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i read an interview with avey and geologist here: (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->) where avey lists off several influences from books and films. thank god for netflix cuz they were very obscure and most of them were veryvery good. "valerie's week of wonders" especially. so i just wanted to throw that interview out there for anyone who hasnt seen it yet and also ask if anyone else knows some more of the band's influences or could recommend some good movies i might otherwise have never heard of.


  • I guess this would be in reverse, but "Winter's Love" was played several times in the movie [i]Shortbus[/i]. I'll try to watch [i]Valerie and Her Week of Wonders[/i] in a few days.
  • cool, i'll have to check that out. from my own perspective, the guys are pretty stoked on hermann hesse's "siddhartha." maybe they've never even heard of it, but when i read that book it's a little like reading through an alternate take on their song catalogue. lots of references to self-reliance, braving it in the world in the face of dangers and disgrace, lost or mangled relationships, natural beauty, and finding yourself through new points of view and listening to the outdoors. all that kinda stuff. lines like "there's a boy who's a krishna and he thinks you look pretty" [kids on holiday] tell me they've studied that sect of culture and spirituality.
  • [quote]The animal references are just sort of arbitrary and happen to come up here and there. “We Tigers” is not about tigers. “Who Could Win a Rabbit” doesn’t have anything to do with rabbits. And so on. Most of the time these are just catchy song titles. A good song title is important to me and I like to give the tunes the best possible name. Noah actually thought we had too many animal references on Sung Tongs and didn’t want to be those “animal guys.” So we are trying hard to stray away from that, I guess, but usually it’s not that difficult. [/quote] gotta love them catchy titles! Oni Ba Ba! [quote]Usually the first track kind of just stands out there and says: “Hello here I am, I’m the first track.” And we’re all like: “Yes, indeed you are.”[/quote] haha avey's so weird (in a fun way!) cute!
  • this is an interesting topic and i'm actually just rezzing it because it's an interesting topic.
  • hello there! it's me! the first track! how very nice to meet you! and yet they went on to have many more animal titles! :(|)
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