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So I was looking and noticed that I didnt see ac playing pitchfork this year.... too bad because I really wanted to see them. are they playing anywhere in the midwest this summer?


  • No tour dates have been announced yet, but they should have a tour after their release of the new album... so probably not this summer dude.
  • WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • Well, I am seeing my heartthrob Spencer Krug in June. What shows are y'all planning on attending?
  • Its funny you say that claud, I was just thinking with all of this new album stuff that is going to happen soon I didnt think that they would have a tour. Makes sense though.
  • AAAhhhhh Spencer Krug! In which band will he be playing, Lula? I probably won't be attending any shows for a long time because I need to save money... :(
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    Me too, that's why I declined my friends request to go see the Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys.
  • He's touring as Moonface, Spencer is. He's got an album coming out with Siinai. I just want to smoosh his little smooshy face and say, "smoosh smoosh!!"
  • man hope they stop by Roskilde Festival.
  • Seeing Radiohead, Thrice and Animals As Leaders in June. Wishing I could catch Mogwai towards the end of June in Chicago.. Boo for lack of funds !
  • seeing primus and Curren$y in may
  • Primus! Wow, they're...OLD! Not like The Ramones old. Which is dead. Aww.
  • they're gonna have a new generation of fans every decade or so. partially in thanks to south park but in the beginning primus's popularity rubbed off on south park. the red hot chili poopers have been around since the 80's yo. youngens dont know that though. AC hit the 10X3. that came surprise to me.
  • omg we have a kid in the county whose name is Kiedis Anthony Such-and-such. When I issued him his library card I asked his Mom, "like the Chili Peppers, huh?" She said, "Yeah, but I liked the name, too" Really good radio station, y'all: GOOGLE THAT SHIT YO
  • Spencer is not coming here, yet. AC is playing at the Hollywood Bowl in September though but that's in a long time. And I'm going to Coachella this weekend but it totally doesn't feel like I am.
  • Wait Coachella is THIS weekend? AC has touring dates set up?
  • There are two Coachellas this year! Last weekend and this weekend because it got so popular. And I don't know about any other dates besides that one.
  • Ohh...That is why I was so confused! Makes sense now that I think about it. Really do not pay too much attention to those festivals, so many festivals!
  • 2pac did pretty good at coachella
  • HAHA at first I was reading this saying to myself, "Man this must have been an incredible show, the line-up is insane!" and then I thought, "Actually, this is pretty oddly eclectic, I can't believe the range" and then I thought, "Wait, GG Allin? GG is dead! No one knows about GG!" and then I finally thought, "Wait...all of these people are...dead..." and THEN I thought, "Oh, this is a joke." Especially when I saw that Mozart was headlining. Jesus gets pretty low billing there. HAR HAR FOOLEDED MEEDLE
  • Well Jesus already came back to life once, so hell if they can't do it for Coachella!
  • Couldn't resist. Bought Lolla tix to see At The Drive-In !!!!!
  • His stage presense is too offensive for me. PURPPURP AJHHHHH!!! NICE!!!!! Jesus is #1 rapper.
  • I saw Right Away, Great Captain! earlier this week in Pontiac. If you're not familiar it's Andy Hull, the lead singer of Manchester Orchestra. He has 3 solo albums..if you're into good acoustic I'd reccommend it. His voice is so raw
  • Dirty Projectors!
  • LIARS! their pants were on fires! the situation grew dires... but no .... no 1 against ze brush was like BLISS! close my eyes and let it TAKE ME AWAY type even! still mad that in THREE times seeing them and they never play mister yr on fire mr! yes but it's NOT OKAY! :(|)
  • Lollapalooza countdown: less than 2 weeks away !!!! Yippy
  • I didn't know you were going to Lollapalooza. Good for you. I had to look up who was going to be performing there, and I think I'd have a fun time with who they have there. My favs of the bunch to see live: The Black Keys The Shins Trampled by Turtles Sigur Ros (I wonder how they would be live in a festival setting?) tUnE-yArDs SBTRKT Passion Pit ...and then I'd drop in on anyone else decent enough.
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    Saw Russian Circles last night. They melted my fucking face off. CHECK IT....
  • i love you
  • Love you Sagester. I saw chiodos last week with original members, so nostalgic i felt like i was 12 all over again. I have vids if anyone wants to see
  • They've announced Australian side shows! :3 so happy
  • animal collective thursday. grizzly bear early next month. i missed the metheny show because i got out of the hospital the day of the concert. bummed about that.
  • swans and XIU XIU friday! deerhoof sunday / FUN DAY! Wooo!!! we so ess site! works cited! WEIRD SCILENCE!
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