Alexander McQueen

So, i'm not sure if many of you know who this man was, but he was a brilliant, genuis of a designer. He killed himself today/yesterday/recently at 40 years old. I mean, this man was brilliant. Alexander McQueen made me realize that you can create whatever you want. There are no limits, no matter what your medium. Seeing his clothing really changed my perspective on clothes, personal style, and so many other things. [img][/img] obviously a couture dress (wedding dress actually). This was the first thing I'd ever seen by him, and my mind was officially blown. I mean, its so out there, yet so beautiful.


  • What scary looking critter.
  • hahaha, yeah, I love it, though!
  • If I didn't suspect it would give me a headache, I'd wear that. I had read this morning that he died. It's sad, I wonder what was so terrible in his life that he felt he must end it.
  • imagine wearing that dress (antlers and all) at a beautiful fall wedding in the woods. It would be so magical!
  • i'll be the hyena YULE SEE he probably realized with growing resignation the utterly horrible reality that is death!
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