right now. Well, not everything. Just everything I hate. AHHHHHHHHFUCK
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    Ahfuck or also known as Ahfux- The combination of being disapointed and screwed simultaneously.
  • I've been part of this forum for two years. I just realized, how wild. I've need been part of an Internet group for so long before.
  • I never have ever so this Is a first and what a good site to lose my virginity to !
  • This site is the site in which insight cites all our thoughts and feelings. That sounds pretty douchbaggy so I'll just say this site has been pretty awesome over the last 5 months for me. So many interesting conversations have took place, and so many sweet people. You guys are just Awesome!
  • Oh my god he just called me awesome...sweet !!
  • When i look at Peacefish i feel like i haven't been posting here enough, but that time is over now !
  • The age of the recluce is over It's time to rejoice !!!
  • I see all! My eyes are like Sauron! And when I look at you, I see a possible Danish Ancestor! (I'am like 10% Danish!) Happiest people in ze world!
  • just wait for later this year when i pretend to turn to THE DARK SIDE and try to destroy this board so they may bathe in blood!
  • damn i should have followed through with that threat! WRITING THREATS!
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