Lana Del Rey (From a Pseudo-hater Perspective)!

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Do you know about her, what do you think of the MUSIC! What impact does status, style, looks, and perception play in the modern music industry. Personally I think she is sub-par with a couple of nice tracks out there but in general I can't connect with this type of music. A lot of people, even Panda Bear, like her music (somewhere between Liz Phair and hip hop beats with strings, etc.) and topped off with cliche lyrics and lyrics about how being beautiful and rich makes her want to die. Also she has lyrics about how she wants to be a "bad girl" drinking, smoking, and partying late and what not, all stuff a I can't relate to (and others maybe can't relate). Anyway what do you think? Also, I hope the indie pop community in general, if one exists, doesn't go in this direction (just my opinion) because it almost is going towards that top 40 stuff.


  • i dunno. i don't really like it.
  • She's kind of boring and so is her music everyone is talking about what a babe she is but she looks old to me I am just kind of fed up with hearing about her in general idk why she has suddenly taken over the Internet
  • ^i agree. her music struck me as being pretty boring.
  • video games is a perfect song to play on new years day when yr hungover and a bit saddish! her album is pretty good! i like the song RADIO about half the songs on the album are goodish to great! it amuses me how she came out of nowhere and became THIS big / polar ice ZING!
  • I honestly can't stand her. Panda Bear likes some strange music. So that didn't really surprise me when I read it on pitchfork. 2011 is the year when indie died.
  • But the day the music Died was Feb 3 1959! I've been to Cear Lke IOWA! Panda probably likes Skrillex! I still think a good 2012 can make an indie comeback! Just needs less pop more rock! It RACKS!
  • Who watches the Needle Drop on Youtube? Just curious because Anthony Fantano summed up the Album perfectly.
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    I like Video Games but all of the stuff is pretty boring if you ask me. Yeah Panda likes some strange Music, i was suprised to see he liked Iceage, but then again im suprised anybody likes Iceage . All though they were fun live but that was because off the mosh
  • Panda's a strange guy. But that's why we love him. I used to watch the Needle Drop. He annoys me though.
  • Why does he annoy you MoonDog? His reviews are OPINION, and I only agree with him about 60 to 70% of the time, but he still gets me listening to new music no matter what he gives a review.
  • I don't really know why. I think he does a good job doing the reviews. It's something about his personality maybe? I dunno. I haven't watched him in a while though.
  • This topic was inspired by his review of Lana Del Rey (Strong 3 out of 10) and how he said people only paid attention to her life style and not to the sub-par music that she has put out (opinion).
  • This is true
  • IS THAT TRUE? i knew not a thing about her life style and judged only on the music! well over half of it is pretty good to kinda groovy / great! mainly viddy oh games! BY JAMES!
  • Yeah I fall somewhere inbetween G.O. and the rest of the board on Lana Del Rey (psedo-hater). Oh well, I was just interested on how you guys think of her music and her not in the context of music.
  • I CAME UP WITH A THEORY THAT SHE IS THE FIRST "INDIE" IN THE ILLUMINATI and I don't mean to brag... But it's kind of brilliant.
  • Yes, oh yes, it is about to happen, in 2012 that is, the Illuminati, they will, RISE!!!
  • RISE THEY SHALL with walt Disney and michael Jackson leading them in... I actually don't really mind her that much I think she's ite
  • I think you are a Quasi-pseudo-sub-semi-demi-hemi-Hater! Edit: (I have been spelling pseudo wrong on here for a while)
  • well whatever people think the fact is she's being talked about... EVERYWHERE like every damn board has a thread on here SOMEwhere... holy hell! how often does THAT happen? she's somewhere between Latest Hyped Band or Artist and REBECCA BLACK it's crazy!
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    I love "Video Games" and "Born To Die". Sonically, I think the album is phenomenal. I think the strings on Born To Die have this hip hop quality to them, like Drake's Over, that's just so hyyyype. Love the opening lyrics to Born To Die too: "Feet don't fail me now Take me to your finish line Oh my heart it breaks Every step that I take But I'm hoping that the gates They'll tell me that you're mine" motivational for people who are slowly losing their spirit/hope/motivation. :(
  • ya, Video Games is a terrific song. I could care less what she does know, that song's amazing.
  • What's funny, is that I don't agree with the opinions I made in this thread. I'm actually a little bit more kind to Poppy music since then and she isn't THAT bad of an artist imo. Aldo, Video Games would be my favorite song by her btw.
  • She isn't bad, she's just representing what quite a lot of people don't like about the music industry. She rode the success of one terrific song to a career that's been nothing but fleeting moments of promise.
  • go play yr viddy oh games! bi james! honey is that true? :( baby now you do!
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