Video Juegos, Si o No!

I like video games, do you like or dislike or are indifferent on video games. Do you like games on your phone or hand held device, did you play classic games like ones on Atari or NES. Do you like a specific franchise of video game. Do you like online PC games, or do you like console games. Did you ever go to arcades(fire)? feel free to share. Also, I hate it when people play Call of Duty hours on end, to me that game just lets people move analog joysticks to kill people with no artistic value or REAL challenge whatso ever, but it still is cool to play once in a while. Right now for like the past 2 months, I've been playing a good amount of Skyrim. P.S. I love games which involve THINKING or Strategy (portal/2). Plus gaming can be addictive so I balence it with music, sports/exercise, and hanging out with my friends, it helps to have balence in life (although it won't show!)


  • hohoho thought I was the only gamer here i like them, i guess, though i have mixed feelings about them. i like all sorts of games. online games, console games, old school games for original gameboy, SNES and NES. Skyrim is the fucking life-killer. It is for people who no longer wish to have a life. You lead such a balanced life, Peacefish! Good shit indeed. I liked the first Dungeon Siege a lot, but it was like a Diablo ripoff (a good one.) Lego Island rocked. Far Cry 2 was cool in some ways but also kind of disappointing. WoW can be awesome, and it can also be super shitty.
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    So do you not like Skyrim? I can see why some people can give it some shit, (cough cough, originality, cough cough), because it is a lot like thise early day PC RPG's. I like it, but luckily my homework and my friends have made it hard to play(which is good for my sake). No joke, I remember playing LEGO racers and LEGO Island on my PC like 9 or 10 years ago, those games were the shit! WoW I gave a try, a lot of people hate it a TON, but it is like Skyrim, but worse in everyway, except the fact that WoW is online. Imagine Skyrim Online! Too bad I don't have XBox live anymore. Other recent games I liked include: Batman Arkham City/Asylum Portal 2 FIFA 12 Mass Effect 2 (for some reason I borrowed it from a friend just 3 months ago, it was released in early 2010) Super Smash Bros Brawl for Wii Assassins Creed: Revelations Most games I borrow form friends, but I bought a couple this year, before this year the last video game I bought was the original Modern Warfare. I have two good friends that I get the stuff from and it saves me a shit load of money.
  • Oh no dude, I love Skyrim. I'm saying that it'll fucking eat your life up if you play it lol yeah wow's pretty sucky i've wanted to try that thar batman game, everyone says it's great. and yeeeeah dude youre kidding you play cod4? me too. what platform?
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    Now that I SEES that we are on the same page, I see why one could be pissed that skyrim was so good and that it is SO FUCKING huge, I have like 80 quests that the game wants me to complete and I complete one and another just shows up. Patience young grasshopper (lesson for Skyrim gaming) I play on the XBOX 360, the wii is fun with friends, COD4 is when COD was really cool, now its average, battlefield 3 tossed MW3 shit in my opinion. Back when I broke my leg is when I had my Live subscription, and I played a good amount of COD4, but now I play RPG's and single player campaigns. As for the Batman game, best comic/movie/icon video game ever, both of them that is. The first game was more plot driven and less refined but still great, while the second was open world, and less static, also the graphics improved a good deal, both are worth a play. WoW, good idear, bad execution! Nuff Said. (Edit: moved this to Campfire)
  • Oh yes. I played Lego Racers (one and two!) all the time. Still do very occasionally. I also am a fan of the Zoo Tycoon stuff. I don't have an xbox or ps so my gaming options have been fairly limited I guess. I REALLY want Skyrim. I don't have anything to play it on but it looks so amazing. I have a Wii though. New Zelda game is the shit. I also like the Metroid series. And Mario. But everyone likes Mario. Recently I got a Macbook for Christmas and I bought Bioshock off the app store. I know the game came out in 07 but I think it still kicks ass. I've been playing that a lot recently.
  • Don't worry MoonDog I didn't play bioshock til early 2011, and yes it did kick ass! My lego racers didn't work right so I bought Star Wars Pod Racers for PC along with the stearing wheel, now that was awesome! I liked roller coaster tycoon 2, that game was fun, pretty sure all the Tycoon games were. As for Skyrim, I have a friend in a very similar situation (no game console), but a PS3 or XBOX with the deal pack (comes with 2 pretty good games) plus skyrim would run about $250. Its great! I need that new zelda for mi wii!
  • I'll look into it. Thanks! On an unrelated note, I just got Netflix over winter break as well. I've been watching Breaking Bad nonstop. Ah. Okay back on topic.
  • Anyone here play Braid?
  • All i do when i hang out with my best friends is play Fifa because it's winter. I find Fifa pretty boring to play by yourself. as for Batman it always takes me ages to finish games like that because of my lack of video game motivation but it's a great game. The only game i finished real quick was Red Dead Redemption
  • I actually still haven't finished Batman Arkham Asylum and I have been borowing it from a friend for about 5 months. And fifa can be awesome with friends, however I don't have XBOX-Live so I like inviting friends over for a match this time of year too. Really want to play RDR!
  • MoonDog I have heard of Braid byt never had the chance to play it. Any good? I love SNES to death. Obviously all of the Marios are stellar (SMB2 anyone? what an out of control departure from the classic enemy roster THAT was. I think they were taking acids when they made that game.) Super Metroid is transcendental for me. MMX4 started to swerve off topic and make some changes I wasn't too fond of, but thats another story. Oh and the music in those games, holy moly! I have the soundtracks to the first 6 games, 8-bit euphoria! The melodies are so complex and genius. I could rant on about this for decades. One more, Kirby's Dream Course is another (possibly underrated) favorite. When I was child this game escaped me and my older brother would lay waste to me, so I didn't play as much. Got back into it in college when I discovered a pal played it, and now we have intense matches. There are so many possible shots to make in that game, then factor in powers (UFO!!!) and it becomes a very complex, strategic venture. LOVE IT
  • WHOOPS a vast chunk of my post disappeared, I was saying how MEGAMAN is great and the originals for NEW were so very difficult. Megaman X 2 is another all time favorite of mine. 1 and 3 are superb as well. The music in the originals is sooooo good. The melodies are so complex and genius. I've got the soundtracks to the first 6 and love 'em. 8-bit euphorias!
  • I love all the Mario stuff. I opened an old drawer today in my room and found my old gameboy and all these old games. Good times. And, yes. If you have the chance you should play Braid. I had a few extra bucks in my iTunes so I bought it on the app store. It's a really fun game. It can get frustrating at times, but the sense of accomplishment is worth it.
  • I always played on road trips when I was young. I can't remember which one was the best but the NEw one for wii was pretty sweet along with the wii version of smash bros brawl.
  • boys and their damn toys girls and their little games that they play!
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