It's that time of year again. For me at least. I'm on Yahoo!(!) Supposed to get like 24" tonight. Why am I here Who am I


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    I love talking weather since my brother is a meteorologist and I get some real nerdy weather reports about snow and thunderstorms, but this year in Minnesnowta we have had about 17 inches for the whole year, which is really low. The storm was supposed to hit IOWA where my brother lives but it seems as if the storm is going more south. The fifth member of ANCO, METEOROLOGIST
  • THAT photo just made my day. Omg but yes you are from Denver too!!! I have no school so guess who will be up painting until 5am? Um do you want to go sledding It could totally happen since my plans of going to First Friday were ruined : ( I am kind of serious....
  • at least someones getting the snow ! in Michigan we can only get 2in max to stay on the ground then by the next day its all melted away. damn you global warming I plan on visiting Denver at the beginning of July. lucky.. you reside in that beautiful place
  • If I was closer to the city, I would love to go sledding! But I can't get out of my driveway :/ An inch a minute, are you serious?!?!
  • Which part do you live in? I'm in Aurora. And omg I know. I just woke up. It's terrifying.
  • And you should totally come! Denver really is great.
  • Your picture MoonDog summed up exactly what I was thinking of!
  • DENVER: THE LAST DINOSAUR! he's my friend and a whole LOT more! and he shows me a world i never saw.... BEFORE!
  • I live near Castle Rock Kinda
  • Snowbody knows! the trouble... i've seen!
  • I appreciated that joke!! And wait Castle Rock or Littleton?!
  • Littleton. I have no idea why I said Castle Rock. Hmmm I've shoveled my driveway like 7 times today. Strange. It's beautiful outside right now. Say, did you still live in Denver in '03?
  • Yeah it's crazy!! And yes it was a good day today. And no I've only lived here a year. Why?
  • Oh I was just wondering. We had a similar storm in March, but it snowed like this for literally three straight days. We had 5 and a half feet in our backyard. School got cancelled for the whole week. Awesome memories. We snowboarded off of the roof!
  • weow that sounds like funs! Guhh it should be colder here, I want it to snow lots so we can construct an igloo like last year! the weather is so off here this winter I don't know whats happening
  • no snow! no cold! i'm just dandy with it! hehe! BEST (NON)WINTER EVER!
  • I hate England and snow for that matter, it snows and everyone panicks then everyone starts crying because two inches of snow has fallen, then everyone just adopts the feoutal position and doesn't move until the snow melts away the next morning !!!! Bleugh soooo frustrating ! It has snowed here and I hate it ! One of my biggest hates is cold feet but I don't listen to what my mind says and I still go out and get my toes frozen, because we don't have it often my most practical shoes are converse so my feet just turn into blocks of ice and my feet hate me !!! We had three inches...
  • It snowed yesterday. Just a week before that, it was springtime practically. Before that, stagnant cold (but no snow). The weather is schizo!
  • It's springtime now for me, and we just had some intense snow a week ago. It's the pattern here; a foot of snow, rain that melts it all, a few days of spring weather, and then another foot of snow - somewhere in there is also ten degree weather. I wish it was just snow, I want to go snowshoeing.
  • Where do you live? (I'm in eastern / western PA, currently western)
  • I live in Maine!
  • We had more snow last night.....I FUCKING HATE SNOW !!!
  • Here in Minnesota there is almost zero snow on the ground which is just amazing since how much we got last year.
  • We had more snow this week too. Not much, just a few inches. What I like about Colorado is that we'll have snow and then 60 degree weather the rest of the week. Or sometimes, we'll get snow and on the same day it'll melt. CRAZY
  • Here it's just fucking cold, but no snow
  • Same, penny.
  • I hate the wind almost more than the cold, because the wind just goes right through a jacket, and it litteraly burns my face off with coldness.
  • OH BOY I just woke up and its snowing here, somewhat less now that I peep out my window! I just want to erect an igloo really, and sit inside of it and take the edge off! The weather here is kind of similar Moondogs, its snowing today but 2 ago it was sunny and at least in the 50s. The weather lost its mind.
  • massive snowstorm here, now.
  • It's been snowing I'm ready to go sledding with an inner tube !
  • that picture a few clips up made my day as well
  • I'm in Southern California where rain freaks people out and takes over the news stations. I'm sure people would keel over and die if they saw a few flakes of snow drifting down. I'd like it, though.
  • Snow is magical. I thought we were going to get some great storm here today but what disappointment! It was only a light drift that didn't even manage to cover the tips of the blades of grass.
  • That last bit tigers sounded almost poetic, good job !
  • snow is drying again. mother nature is schizo
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    We had a snow/ice storm in Minnesota last night, and every school in the Minneaplois/St. Paul metro area had school canceled completely, however my school only had a two hour late start. My school never cancels school, and I mean never :( (Gotta keep this thread alive so the picture at the top will live on)!
  • lol I guess we're supposed to get a snow storm soon. I don't really watch the weather stuff though. It's more fun that way.
  • out of nowhere leap year day snow stormy! it was weird HEAVY snow and a crapload of trees are all busted up / branches broken down! it's crazy! what the hell! we truly are in the END TIMES weather wise! SOMETHING is going on! you must admit!
  • Peace I know how you feel, my school is always open.. Even tho I can always make it there since I live in a little neighborhood across the street - but who wouldn't want a snow day yaknow ?
  • The snow storm I the beginning of the 2012 appocolypse !
  • today i hate snow
  • snow joke!
  • It went from snow to rain so there goes the snow!
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