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    I like the new style. Edit: Hey Hate, is there any way to make avatars bigger? How'd you feel about that? These are rather small. Thanks for all your work, it's very much appreciated. :)
  • Hey, I just realized I got used to the old, new one because this new, old one is completely boggling me.
  • Yeah i think i prefer this one now to be fair !
  • I'll to try to make them avatars a bit bigger.
  • They look a little strange when they're much bigger, because they create a huge gap. I will have to rearrange the location of the text, but I like the way it is at the top. I don't like the gap, but if you guys don't mind it, I can have them like this. [img][/img]
  • Doesn't bother me.
  • Gap awesome if make picture bigger Thank you!
  • Our initial altitude will be 12,000 feet, and our cruising altitude today will be 348,000 feet. The weather in Islamabad at the time of our arrival will be in the 30s and windy. There's a front moving in over Eastern Pakistan that's expected to bring some heavy snowstorms to the rest of the country. Please remain seated at all times. Moving about the cabin is permitted only to flight attendants, identifiable by their ritual headdresses and fuscia robes. Snacks and puppies are available for purchase with a credit card, and Ram Dass will be coming through the cabin with beverages after we reach our cruising altitude. Thank you for choosing American; we know you have a choice when flying and we're glad you chose us.
  • Can you get rid of the post length limit thing
  • I will have a go but i don't think i will get that far...
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    YEEYYYY :p [Here is my spout]
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    What post lenght limit thing? How long was your post? [Here is my handle]
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    I believe he's referring to the Animal Collective Complete Song List list [Short and stout]
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    ^ Yee [I'm a little tea pot]
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    By the way, Hate, there seems to be a permission error as far as post editing. This poor post has been edited by so many people it doesn't even remember what it originally said. Speaking of Vanilla, now that I've grown accustomed to it I like it much more than the old BBCode.
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    I'M A LITTLE TEA POT - Thanks for the edit, Dave!
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    Maybe there is some kind of database format that the song list can be transferred to? Or that be moved to Discography, entirely? And also, yes, permission issues re: editing. And this issue turned me into an asshole today, and I couldn't sleep, and so I tried to fix it but couldn't.
  • Perhaps. I'll look into it.
  • I believe the max length of Characters is 8000. I don't know where I can change that value. [quote]By the way, Hate, there seems to be a permission error as far as post editing.[/quote] This should now be fixed.
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    It is! I can only flag things now. Thanks. Edit: I just noticed there's an "edit" timer for our own posts now... we can only edit them for 24 hours after they've been posted?
  • It makes posting so much more intense!
  • It should now be a month.
  • Is it just me or does the search function make the page go way to the right?
  • does the same for me.
  • It turns my page black and upside down? I can't read any text that's not in Croatian. Help.
  • Doc, you read Croatian? Cool?
  • That's a flaggin'.
  • Search function is currently configured in an unusable manner.
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    Dear Mr. Hateradio, I really want, and I assume other would like this also, some way to see where everybody is, like what we had on the old board. It would be great to keep a general way to keep track of where everyone hails from. I also would be interested in a way for us to add signatures, that would be awesome. (Also, does Winilula have a way to know our birthdays, that would be sweet) Thanks for Everything Sincerely Peacefisher
  • Also, a working "donate" feature would be nice, since you've been doing so much work for us and you hardly use the forum yourself. Also... is there any possibility of making it possible for mods to move posts?
  • Woah, somebody attacked this site??? Wow.
  • Calvin, not that I've known of. If anyone wants to tell me their birthday, I will celebrate it. We missed Cloudface's and, embarassingly, Hateradio's (Jan 30 and Feb 8, respectively) but Cloud doesn't post. Neither do I, which is why I missed them. Yes, I can move posts...somewhat. I moved two threads that were out of place. Monsieur Hate has little internet access and even littler time.
  • That makes me sad . Hope both you and Hate can work this site out for everyones sake. :(
  • Well wini is a mod with quite a bit of power and so is TT if I am right but he/she rarely posts anymore so maybe make another mod ?? I think it's quite a good idea ?
  • put me in charge for just 5min and i promise you everything will become possible it'll be EVERYTHING TIME!
  • GO-man in charge for 5 minutes is 5 minutes too long... I shiver at the thought of you being in charge GOD knows what kind of mysterious crazy nonsense you will create haha (I hope I didn't sound mean there, that was the last thing intended !)
  • KNIG G.O.!!! A man of the MOLE PEOPLE!
  • We don't need more mods!
  • i'd probably warp every single post into one giant thread
  • hey hate, i was reading a little about vanilla forums and embedding youtube video 'cause we can't do it here right now. if/when you're working on the forum and you have some extra time, i think you can enable embedding videos either in post settings or by setting the default post format to HTML in conf/config.php. video url parser is in library/core/class.format.php. thanks for all the work you do, bud. also... new donate button? i feel guilty not contributing, considering how much i post here.
  • I feel bad now come to think of it when there is a new donate button I will donate £5 I dunno how much that is in $ and I don't know if that is a lot either :) much love for the work that goes on, it will be nice to see you post again soon :)
  • pounds are more than us dollars by quite a bit! (which is why I hate buying anything from England)
  • Buying stuff from America is cheaper for ne but shipping costs are so much I'm better off shopping here !
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