Rainymood.com + AC

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Anybody listen to animal collective with rain and thunder sounds in the background? it makes a super pleasant combination ^o^ Loch Raven, Banshee beat, bees, the softest voice are some of my faves to do so with


  • I've used this lots of times ! although for some odd reason never listened to AC with it.. only my instrumental tunes. I must try it out.. wonder if they have an app for that since theres one for everything else
  • I have listened to AC with real thunder and rain but never heard of that site! How cool! It could come in handy...
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    Same here Wini, although this year I want to try it with a wider variety of AC songs.
  • yesterday it rained for over 12 hours, just that light dreary drizzle type stuff. I was driving my car around and AC came on shuffle then I had to keep driving to listen to Strawberry Jam all the way through. made me think of this
  • This morning I listened to Sung Tongs in the rain before I went to school.
  • tried this today it's really great. i especially liked it with Loch Raven
  • Works great with Bleed too
  • omg this is awesome. I love listening to music while it's raining. Now I can do it on command. 8->
  • ive never used an app, but listening to campfire songs with a heavy rain outside was a great experience
  • let the rain fall down and wash away all the shame!
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