Alvin Row Interpertation

Ok so this song makes me think of the last four years of high school and how fast it has gone and how there are things I regret doing and things that I regret not doing, like I regret being not so social and not doing more fun things with my friends. It also reminds me of how many fun and awesome things we did and how fun these years have been, and how the future still holds lots of great things to come. The line " I pulled the glass it dripped to fast" makes me think of how fast time goes, and "Ill stay shy, You'll stay shy, Dear Alvin" makes me think he is saying he wants every thing to stay the way it is.


  • i really like your interpretation Mitch, for me the first half of alvin row is about early childhood, growing up and experiencing all that life has to hold. the second half is like avey resisting growing up not wanting things to change "a new apartment and a heart don't make me old" my favorite line is the bakers daughter and how everything just builds from there, definitely one of my ac favorites and this is probably the song i would most want to hear them play live
  • What I got from it is that it's a song about the force of age pressuring you to change and loose some of your childhood aspects. Although you should try to hold on as much as you can to those parts of you. You can buy an apartment, pass out from too much drinking or get a job at a bank, make hanky panky with a girl and have her crack some crazy whip on you but those experiences don't make you older or more mature. Those experiences can potentially drown out your childhood though. To move forward you need to look at the past and reflect.
  • i get OP's feeling constantly, like a depressed, regretful, yet happy feeling of nostalgia.
  • Alvin Row is the song that sums up my life.
  • galvin grow is the thong that gums up yr wife!
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