Born Gold - Lawn Knives (music video... a DAMN good one!)

edited January 2012 in Audible
just found this by chance one of the best videos i've seen in recent years the edits... just... holy crap and the song is REALLY cool the glitchy of the audio and the visual gah i love it!


  • What an unusual story line...menacing but innocent? Beautiful color work, great edits yes. Neat song, I can see why you like it. It's non-linear but picks right back up when it breaks down. Nice find!
  • Its like that skrillix video, cept a little bit better, glitchy but in a cool way. I really liked the lotus flower video last year, that was a good one.
  • I enjoyed this. but I love the lotus flower video too !!! Thom can dance better than me. I think that the black keys were trying to make fun of it or something with their video lonely boy (which is terrible in my opinion, their old stuff is good but the new album is a thumbs down)
  • seeing this band tonight and no way can they live up to how they sound in the "studio" but hopefully it is as fun and upbeat joyful as their music leads one to believe! GOBBLE GOBBLE! trapped in gob hell!
  • gob hell gob HELL trapped ping!
  • i'm still trapped in lost in STUCK ING
  • oh my dear holy god lord jesus mary mother of chirps of angels in hell dot com!
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