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What is your favorite sport to play, what do you like to watch, and what do you not like, and if you like sports do you have a favorite team. I know Panda Bear is a big Baltimore Orioles fan and he keeps up on what they are doing. I found it weird that there are absolutly no topics invovling sports. Anywho... I love skiing, playing golf, and kicking around the soccer ball with my friends. My favorite teams are the Minnesota Twins, and the Minnesota Wild. And feel free to say you do not like sports, or chime in on some sports, voice your opinion because I am interested.


  • I LOVE SKIING. And soccer was my life until I had knee surgery senior year in high school. I've been brought up in a sport oriented household so I love it. (Not so much NFL). Fav teams = Manchester United, Anaheim Angels, LA Kings, LA Lakers
  • I love volleyball, and even though I'm horrible at it, never hesitate to play with my friends! (even though whoever has me on their team is guaranteed a loss, we try! <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif" alt=":D" title="lol" /><!-- s:D --> ) I'm pretty tall as well, and actually used to be pretty good at high jump. I love skiing, which is too bad, because here in Saskatchewan, though we have the snow and freezing weather, our few skiing hills are tiny, man-made, and hours away from the city..
  • I love skiing too. But I'm a tennis player.
  • i used to play soccer from when i was like 6-12 then i started skating and i've been doing that ever since with acational injury breaks. the best thing about skating you decide when and where to do it.
  • True, true, we do not seem to be much of a sporty group. I like activities which allow my body to physically interact with the earth (hiking, swimming, sledding) but don't like organized people activities. So I never gravitated towards sports.
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  • Hiking is awesome. I'm so fortunate to be in California. So many state and national parks and awesome coastline. (Forgot to add that I also did track and field - triple jump, high jump)
  • [quote="Dave"]Never had a chance to do snow sports, but I'll bet none of you have swam as deep in the ocean as I have. Gotta love those placid Miami seas.[/quote] Are you a diver? And yeah I love swimming too but I hate going to the pool. When I was in Hawaii I swam out about half a mile one day with just a mask and stayed for a good three hours swimming around the reefs. Wonderful. And yeah I'm from Colorado so there's never an excuse not to hike or something. There's so many activities outdoors year-round.
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  • [quote="Dave"] I love the New York Giants. They're in for a rough year, but they're my team. I hate the fucking Eagles.[/quote] I feel the same about my Minnesota Vikings. Blowing three games when you are up 20+ at half time. <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< --> I hate the Green Bay Packers, like you hate the EGL's. Everytime I see a Cheesehead brag because they won, there are a lot of GB Packer fans in Minnesota, I just want to say shut up and go back to Madison. The reason why I do not consider them a favorite team is becuse ever since I was 4 years old they let me down. 2 years ago when they lost to the saints I had a meltdown and flipped my couch over while my brother was in it. <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< --> I do not like the Dallas Cowboys, America's team, I say bullshit. As for baseball, my Twins sucked. They have the world's strongest head, Justin Morneau, and the worlds most healthy player, Joe Mauer, and with them the Twins lost 99 of the 162 games they played with paying the players over 100 million in total. <!-- s:cry: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cry.gif" alt=":cry:" title="cry" /><!-- s:cry: --> I'am not the most in shape person, but I like biking a shit load, and always wear a helmet, it is just a sugestion. I got blind sided by another biker and had a mild concussion and a couple of stiches when I crashed. If I would have worn a helmet I would just have a couple of scratches on my knees. I am officially designating this as a sports rant topic, and if you do want to rant here, go ahead, be my guest.
  • I've never been to Argentina. That would be a fun trip. acorgi should all go to patagonia for a weekend. But yeah, I love Colorado. I don't think I'll be here next year, but I really love the weather and the mountains. Actually the mountains are one of my favorite places to be. There are so many quaint little mountain towns and people and hiking places and caves and such.
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  • Oh, I love dancing, too! I don't think of it as a sport, it's more to me a form of natural body movement. Like, babies dance as soon as they can stand (and my god, it's so cute). Babies also throw things and punch, so I guess baseball and boxing are forms of natural body movement, too.
  • Personally I think dancing can be a sport if you compete or show off to people, but if you are like me, and you dance like you are having a seizure, you would see it as Wini sees it. It is just a physical response from emotional euphoria. Off topic: As a baby I would play with my fathers stereo, and crank it up when my father played the Who.
  • "Don't cry...don't raise your's OHN LEE TEEN AGE WASTELAND badumbadumbadumHEY"
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    What are your favorite winter activities? I like skiing, ice fishing, and snow mobiling. This kind of question is dependent on your geopraphy, so if you want some snow I will give a refridgerated box full of snow in the mail. (Edit: I forgot about Hockey, duh)
  • i've never gone ice fishing OR snow mobiling! and i've only went skiing once! what kind of minnesotan am i? gah!
  • I really don't go ice fishing all that often and my snow mobile was sold two years ago but I like doing them regardless of how much I do them. I think you could be secretly Iowan.
  • Secretly Canadian! eh!
  • Calf curling.
  • cow hurling.
  • Snowboarding is awesome, my favorite sport. biking and dirt biking is fun too, along with badminton in the backyard net. Swimming is super fun also
  • LOL cow hurling ftw
  • Yeah its a traditional sport in my town, talking of weird sports there is a traditional sport in this town in England where you roll big wheels of cheese down a hill hahaha and im part Scottish and they do log throwing hahaha ! But my sport was rugby its like your American football, i played for my county of berkshire and then i twisted my spine and couldn't play anymore, forever !
  • I'm not a huge fan of too many sports, but I find myself a huge fan of golf. I do play it (though admittedly not well...) and I find it relaxing and enjoyable. I try to watch the PGA tours as well, and am currently a HUGE fan of Rory Mcilroy. :]
  • My great grandad was a British golf champion and captain of a golf club here where i live, and my other grandad and his wife are berkshire couples champions, so i think golf runs in my family, i gave it a try on the driving range, i can hit it pretty far but with little accuracy ! Bleugh !
  • I bet that accuracy would come with time, Clay.
  • I View dancing as a physical art. Nevermind, I love dancing and people at concerts always give me funny looks, especially when everyone else is sitting. I love disk sports. I play them all year round. Disk golf, Ultimate frisbee or just tossing a disk around. I like running and split second thinking games but I am not a big fan of training or organized athletisism. I was in track in highschool for a year and hated it. I sucked though, all the other long jumpers said I jumped like a girl. I love the packers. Go PACK!
  • I also represented England for shottput, it was the nationals, i went up against Scotland Ireland and Wales, i came third ! My biggest accomplishment to date !
  • Was this acheivement affiliated with the IOC. Have you ever been to an olympic qualifier for Shot Put, just curious Clay.
  • No no, i could have if i came first, there was Olympic scouts everywhere that day but no i didn't, i lost to Wales !
  • A proffessional Athlete in our Midst?
  • I wish, i also done county long jump ! I was quite the athlete but no more, it sounds like i am making this up but i promise i am not !
  • used to be a boxer but then they cut off my hands
  • Oh my god...
  • I just ran a 5K in the cold weather of Minnesota, man am I tired. Since I'am a little chubby it was good to beat a couple of fit people running it. Running long distances is as much a mental sport as it is a physical sport, that is why I got a decent time. I'am still frozen and it has been about an hour since I ran in it, plus I have a splitting headache.
  • Fuck dude, that's a long way to run in the cold.
  • It was for charity, but I'am sick, if I miss school this final week of the semester I'am FUCKED.
  • that sucks, what all ya gotta do final week?
  • Tests, Speechs, stuff which requires me to not be absent!
  • Dag. I nearly failed a class last semester because I overslept through a final.
  • Did anyone pay any atention to the NFL over the past couple of weeks. I know I did, and I love the playoffs, does anone have a favorite memory, team, or super bowl party. Same goes for other sports, do you remember the olympics of certain years. NFC Championship 1998-1999, Gary Anderson, SUCKED for the Vikqueens! I was 4 and a half and I remember the disapointment. Happy the Pack lost today.
  • hell the fuck yes. giants fan. SOOOOOOOO fuck Mr. Rodgers. AHAHAHAHA packers lose. they were favored by 7 1/2 points, and they lost by 17. so many people underestimate the giants, they did the same shit when they won a few years ago. but i was drinking whiskey and taking bumps while they won so i didn't see the game. 21st birthday parties are where it is at.
  • The hell yeah, strong whiskey. I liked the giants coming in because they came in hot, on a roll. They almost beat the pack in Jersey, but Mr. Discount Double check pulled it out late. Justice for NYG. What do you think about Tebow, good, bad, should be a preacher and not a quarterback, I think hes a good person but horrible quarterback.
  • I love Tebow. As a person. Not so much as a quarterback. The game yesterday was awful. My dad went to Florida so we've followed Tebow for a long time now and it's kinda weird that he came to Denver. But yeah. I was just back in Jacksonville and I think he's a bigger deal there than here haha. Plus he goes to my church now! He sat next to us last sunday.
  • no shit? cool man
  • Wow, that is pretty cool, even if I am not a practicing christian that is awesome. I seriouslly wonder if HE thinks GOD can help him win games or if NOW, since even Kurt Warner said turn it down, that he only thinks God graced him to be in a favorable position. Regardless he is a pretty cool dude, but dreadful NFL quarterback, give me Tarvaris Jackson!
  • yeah dude, it's next to impossible to be a good scrambling qb in the pros. it works in college, but the skill level in the nfl is just too high for a qb who's an ok runner and an ok passer. you've gotta be really good at one.
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