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So i guess my girls was in some big movie recently, according to all of the comments on the music video on youtube. Has anyone else seen this movie? I cant find any videos of the my girls scene anywhere.


  • It was in Project X.... havent seen it though.
  • Wasn't that a Matthew Broderick film from the 80's with a monkey in it?
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    I dunno but whatever it is, it got like a 25% approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes. AC ought to be in a masterpiece! [img][/img] Master fleece police.
  • It was that big ol party film for them crazy teens! I had no desire to see it, but I know a lot of high school kids went to see it. Most of the audience would have never heard the song otherwise. Wonder if Domino has the rights to it and Animal Collective agreed to it also.
  • My Girls was also in the US version of Skins, and Winter's Love was in Shortbus. Personally, I think neither really fit either movie/show, which is sad considering the endless possibilities I can imagine of scenes that would be perfect for Animal Collective songs.
  • My girls is not about an insane party! Or even underage drug use and sexual encounters, like 12-14 years old!
  • It's so ironic, My Girls is about wanting to take care of your loved ones and the scene it was associated with in Skins is a girl coming home from a party alone really early in the morning, looking totally high/still a bit drunk.
  • I could see how the begining could be used for that though, musically speaking.
  • You'd think that, but it didn't. I tried to find the scene on youtube but couldn't.
  • Well, television producers aren't exactly renowned for putting out tasteful programs, as a rule. There's a reason TV has been criticized for... well, since the end of radio.
  • But they hated radio, too! We had a discussion about this like two years ago. I was still posting on Wolf at the time. I barely remember it. I just remember Wini writing a really great post about stone age people being like "hey, kid, getting lost in books all the time you're rotting your brain! ugh guh buh gro-gosh!"
  • Hahaha, that's brilliant.
  • [quote]Wasn't that a Matthew Broderick film from the 80's with a monkey in it? [/quote] haha! it was! that monk ... is key! :(|)
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