AC Appraisals/ constructive Critisicms

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Because I love to talk about music and talk about why I love Animal Collective. I don't accept everything I love as perfect though neccessarilly. That's why I wanna talk pros and cons. If this offends anybody I'm sorry and one of us will just dekete the thread. ok. I think Geologists sounds he plays will go down as his thing. The goat noises and bird noises and other noises. I love how they use the same sounds on different albums. It's fun to connect the dots. As a critisism I get dissopinted During "Hey Light" on here comes the indian when they just stop playing as if its accidental. All that built up energy for confusion. They maybe should have just gone straight into the vocal barbershop style part.


  • this is an interesting idea. interesting in a good way. and yes, barbershop quartet in hey light would be fucking ridiculous lol. i don't really dislike much about ac's music. it's kind of difficult to even think of something that isn't to my taste that they do. what i want is moooooore organic sounding instruments. that's part of why i love sung tongs so much; the instruments have a bunch of effects on them but they still sound like guitars or drums or whatever. i'm glad deak's back for that reason. can't wait for more of his awesome guitaring. and avey's.
  • The only AC thing I have ever criticized was the quality of the recording on Hollin. Also I want guitar and drums, it'll make them more rockin' like Straw Jam! Deaks! Also I wish they told us a little bit more about what Deakin and Geo do. What do they do!
  • geo is the glue that holds all things together! ALL SOUNDS GO THROUGH GEO! in fact there was the theory that avey couldn't even sing and geo was just manipulating the hell out of his voice and avey's voice was actually done by geo! deeks provides grombience and overall GOOD VIBES and upbeat / positive energy! can't wait til he FINALLY drops his solo debut album by god it's been awhile! it'll show the world what he truly does / can do!
  • I loved Country Report, definitely my favourite from the cassette, can't wait for his solo. It's a rare band that can produce such quality group and solo releases at the rate they do. Deerhunter would be up there as well I suppose. I love Deerhunter but Panda and Avey knock Atlas and Lotus out of the ball park.
  • Lotus like the Jam Band??? Even When I listen to Mozart I think sometimes "I would not have done it that way" or "That was a great choice, I can definetly understand the thought behind that." JEEEZZ!!! Listening to that hour long plus performance at the pitchfork festival on youtube! Doing songs like my girls with conventional instruments makes me love those Amazing songs on that wonderful album even more!!! I can understand the sound more. I mean, obviously I'm not purely conventional strict. I love the electronic stuff they put it. But with guitar I can jam out to it. I play air drums, air piano and air guitar. With mixers, samplers, loopers, rolands, synthesizers I can't get that same feeling no matter how good it sounds. The band I'm in experiments with samplers and such too for goodness sakes. I always have the most fun playing the guitar though.
  • I meant Lotus, like Lotus Plaza, the solo project of Lockett Pundt, guitarist of Deerhunter.
  • Oh.. I'm Just getting into deerhunter, they are amazing.
  • my 3 top bands are all going solo now... it's weird AC [panda / avey / now deeks! ... and geo's done a TINY bitty bit] RH [yorke / jonny doing soundtrack stuff / phil the drummer! THE DRUMMER! no ed or colin YET] SFA [gruff / cian w/AcidCasuals / drummer with THE PETH / now BUNF going solo... but not GUTO!] NEVER guto :( :(|) that's 4/4 ... 3/5 ... 4/5 11/14!!! maybe the guitarist / bassists of Radiohead can get with Guto of Super Furry Animals and do some sorta one off THE OTHER GUYS faux-super grouper! i always also wanted SFA/AC SFAC! Super Furry Animal Collective! SUPER FURIOUS ANIMALS.... collected!
  • Super Radio Animals - O'Brien, C. Greenwood, Geologist, and Guto Two basses?? :O
  • there can never be too much bass! the album: KICKING BASSEVISION QUEST! live from Old Chicago!
  • and on lead bass...
  • The REAL BASS!
  • upright bass?
  • uptight tugboat.
  • Downright Awesome!
  • up down left right!
  • north east south west
  • north geese sound best
  • Clever. I don't know if Panda is writing them lyrics or Avey, I'm assuming Avey because he sings most of em but he is my favorite lyracist. I hold him over Bob Dylan just because of how many different writing styles they accomplish. Well nobody makes political points without sounding full of shit like Bob Dylan but some of his most obscure nonsensical stuff is "hey mr. tamborrine man". ANCO has songs of all different kinds. Some make a point about society. Some just heal feelings. Some Paint pictures with words. Some tell stories. Some Are obscure or fun or just plain nonsensical. The lyrics are always good to me.
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    Persian Kitty better stay on the train! WCWAR has my favorite random lyrics ever!
  • I love the Intro to #1. Two parts timings set a little off from each other and as soon as they coalesce the beat comes in not having much to do with the rhythem part but creating an unexpected pace of the song. I also love how if you listen really closely you can hear Avey's voice underneath the low octave voice. The chord it ends on is cool to and contrasts with the next song on the album very much so. My only issue with that is on Strawberry Jam they do that after nearly every song. They end on a deceptive minor chord or somthing to create a contrast but I'd rather they switch it up and stuff.
  • The Other Guys! feat. Guto! and GEO! oh! though guto now has GULP!
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