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  • Cool. Favourited.
  • Does anyone know where to get the mp3s of the new panda bear stuff? thanks.
  • the beginning of that video gets a bit repetative and boring for me. =(
  • for MP3s check the original (and best!) Nu-PANDA thread: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=14&t=269</a><!-- l --> but only if yr dead!
  • with each post of yours, I approach with dread for the rhymes that spout out of your head perhaps you'd try couplets, or limericks instead or I'm gonna double up on my med (s).
  • don't mock! did you forget to take yr meds? oh man i gotta wait until they invent side-effectFREE "HAPPY PILLS" then take a whole bunch of CRAZY PILLS i'm going to figure you out!
  • I'm your aunt.
  • a damn & the aunts! stand & deliver? sit + receieve!
  • Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat! Oh no, not again!
  • I've never watched that show. Is it good?
  • What, Rocky and Bullwinkle? Yes, it's good, and pretty smart too (a la Bugs Bunny intellectualism)
  • [quote="winilula"]What, Rocky and Bullwinkle? Yes, it's good, and pretty smart too (a la Bugs Bunny intellectualism)[/quote] When i was younger my mom didnt like me watching that show, im not sure why.
  • i had a friend who in 9th grade said his parents didn't want him watching the simpsons or buffy the vampire slayer... something about them being religious and those shows being morally wrong ha! and sure enough with such weirdo rules he ended up all messed up!
  • I wouldn't my kid watching Buffy just because.
  • yr THE ZEPPO!
  • i miss catdog.
  • I'm guessing this is a nostalgia thread now? In that case, I miss Sailor Moon/Original Pokemon. If you miss anything like the Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show and you're Canadian, get Teletoon Retro. All I watch is Superfriends and Fraggle Rock.
  • i think we should have an official nostalgia thread. i'm going to make it right now. as for Panda, i'm excited for this Tomboy stuff. I downloaded the concert that was on the 17th of January that has ten tracks all named and shit. I haven't listened to it thoroughly yet and can't wait to. I found it somewhere on Collected Animals
  • look @ chur tom, BOY!
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