Banshee Beat Appreciation

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"If we're miscommunicating do we feel the same?" Gets me every time.


  • That's a great line. And it's a great song. My all-time favorite AC song. It's just so gorgeous. Have you heard the 2009 live version of it? Unbelievable.
  • No I have not, I need that boot (in High Quality). Fav. AC song this summer, really got my brother into the band.
  • It was available on FLAC when Gets was up. You might be able to find it on Collected Animals.
  • link? I love it, The lyrics paint emotions with pictures which is a rare lyrical talent. Just two chords going back and forth in a hypnosis like progression with several different variations of the singing melody. I always get the chills when he yells "POOOOL!" I don't think that I like you anymore but I got new feelings from the feelings store. Every lyric of that holy crap. I'm still trying to make sense of the title though. It deffinetly has a "Beat" and Banshees tend to scamper off quick but that's all I know about them. And I think a vehical from Halo.
  • Sorry, I wouldn't know where to go to find a link. The Gets section used to have it, but when the site when down, all the stuff in there vanished. I don't remember the date, I'll try to find it later, though. Right now I've gotta go get ready to go out.
  • This is me covering this song. I really love this song. I added extra mins to it unfortunately though, beat around the banshee bush.
  • This song pulled me out of my first depressive patch, so not only is it a brilliant song but also i feel emotionally attached to it, that and i think i can .!
  • what were all the alt. titles for FEELSongs? DID YOU SEE THEM BIRDS? = WHITE ANTELOPE PURPLE BOTTLE = BBB (Big Big Beat!) BANSHY BEAT = Ghost Chase? or was that alsoPurpBotHell? can't remember! LOCH RAVEN = LAKE! TURN INTO SOMETHING = COUNTRY FUCK (haha!) country fuck! daffy duck! out of luck! hockey puck!
  • I just try not to understand your posts anymore, they just confuse me !
  • There's meaning within.
  • FEELS was going to be called Pacifier imagine a world where Indian was called Ark and Feels Pacify Her! also my AC / Depeche Mode mash up album: FEELS EXCITE HER HERE COMES THE INDIAN TO VIOLATER oh go?
  • You said it right oh go...
  • "reach out and touch the indian" I...I might not hate that mashup.
  • "Fav. AC song this summer" lord yes banshee beat+ summer= some sort of indescribable magic.
  • Indeed it is magic!
  • People (specificallytikwid) sounds like a mashup of all the feels songs to me.
  • You have your fits I have my fits But feeling is good <3
  • Painting feelings with words. But the soldier in the painting reveals your secret face, when a parrot told me just how I can make you smile, gonna let you do your thinking if you need a while.
  • If I had to pick a favorite AC song it would have to be Banshee Beat. The way it progresses is really great. The calm slow start with Avey's almost whisper-like voice is beautiful. Then the percussion comes in and really lifts the song up. And for me, the lyrics in Banshee Beat bring out more feelings in me than any other song. Overall just an amazing song.
  • I like the end how all the rythems and sounds progress into what seems to be someone churning butter, or a something of that sort.
  • Ah, I know just what you mean. I like that too. It sounds like a sample that they've used before. Maybe the end of Street Flash? I can't tell though because Street Flash seems to have more effects over it.
  • This song defines the peak of my life where I was discovering myself, doing a lot of aimless self-discovery that I wanted to mean so much, but felt like it never did. In retrospect, that aimlessness and sense of desire for something real means so much to me, ironically, and this song defines that feeling. I can't get over how much I've been moved by this song. The line "confusion's not a kidney stone in my brain / if we're miscommunicating do we feel the same" is so powerful. The whole song, lyrically to me, is about how far a small complication can go, unraveling, but the atmosphere of it all is very melancholy. Like he's regrettably telling a tale as it's actually occurring in real-time that he really doesn't want to happen at all, but it just keeps happening. And the pinnacle of it is him saying "This is normal. It's normal to feel this way. If we both disagree, isn't that unison?" And then he's just like talking about going swimming, because if he's "flushed out" he doubts he'll find the swimming pool. Saying that regardless what's happening, there's no reason not to just live and enjoy, because if he's not living, there's no WAY this problem is going to progress any further. God, I love this song. The other major song I have an attachment to is Daffy Duck. My grandfather's house got destroyed by eminent domain. He built the house from the ground up in rural pennsylvania, near pittsburgh. It had this very old barn which is now a historic building. He raised eight children there with his sweetheart and he was married to her for so many years, until she died of cancer. It destroyed him. The house was all he had left of her. So bottom line is we were out visiting it for the last time, it was Winter 2010. Right as I was about to leave, like seriously within 45 minutes of leaving for college and essentially the last time I'd ever see that house before everyone was there for the last time wishing it goodbye, I got this urge to just get on my snowpants and winter clothes, put on headphones, and go for a hike. I didn't even think of it as a "last hike", I just had always seen this peak in-between the trees for years that I never got around to climbing. So I was listening to Animal Collective's Feels in the dead of winter, off on my own, again wanting to feel transcendence, wanting to feel like what I was doing wasn't just aimless, but it felt like it. I always would feel like these things were forced, like I was never living the life that I had seen in the movies, that I had read about, that this music had evoked. But I kept going, the trees were so easy to go through in the dead of winter. The brush was all flattened and my winter pants and jacket allowed me to feel invincible. I realized I was on a time restraint so I was running, doing this all within 30 minutes. I had a feeling the car was in the driveway. I remember seeing the hill, and Daffy Duck was playing, and I could tell just how perfect the moment was, but it did feel rushed. I started running up the hill, the forest behind me, the house even further behind, and it was just the most perfect soundtrack, I couldn't get over how perfect everything was. I had Sennheiser HD 650s on and the quality was spectacular. Right as I walking, the song got the point where it was like "NOW YOU GO....CHAAAAAAAAAAAAANGIN"...and I just took off, bolting. You know the silence just before that? I could sense it. I was sprinting. I was soaring. As it was finishing the chorus I found myself at the top of the hill, looking all around me, the world a fresh white pallette, and then silence as I just realized what I had done, taking one last glance at the farm, at the trees, at all the memories I had there as a kid that always felt unfulfilled...but in that moment I was realizing my place. I was realizing what was going on. "What I need's a happy farm, with happy goats and sheep". I was starting to realize life isn't some movie that I have to live up to, life is right NOW. I ran back to the car as quickly as possible with Did You See The Words & Grass on, changed, got into the car and looked nostalgically out at my grandpa's farm in winter for the last time ever.
  • ban She-Beast! damn that's quite an epic moment / story.... i love it when music is tied into moments / feelings... forever... i used to go on walks all the time... often in streets but sometimes down by the water of the river and near the woods.... and i just have so many great connections to certain songs or albums or artists .... and one was def. AC and FEELS.... for me it was the fall of 05 and the changing leaves and just this mellow sadness.... winter was coming.... another cold dark winter... no more walkies... banshee beat while sitting on these steps down by the water and looking at the current and the trees across the way / this one little island...
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    Nice! Indeed, nature + feels + AC in general....good mix. Sad and happy at the exact same time...not sad...more like, longing.
  • Nice summation Calvin and nice story also. G.O. , never knew you were so deep and complex, sometimes I wonder who all you people REALLY are, just because this is the only FUN Place on the internet to talk about so many cool, strange, and personal things. I'm a giant Peach by the way.
  • Two best songs to listen to while taking off in a plane: Theme to Jurassic Park Banshee Beat Like your story Calvy
  • *goes to download Jurassic Park soundtrack*
  • Banshee beat never tires with me so it's always on my top song list !
  • It took me awhile to look at the lyrics and realize he was saying "swimming pool." I don't know what I thought he said--I just sang "ay yeee!" at that part. Great, great song.
  • *plays Banshee Beat extremely loudly just before bedtime*
  • I had the greatest experience like last week. I rarely listen to feels anymore for some reason, not sure why, i just don't. But the other day I was leaving work, walking downtown to my bus stop, and I noticed the chord change in banshee beat. I wasn't paying any attention to what I was listening to until then. So there I am, waiting for my bus, listening to banshee beat pick up. There was something kind of euphoric about it. I rarely have those moments. I fell right back in love with the song. It was like a father reuniting with his long lost child. I wanted to cry, but then I'd just be that crazy guy crying at the bus stop. BUT I WANTED TO
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    I know that feeling, like wanting to cry but you just aren't capable of it...I always thought I'd be someone who would cry a lot but it turns out the only time I honestly cry is during movies / culture / music, but that's more 'inspired' crying than actual sadness. i feel like i never cry in life : P, that sounds good, but i wonder if i'm not emotional enough / a robot
  • each time it ends ive lived yet another lifetime
  • this song is helping me pull through one of the roughest times I've had in a while ...but I don't wish that I was dead
  • banshee: ban·shee/ˈbanSHē/ Noun: (in Irish legend) A female spirit whose wailing warns of an impending death in a house. just like i thought! it's about someone who's aware that the relationship is falling apart...this is the beat...this is the life...he's not even in control of's a beat, the beat of imminent death
  • calvin i share your thoughts on the idea that this is a story where the outcome is already known but is being told in real time even the tone of voice seems to be at a soft, almost reluctant whisper it is almost like when the song begins, the voice has a sad recollection that speaks of past devastation as the story continues the voice forgets that this story has been told countless times before as we often like to when recalling points in our lives the memories, the emotions, the regrets, the loss it all come rushing back to the front our our minds until suddenly we lose reality all together the wounds are fresh, time stops, and reality runs parallel but eventually it all ebbs away again, and the voice realizes its all been done before, and slowly again the nostalgia sweeps through and moments become just another story told
  • banshee beats captured and recaptures my hear every time i listen to it and not a day goes by that i don't first love last love type of thing, right along with in the flowers and safer
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    This song is my favorite AC song, it will always remind me of my brother, my best friend, and young love.
  • my acoustic cover i love this song
  • that's a great story yo. That must have felt so great. Loch Raven would be cool going through the forest in winter because it's themed like an urban little red riding hood. So just take out the urban part and there you go. I get so many trances with them. At my grandfathers funeral I didn't really cry or feel sad because he died slowly over the course of many years and it was almost a relief. Then I played Brother Sport and the tears started flowing. It was very powerful. In my head I saw imagery unparelleled and I could connect that to my own life and it felt so great. At the last "MATT!!!" I picture opening a door and walking inside and seeing these creatures that moves like fireflies in the form of electricity or pure energy or somthing. I don't really know what they were. But those creatures had simular bearing to the process of life/death/bereavment as the poppy flower does. Truly I say A picture illicits such complicated emotions and a song you really love brings out such pictures. No other band has done this for me as many times as Animal Collective has.
  • I love how a song totally means one thing, but we can just take it to mean so many other wildly indirect and unrelated things It's how I am with a lot of hip hop
  • ^ It's how I am with real life events! Take it all out of context, it's more fun that way.
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    ^ People are talking to me and I'll randomly start laughing at what they say because I take it completely out of context. I think I laugh more at my own jokes than anything else. p.s. I really liked your cover Pureplesage - sussscribed...
  • i laugh so much that people get pissed at me LOL
  • speaking of friends: i view this track as an experimental hip hop skit, what do you guys think? it repeats over and over again and it tells a story very quietly.
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