Skateboarding yeah!

Fellow champs! I was trying to kind of search for a skating topic, but the search function is off and all... I love skateboarding to death, I went today for the first time in a month. Too long! I wanna know if any of you folks are down with the shred sled or longboarding. I am getting too old to skate nowadays and its depressing. I tire out after less than an hour. Damn cigarettes! Nonetheless, it is a fun activity to me. How about you crazy humans? What do you think about it?


  • i don't know how to do it but i have a Back to the Future skateboard / "hover board" it does not hover obviously!
  • I wish I could be good at skate boarding because it does interest me, but overall I like skiing and snowboarding better.
  • Does anyone on the board have Panda's skateboard? I know they did a contest or something but I don't remember if anyone here won.
  • I wish I had a Panda Skateboard, I'd find a nice place for it on the wall and never skate it. GO why does your BTTF hoverboard not hover? that seems contradictory! Yes Peacefish I like snowboarding as well, it is fun. But I consider myself to be better at skateboarding. I just wish I could have been talented enough to pursue it as a career, but the level professional skateboarding is at currently is so out of control. I don't understand how skaters are doing what they are doing. Oh well, what can you do!
  • I love Skating ! Im not that good at it im currently trying to get that 360 flip down for real. It's to cold to skate outside and i can't afford the indoor alternatives so i'll wait for the good weather
  • Splendid, dude 360 flips are my favorite. I don't have them quite on lock, but if I work at it during a session I can usually bust out a couple sketchy ones. Such a defining trick. I used to be able to skate in my garage but one of my housemates has a 69' T bird in there now, and we have a pool table. Too much clutters!
  • hover glover!
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