I don't expect this to be a topic people want to talk about but it would be nice to talk about Obama to people who don't speak in a highly overopinionated manor. It also would be nice to get a perspective from sombody living from somewhere else like the UK or Australia or Zimbabwe. Is this a go?


  • we truly live in a modern day obama-nation! it's an OBAMANATION!
  • It's not really a go for me, just because I like you all too much to start talking about this with you. If someone else started I might jump in, but I don't really like discussing politics among friends. Nevertheless, that's only my personal choice. It ought not to have any reflection on any of you, and please know I don't think it's a bad topic or something. I just feel like, for the time being, I might go ahead and sit this one out. I like that pun btw GO.
  • Lost in translation with a whole fuckin' nation They say I was the abomination of Obama's nation Well that's a pretty bad way to start a conversation What a giant coincidence Purple! My dad is from Zimbabwe and I'm Australia! Unless you already knew this... Oh G.O.d, are you stalking me? From the perspective of an Australia, I have no clue. I don't really know that much about Obama other than his spending program, which seems pretty fucked up but it did work in the past, so how could America blame him? Worked for Clinton.
  • lol........... Seems more appropriate for the Bush era on the last one, though.
  • Clinton's the bomb
  • http://www.theonion.com/articles/clinton-threatens-to-drop-da-bomb-on-iraq,787/ "If Saddam does not comply with U.N. inspectors by the March 1 deadline, we will have no choice but to tear the roof off Baghdad."
  • It's hard for me to believe what I hear in politics as I hear people say so many different things that conflict. The only basis I truly can believe in is "do they seem nice when they speak?" "Are they cool?" "Do they think on a universal scale and don't just try to forward themselves?". People accuse Obama of that a lot because of his vacations and puppy dogs and huminahuminahumina. I'm sure being president is stressful so why wouldn't you take advantage of the finer things? I don't like my system of government right now. I don't feel educated enough on politics to even vote on anything. I watch CNN and look for articles in the paper and such but it's not enough. In the end it seems the question is what party will it benifit you to be socially.
  • no blood for funk
  • The Clinton Party. "We go all in baby!"
  • Damn dude... I have to say, the whole "do they seem like nice people" attitude is rampant in America. It's what got George W. Bush, a mass murderer and war criminal, voted into office twice. It takes work to dig up the evidence about politicians' choices, but it's necessary to making good decisions.
  • I wonder how much of the dug up stuff I hear is bull and not yet dug up stuff that I don't know that may be true... WHAT!?!?!?!
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  • Yep, that's half the fuckin' battle right there dude. Nice new pic btw. lol. Who dat is?
  • Its young Wiz khalifa mayne! Taylor Gang Wut!
  • The problem in Australia is the same except it's illegal to not vote here, so... nice guys for primey.
  • Ugh. Fuck dude. What a bunch of douche bags our options are.
  • We have a crazy woman as our prime minister.... so....
  • is she hot?
  • No... not really. She's ginger too.
  • What...? She Ginger? Not hot?
  • Haha, yes. Dude, I can't take you seriously with Wiz staring at me.
  • Is Disapointed! [-(
  • Omg. eheheheheh.. I'm too baked fo dis shit ritht now... What do you say snoop? SNoop Dogg: Hell yeah, My boy Obama All the way!!! Wiz: Hey. Let's order some Jimmy Johns, no lettuce this time.
  • Your new avatar cracks me up But you should make him purple. Because you're purplesage
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    or [IMG]http://i1246.photobucket.com/albums/gg613/claudeavecvin/purplekhalifa2copy.jpg[/IMG] I prefer this one personally, I touched up his neck tattoos to make them more prominent as well.
  • I lol'd IRL
  • Love the second one! >:)
  • lol I love you all
  • my new profile pic if you don't mind
  • I'm listnin to the radio this morning and this one dude is bashing Obama for wanting higher energy costs. I believe he's referring to green energy and saying it's more expensive than oil and stuff. Nobody really knows how cost affective green energy is though. Nuclear power plants provided 1/3 of Japans energy and now that half of those plants got taken out and even more got shut down for inspection purpleses, Japan is trying to become more reliant on solar, water, wind, captain planet bullshit. If they can pull this off without F***** up their economy it will prove that Obama doesn't want to burn money just to burn money and that green energy is viable (which I'm hoping but I'll understand if it's not yet an option). In order to get people to do anything for the environment there has to be the backup incentive of money.
  • Yeah. The value of money in human culture is really strange. There was this African patrolman a few years ago who shot a poacher who was about to kill a black rhino. There was an international outcry over the poacher's death. The patrolman's response was something to the effect of "in any of your "civilized" countries, if a policeman killed a bank robber he'd be hailed as a hero. Is the sack of paper more important than this [i]life[/i]?" Fuck money.
  • Haha when I was in Tanzania, from what it seemed, the law basically allowed for poachers to be executed on sight by rangers. No trial or anything. Those poachers are tricky bastards though.
  • "Money it's a crime Share it fairly but don't take a slice of my pie Money so they say Is the root of all evil today But if you ask for a rise it's no surprise that they're giving none away"
  • bury me with my money's monkey!
  • That's what is was intended for sagey :D If you look at it statistically, nuclear energy is the safest and cleanest form of enery (besides the canisters of nuclear waste). The only reason for Chernobyl, Japan, that one in America (Mile Island or something) was because of poor maintenance. I mean, ideally the world would run on renewable resources, but for the time being, I believe in the power of the nukes, even if my country doesn't. We have the largest source of uranium in the world, but we sell it all (it makes up 20% of all our exports)
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  • You might actually turn into a Crocodile!
  • Or was that an alligator?
  • oh they're all the same!
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