My dad today bought a case of beers from around the world, and that got me thinking about my favourite beers. Then that got me thinking, I wonder what beers you people in the forum like to drink, but I thought that might be a bit inclusive (for some reason I imagine Wini either loving or hating beer), so I want to know what you guys usually or prefer to drink. Me, I prefer either a good beer (Asahi, Becks, Corona, Löwenbräu and Stella Artois being my favourites) or a gin and tonic, like an old woman. Sue me.


  • Ha, that's funny. I drink one of the nicknamed redneck beers, "Natty Light". Not just out of preference for a six pack for under five bucks, but because I have always prefered a super super light beer. Dark beers, ugh Guinness bleah, to me. Tequila, a good one, and cranberry juice. Or tequila and sweetened lime juice.
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    Though I no longer drink, I always liked Rogue beers... particularly their "Hazelnut Brown Nectar". Just a delicious beer. Generally pale ales were my favorites, along with super dark beers (Negro Modelo + Mexican food = search for delicious over), though. Bass is good. Sierra Nevada pale ale is good. My real weakness, though, was good scotch.
  • I don't know anything about American beer because Europeans and Australians won't touch them, Mexican beer is another thing though.
  • i wouldn't touch the big domestic beers here, either, but it's too bad the microbrewery stuff that's largely out on our west coast doesn't make it down your way -- that's some fine beer. Rogue is pretty huge at this point but they're one of many independent (I think they're still independent) brewers in Oregon. Black Butte Porter is another good Oregon microbrew.
  • I searched top beers of the world on google and most of the professional lists had American microbrews, so when I come to America I'd really like to check them out... oh wait I'm 19 and America you have to be 21 =(( oh well maybe my friend has a fake ID or something.
  • when are you coming?
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    Dave, I love the Rogue beers. When I turned 21 I went through a phase where I tried as many different beers as I could get my hands on and there are a lot that I discovered I enjoyed but now I barely ever drink, like once every three months and even then it's only a beer. I really enjoy pale ales or really hoppy beers though. I like the Stone brewery beers and probably my favorite beers are from the Unibroue brewery in Quebec - I really love all of their beer.
  • i'm with you -- hoppy beers are my favorites.
  • I'll be coming early next year. It's not for certain, but I'm going to do everything I can to get there.
  • I don't drink...yet, but I know up here in the upper midwest there are a lot of microbreweries, especially in Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, and Minnesota. Here is a map of craft breweries. "Of the 1,759 breweries in America, only 43 are not defined as craft brewers, and 100 not defined as either a micro or brewpub". Fact! [img][/img]
  • cool map. i think oregon has the most microbreweries in the country? i could be wrong. there are a lot in the west. swamp ale, a florida microbrewery beer, is literally the hoppiest beer i've ever tasted. at least bottled. it's a helluva lot smoother on tap.
  • Oregon I think is #1, but only #4 when it comes to per capita. My parents love microbrews and whenever they get the chance to stop at one, they will. A lot of foreigners and even most Americans need to know about all the good microbrews around the US.
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  • :bz No Buzz there.
  • nice, didn't know we had a beemoticon
  • It's kind of weird for me to think that if I come to America that I can't legally drink. In Germany the law says that you can drink beer and wine by 16, and spirits by 18. In Australia you can drink whatever at 18. If I ever am in America at the right age I'll be sure to check out your microbrews or whatevers.
  • I have a friend who is going to mexico over break and the drinking age down there is 18 or something.
  • here in america, you can travel 10,000 miles to kill muslim militants and civilians as soon as you're 18, but we feel strongly that alcohol is far more immoral than murder.
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    True true, I remember this protest song that my dad played a while back about Nam. Eve of Destruction? I don't know really what it was called.
  • for the record, Maine has a lot a lot of great beers to offer.
  • no doubt, the northeast is a good place for brews, too.
  • I'll confess I've only tried beer a few times. My dad's allergic to hops. And it's genetic... so yeah. I do like wine though. My parents are wine people because of that.
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    there is a lot of really good microbrews in denmark and of course big ones like Carlsberg and Tuborg. i usually drink the cheapest beer called Harboe or Kings. But there is a great microbrew rigth where i live. my dad used to buy beer there on birthdays and such but he doesnt drink anymore. The rules are the same here as in Germany but a year ago you just had to be 16.
  • speaking of northeast i love premium grain belt NORD beast! uh! and It's miller time! ... MGD / hi-life! (the sham PAIN of bears! and real pain for mah shamu furry friends!) .... also PBR ... and not because of the hipster or blue velvet connection more just the taste and cheap price! unlike rice! beer...
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    oh yeah, I also have an unwavering love of Budweiser which is a result of my teenage years drinking exclusively that. (It now has the nostalgic taste of teenage mischief.)
  • i just can't stand those bitter / nasty tasting / dark / heavy beers and the beer snobs who think they're so groovy because they drink "GOOD" beers blech! screw that!
  • I'm relieved to hear of your taste in beer. I have no fear: you like them clear.
  • What I really don't like is yeast (cloudy) beers. It's really funny though, after I graduated from highschool we have this party thing because we're finally allowed alcohol and the Americans want to drink as much as they can before they go back, and I tried a yeast beer and thought, this is the best beer ever! The next day or so I went to the bar with my friends and got another one and thought it tasted really funky in a bad way. Maybe it's because I had two swigs of vodka before I drank the yeast beer? Probably.
  • I have no specific preferences (18 am I)
  • I was drinking 'till I was on the floor by age 11. You've got some catching up to do. LOL Raki is one of the coolest liquors in the world. It's a Turkish liquor (my parents used to get it at this Turkish place in Brooklyn with really great food) that's impressively smooth and cool. Because of what it's made with, adding water makes it kind of bubble up and become milky white. It's much cooler to watch and drink than it sounds, and the good ones have a really nice flavor.
  • I've never heard of it, sounds really awesome though. I was at my grandparents place a few weeks ago and my grandpa was digging through his liquor cabinet; we found some really crazy stuff. One of them was like, this Czech herbal liquor that tasted live cloves and vodka, it was pretty bad, but oddly refreshing.
  • On the East Coast, there's a company called Flying Dog, really good, they might be based in CA but I've only ever seen their stuff in Maryland though: everything from Pale Ale to Heffe Viesse or however you spell that... live in Ger. but i sprekin no deutsch
  • Heffe WieBe I think is how it's spelled. Except instead of a B it's that weird german B thing that means "ss".
  • I've definitely heard of Flying Dog before but never drank it, i'll have to next time I see it available.
  • I like Flying Dog, we have it here in N.C. New Belgium makes lots of good beers I like. As far as liquors go, whiskey is my favorite. Gin is OK too.
  • Whiskey whiskey!
  • Gin gin! The gentlemen's drink.
  • Emphasis on the gentle.
  • bluck gin! I love whiskey though, a lot.
  • Did you know that if you can't get a hangover from gin (unless you drink A LOT)?
  • I certainly got a hangover after my first time drinking it! I did drink quite a few shots though...and it was my first time drinking ever...
  • I think that qualifies a lot. Interesting that your first time drinking was gin - did you grab it from the closet or something?
  • bathtub gin?
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    Tequila is the worst. Every time i drink it i cant remember anything the day after and people always tell me i acted crazy. but that is pretty normal when you drink a lot of tequila
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    Franziskaner Heffeweisse is good, as is Spaten Optimator. As for hard liquor, I like scotch. I'm not above Steel Reserve though.
  • Wow, one of good friend's favourite beer is Franziskaner Heffeweisse! What a coincidence.
  • My boyfriend of the time took the bottle from his dad's liquor cabinet and I just kept drinking it because I wasn't drunk yet and then it all hit me at once and I was wasted. Needless to say, I hate gin now.
  • it tastes like pine needles!
  • I should try eating pine needles sometime.
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