new Panda material sounding pretty spiffy

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a bit of darker vibe, I think I can-ish. really looking foward to the album. this dude just don't quit. anyone else been spinning this?


  • where can i get the mp3s?
  • Look in the live music trading areas on this site. There are some links around.
  • he asked in an other thread and i answered him there pointing to the THIRD thread about this (the original and the best!) you have no PHANTOM POWER!
  • Phantom planet.
  • I like that band (though I haven't listened to them in ages). Panda's new CD is going to be called Tomboy. Just to throw out some relevant information (even if its already floating around out here on the board). also, I need to get this new Panda music and listen to it.
  • I have yet to listen to the new panda stuff as well. I met phantom planet once at a Panic! at the Disco concert. They were awesome people. Haven't listened to their stuff in ages though.
  • i'm going to and you should too. I know they are better than Panic! at least! I'm glad to hear that they are cool people.
  • I'm a huge P!@TD fan so I don't think they are better haha. But I do think they are awesome.
  • well that's fair. I can't diss on you too much for your music taste anyways, since we are all AC fans here. You obviously can't have bad taste in music if you love Animal Collective.
  • haha well thanks!
  • panik! at the disco? and phantom planet!!! ahhaha! funny i was in the music video for phantom planet california (before it became the damn theme song... wait i think? not sure!] but they were the opening opening band for ... pete yorn (oh god!) and i didn't even know they were filming it ... and i was right up front a bit off to the side... i remember seeing the video and thinking wait a minute? that's the bathroom for the venue and then the crowd shot and there i was... i think they also filmed a bit in the sushi bar right close by... i was an unknowing extra for the music video of a hit song! ha!
  • you're a superstar GEE!
  • awesome, GO! I might have to watch the video just to look for you! (even though i'm not enitirely sure I would recognize you...since i've only seen you in pictures standing next to the AC)
  • once again i can never even tell what thread i'm in based on the current convo! we tigers is 1 away from 100! that's ANOTHER one! oh god? too much! TOO SOON!
  • WOW! I didn't even realize when I got 100!!! I can't believe i've collected them so quickly! I've never had 100 posts in a forum!!!!
  • "collected" them? odd phrase to describe it! ha! postimal collective... i think the key factor for this board will def. be talking about more non-ac topics... esp. entertainment stuff [other music and movies&tv mainly i guess] sometimes i get a bit burnt out talking about one band so much and i admit it does sometimes freak me out that this board is full of 14 year old girls being AC fans it just weirds me the HELL out and i wonder if i can go to prom with them in a few years! (uh!)
  • I HATE 14 YEAR OLD GIRLS. I live on my own and graduated from college already thank you very much! but you can take me to the retirement-homecoming dance. (life just PASSES YOU BY SO QUICKLY!)
  • I think Kid Grizzly has herself listed as a 14 year old girl. Supposedly. I like her, but I don't think she's 14.
  • [quote="terrortoast"]I'm a huge P!@TD fan so I don't think they are better haha. But I do think they are awesome.[/quote] animal collective is 5,000 times better then panic, music wise, writing wise, creative wise, all around wise but yes tomboy is going to be great i got two boots of him playing all the new shit im in love with the first and second track and the fourth the whole thing is growing on me and i love the opposite dircetion hes going in and how hes usuing an electric guitar
  • oh man i never said P!@TD was better than AC, no friggin way! But they are better than that other band I've never heard;....because i have never heard them.
  • still wanna take you ALL to prom!
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