collected aminals

I went to for the first time today. I just want to say that this site is more efficient, cleaner, and easier to navigate on than collected animals. alls we need is more users in on the loop !!


  • I dunno I quite like the drab we have going on here, I used to be the same as you honestly I really did, I don't mean to sound patronising but it just feels right with the people we have here albeit there isn't the amount of posters there used to be Blah blah blah Bleugh, but what do I know ! And I agree I have seen collected animals and it isn't as good or as efficient as this brilliant warm friendly board ! You go hater....
  • I KNOW I was wanting more people (just a week ago actually) but having this amount of posters is actually pretty good, but what we need is more threads about many things!
  • I am pretty big hater. Peace youre right, we cant run out of things to discuss. I feel like people post in spurts tho
  • There is an official CA topic on here but I think the last posts on it were totally not on topic. Probably should talk CA over there if you want to!
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    edited because i don't want to deal with more time-consuming shit.
  • Also, it seems to me this forum is more active than ever before.
  • i got banished / banned from seeing let alone posting in the Current Events section of AKKA how messed up is that?! haha? i guess my opinions were too extreme! and if yr opinion doesn't match up with the moral majority you get BLACKLISTED censor'ddd! that keeps happening to me on that board
  • They locked your poetry too. It's funny. They really like you over there, GO
  • they do! but then a certain few (with POWER) really do NOT like me or at least don't like it when i get annoying / go TOO FAR cigar! gah! i should have Absolute Freedom on there! oh the things i would do!
  • the things i would say! THE GAMES I WOULD PLAY...
  • They may take our POSTS but they may never take our AVATARS!
  • For SPARTA !!!!
  • this is madness!
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    edited because i don't want to deal with more time-consuming stuff.
  • TOOL! Who is the fool, the fool himself or the fool who follows the fool?
  • They're both such fuckers.
  • :-B I see your point sir.
  • I had no idea we could use these little faces @-) ahaha
  • :!! Doc this is Heavy!
  • >-) I chose this guy, he looks awesome and what's the point of a forum where you can't express your opinion or disagree, that's what being human is all about, CA sounds like a dictatorship/communism... Bleugh
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    Its the MAN...Man! Bringin' us Down!
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    i'm here because i'm in exile from CA but at the same time i look forward to posting here
  • You knew too much man! You went rogue/maverick!
  • i just wish i could view the current events forum on there and see if my posts were utterly deleted or what the responses were or WHAT gah!
  • Calvin is here?! When did this happen? Recently? Is this a recent move?
  • Were you guys on CA at one point too or is this a whole new world, via aladdin?
  • We Tigers, I created an account ages ago but never posted. Never again! I LOVE the font of this site when you are typing up the post and it's very clever how everything is designed. The positive energy is incredible, too.
  • The font is wonderful! I'm with you on that. WELCOME CALVIN. I was on CA, but never really posted much, (Through Crash) was my name there. Some good threads to read but this place has always been my home.
  • Good to be here!!
  • AH I knew you were that Calvin... The one everyone hates on. No offense. But really. Hi. I'm Doc.
  • Fuck the POLICE!
  • Eat my MEESE! Ah! I need a new avatar now. brb
  • Yeah, I got a LOT of haters lmao
  • Haters got to hate ! Doc your avatar is pretty neat I'm proud to say I've never been a member of CA..only ACorg.
  • Was there anything you did on CA to make them hate you?
  • The same reasons people loved me on there were the same reasons people hated me. So basically, not really. I just rub some people the wrong way.
  • We all love to get rubbed here
  • LOL when I originally wrote that I was going to write "I just rub some people the wrong way and others the right way" LMAO
  • pull out yr eyes / rub her!
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    got banned defending calvin sup y'all
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    Wow, they seem like some meanies, that right, I said meanies! What did they ban you for? Also this is post 500! :O :O :O
  • The admin hate me because they do dumb stuff and i call them out, I've been there for like 6 or so years. Its fine though
  • Come over with Slippi Wherewolf! Come and play with us Dearest!
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    oh seriously? they hannah montanaed you too?
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    edited because i don't want to deal with more time-consuming stuff.
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    shit, i'm just reading through some of the old CA threads, the one that quote was from included. what a bunch of crazy people. they're acting like the people they're talking to aren't conscious beings with feelings and sensitivities. :( what a bummer.
  • Guys, this is obviously the new CA. I don't mean that this isn't it's own thing, it's a brand new vibe, but like, this is clearly the better board. It's only a matter of time before more people post here.
  • Calvin, sweet thing, please don't encourage anyone else to come here. We think it functions as lovely as it does because it stays small. Also, we have an older, more co-ed crowd. G.O. told me what happened, and you are certainly safe and welcome here. But we still have rules, and we still are human. (the rules being one- be kind) (and I will beat that into everyone's head) (ha ha! violently kind!)
  • really digging the lots of new posts that have been happening recently now that i'm actually reading them. hasn't ever been this active i dont think.
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    violent kindness. the secret to our board being fucking wonderful is that we have great mods. :)>-
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