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Audibles! I hope there isn’t already a thread on this topic. I bet a lot of you hip people like some ambiance on occasion! I wanna know who you enjoys, I’m just gonna springboard into this and start rambling about some of my enjoyables in the genre. Gotta start off with Robert Fripp and Brian Eno. Heavy hitters! They made some pretty lush and warm tunes on Evening Star, such a peaceful record. Tranquility manifested in sound is how I would describe it. Then No Pussyfooting gets reeeaaal weird/trippy with it and I love that a lot. I like a good bit of Eno’s solo stuff too, he’s got quite a varied catalog of albums under his belt. What a champ! KO’ed OK I have seriously been trying to post this thread 3 or 4 times now and each time while I am typing my interlines go down. So I’m gonna leave it at that for now. Don’t think I won’t start rambling in here again though!


  • aphex twin, sawII album leaf, in a safe place future sound of london's lifeforms eno's ambient 1
  • Boards of Canada!
  • YEAH love album leaf boards of canada have some realll good material out that i am fond of (In a beautiful place lately). Wendy Carlos or emeralds anyone? I would classify some Jane as ambient too (or maybe trance? semantics!), I know you bosses like them (as do I).
  • just off the top of my head..I love Black Dice, Boards of Canada, Bonobo, Bibio, Explosions in the Sky, M83, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Nosaj Thing, Mogwai, Russian Circles
  • dont know if all those bands exactly 'fit' under your definition of ambient but I think they do in a sense
  • Nice I like some Bonobo. Yeah purplebottle its all very subjective, I'm gonna check out russian circles, I;ve head of them before. Hahaha you are talking about omer! that guys got so many projects going on I lose track, plus in my opinion mars volta has been steadily declining since frances the mute, even though I guess that isn't really relevant to omer's stuff oh welll
  • Russian Circles is so good, they just released their fourth album late last year. Omar.. yeah he's quite involved. most music has been steadily declining but Octahedron is superb in my opinion. and they're releasing a new album this year in March (13 tracks) I'm hoping for something like De-Loused. but Omar has so many solo albums they're crazy good- my favorites being Cryptomnesia, Old Money and Se Dice Bisonte, No Bùfalo
  • Awesome yeah russian circles is a group I've often heard about but never checked out I'M ON IT Oh man if they could create something more akin to deloused I would be so very pleased. I feel like the circumstances for that record were unique, having recently split off from ATDI cedric and OMER had so much creative freedom that they could utilize. But in my head it just went downhill afterwards, even though I enoy Frances, and the one after that somewhat. OPINIONS, I just don't happen to think the later stuff is as high quality. Maybe its just because I love deloused so much and it was so good and so difficult to stay on par with. I DONT KNOW OH that right ambient things! OK I also got into emeralds lately, i like it. their records all soudn kind of different, I like "does it look like i'm here" alot lately thoough! AND wendy carlos? sonic seasonings sounds good inside my head. now i am done rambling. FOR NOW.
  • I like Karen o and the kids - hideaway, beautiful song ! And I don't know if anyone has heard of tiny ruins ?
  • i'd call russian circles more post-rock than ambient but yeah, the line sorta blurs check out a blog call kapritska for post-rock stuff (google it, it's on blogspot) also, firmly in ambient land: nurse with wound's "lilith" which is music made by chaining together effects pedals -- no signal, just feedback loops
  • Karen O is my idol
  • Sounds cool Yukbon, I'm gonna give nurse with wounds "MY OWN GO". Yeah ambient is a blurry notion, I usually think of it as tranquil instrumental music that sprawls with incremental changes in what is happening, that sounds more like minimalist compositions though, it really is all incredibly subjective. I have one Easily Embarrassed album (Planet Discovery) that I like OK! Oh, this is kind of wild, but Will Hart of The Olivia Tremor Control (one of my absolute favorite groups) made an album where he put tape recorders underground. I guess thats ambient, its supposed to capture the essence of life, what with worms burrowing around and ants doing things and everything else that you can hear beneath land. I think it was a very impressive/experimental idea, although I guess its somewhat boring in the sense that there isn't much happening. I feel like I need very high quality headphones to fully experience it OH WELL
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    "Karen O is my idol" they don't glove you like i glove you!
  • that willem cullen heart album you speak of.... silver/sliver... is on my list of WORST ALBUMS OF ALL TIME haha! i love the IDEA of it! but the execution / what you actually HEAR? is awful! i remember hearing it and not knowing the story and thinking something was VERY wrong! i think i even converted it to WAV files and sped it up to see what the hell was going on .... THEN i read what it was and thought well what the damn hell! ... one idear i like would be sending a tape recorder in the mail and recording all the sounds of it going through the mail / conversations / etc.... then edit into the best bits.... or something of that sort!
  • though i do like the idear of burying a recorder under the ground then making VERY loud music and it'd be all muffled ... music for the buried dead!
  • Haha I kind of agree with you, I don't even think i listened to it in its entirety. Really not a whole lot going on! LOVE THE IDEA THOUGH, creativities! I am biased in favor of Will and anything he creates OH and I like the mall idea, that could produce some interesting soundscapes!
  • i guess you could just leave recorders in malls too! release 'em under the name mark MALL MAN!
  • Ambient music would be great in MALLS!
  • Ambient 3: Music for Malls 1... G.O [!] Gets Arrested... 7:18 2... deadfly Buys Shoes... 5:22 3... Fun Mall Time... 30:00
  • Karen o is a gooden, hideaway is the best one! But no-one answered my question, has anyone heard of tiny ruins ? I think on YouTube it's called tiny ruins and singer of songs, songs like death of a Russian or little notes are very good pppplllleeeeaaasssseeee someone listen and give me an honest opinion !
  • I will check it out after I finish with school today and offer you a brutally sincere opinions!
  • I'm still waiting plank-tonnes (I still need to come up with a new nickname that one is shit and I think sounds slightly offensive)
  • Haha I am not offended the slightest! so theres that! how do you pronounce that anyways? TUHNS? I'm listening to it, her voice kind of reminds me of Vashti's! It's nice, tranquil and peaceful. sooo overall I think it could grow/creep up on me like some music tends to
  • I love listening to ambient while: -reading -stretching after working out -randomly on shuffle -meditating some of my favorite ambient is stars of the lid and brian eno, but i'm very open-minded when it comes to ambient
  • never heard of stars of the lid, I am about to initiate some delvings! I seriously would recommend any material by Eno and Robert Fripp. They make the best ambiance in my opinion HANDS DOWN
  • I'm taking note of all of this. I need some good ambient music to listen to when reading or doing yoga or writing.
  • be prepared to transcend time and space and your place in this human rat race
  • Tigers I really do suggest tiny ruins, there is something about her voice and songs that is really comforting !
  • I highly recommend Biosphere, especially the album Shenzhou. It's like... this ambient remix album of Claude Debussy's orchestral music. A lot of the stuff that can be called ambient on Atlas Sound's Bedroom Databank volumes are really cool too. Also Grouper, Kraftwerk (loosely ambient... what's the difference between minimalism and ambient really?), Oneohtrix Point Never, Pantha du Prince.
  • KRATFWERK, what an act! love those guys. LOVE COMPUTERS
  • You mean Computer Love? :P
  • i <3 kraftwerk, but I wouldn't call it ambient by any stretch
  • Maybe I'm just thinking they are because I've been listening to Tour de France Soundtrack... I would argue that it's ambient house.
  • I can sort of see that; ambient in the same vein as say, orbital or FSOL or something.
  • I looked up ambient music on wikipedia and found this quote "Other groups including Yes with their album Tales from Topographic Oceans, the Hafler Trio, Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh, Can, and Kraftwerk have all added distinctive aspects to the growing and diversified genre of ambient music." So maybe not ambient, but you can see where I'm coming from.
  • Yeah exactly, like orbitcal, royksopp, etc.
  • I understand what you mean, yes. But I totally want to shake whoever wrote that into the wikipedia entry and say "no! BAD!" in a stern potty-training-my-puppy voice.
  • I guess it's the same as saying that Led Zeppelin are the forerunners of heavy metal.
  • haha Yukbon. I had a laugh reading your post. Thanks Evening Star, Fripp and Eno. Check it out, what do you think etc.
  • Tosca, Lotus, RJS2
  • WHITE RAINBOW pretty good ambient stuff, drawn out songs, very spacey where are the spaceheads?
  • Zing ! I'm downloading it, thanku p-tons
  • Yes sir! mam? I think MAM! hope you enjoy it, as far as ambiance goes it ams satisfactory in my opinions.
  • Gotta bring this one back
  • I hope Aphex Twin will release another ambient album someday. That will be a great day.
  • I prefer ambient music with a lot going on, if you know what I mean (I guess it makes it not ambient then). I loved Four Tet's last album, I wonder when he will release another LP?
  • Lately it's been all about Giraffes? Giraffes! Look em up
  • Oneohtrix Point Never's my shit lately.
  • yeah well that's just like... yr OPN man!
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