Too Soon Appreciation

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Hey guys, This is my first thread inspired by the Banshee beat appreciation thread. This song is phenomenal. It is I believe, the modern day example of tribal music. And as such it has an almost spiritual hold over me especially in the climaxes, the lifts make me feel almost possessed. I'd like to hear how other people feel about this song and the images it brings to mind and possibly what people think Avey tare sings within the song as there are no lyrics for the track anywhere on the internet and therefore i imagine not on the album itself either.


  • Is there not a too soon lyrics bit on the site ?
  • Probably my third favorite teack off HCTI. Really like how it is like a tribal roller coaster, and like the majority of songs on HCTI it just has great dynamics.
  • there's a certain sound on there that to me sounds like change in yr pocket clinking or possibly KEYS BEING DROPPED and when i'd listen on headphones on a walk or wherever i'd always think i dropped something! haha! that's my Contra Boot Shun! i one time tried a "mash up" of TOO SOON and TOO MUCH by sufjan stevens... it was not to be! didn't work at ALL haha! too much! too soon! *paniks* i also like to think / say sometimes TOO FAR! (like mr farr with his cigar! get it?)
  • i love hcti so much. panic unsettled me so perfectly the first time through. hey light is my favorite track with too soon at a close second
  • i just want to run through the moonlit forest and splash through its rivers screaming these noises with too soon
  • Man I'm loving everyone's input on this track! There aren't any lyrics for it unfortunately Clayson. Most websites state that the track is an instrumental. At the end Avey sings "Too soon" I'm sure of that much! and Enfant i would be running beside you, i have listened to this track at dawn on the windiest hill i could find and it was one of the moments i have felt most alive and part of the universe.
  • well then it looks like I'm going on a quest for some wind and a hill treeman
  • I would strongly recommend it. As I'm sure all you guys know AC and any nature go together beautifully. By the way, i don't know how many people on here live in the UK and i may start a separate thread with this suggestion but my band and I have been talking about setting up a bit of an AC appreciation night maybe at a venue or just at somebody's house. To listen to AC or cover some and play your own music and just generally hang out around those who vibe off the same kinda stuff. What does anyone think?
  • damn i wish i could be a part of something like that! if i was there i'd def. go! Gee Oh!
  • Man come to England! We'll do an international AC appreciation seminar! Love this website!
  • If I could afford the plane ticket, I'd definitely go to an AC senimar... featuring appearance by the great AnCo?
  • sounds like some sorta magician! the great ancocini! imagine a magician musician! in a way they kinda are!
  • Yeah after watching them live in Eastbourne in a crazy old seaside ballroom last may I'm firmly of the opinion that they're basically magicians and that they're out of their minds! Also the 2 part video of them on YouTube playing Fireworks,Essplode, Who could win a Rabbit in one fluid medley again was like watching magic. I mean 3 different songs from 3 really different eras of music adapted and blended is something no other band is doing.
  • oh my! too soon is one of my fav songs by them. their reoccuring theme of tension and release is so perfectly executed, so well tempered in this song. and its so tin-y/metalic-y. i feel like they did with this song what they kept trying to do with Lablakely Dress, in keeping with the theme (but i think its better done with Too Soon.)
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    BUT also i live in tn people should retreat with me that would be wonderful if something like that happent here.
  • Lylas! I live in GA!
  • YAY! thats soooo close. i live a short drive from the border (chattanooga area!) WE! MUST! UNITE!
  • not in your life!
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