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  • I actually like soccer Clay, and yes I can see how it may be something one could hate (the damn floppers and lack of ACTION)! I support Liverpool by the way! I love the Kop, Gerrard, and all the history about the club, and they just were not Man U with Ronaldo and Rooney (2008 is when I started liking English soccer).
  • thats preety cool, here in england we take football so seriously, some people live by it religously here and i would say that england is a hub for football hooliganism, crazy fanatics that violently abuse other football club members just because they support a different team !! i have seen people cry here when they're teams lose a match or a cup...i think its sad and pathetic !
  • I can get into the game if I'm watching it in person. Otherwise I don't care that much.
  • .....anyone pay attention to NHL playoffs. Anyone as upset as myself about the extremely early end of San Jose's run this year. ooppsss
  • I have been watching although I only root for the Wild (which are basically a third of last years San Jose team) but I have been disapointed with the amount of media atention towards the fights instead of the OT thrillers. I guess my second team I would root for is the Blues (sorry there), but they have a lot of Minnesotans on their team so I gotta rep them.
  • I have a new found love for running now, I used to just run for soccer and lacrosse during practices, but I'm not playing those sports any more. I'm not sure why but I always feel great after a good run.
  • It's Stanley Cup Finals time! Go Kings! Does anyone else care about this? Hockey is fun to play and watch--I've always liked it, but I wish it was on television more often.
  • Oops...I didn't read the posts directly above! I guess turtle and Peace talked about this a month or so ago.
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    I love Hockey, and yes I want the kings to win since they haven't won a stanley cup before (kinda dumb for me to say that). I'm just hoping for some good hockey, like game 7 and all. If only Turtle was here, she'd probably want New Jersey to win since she is a Sharks fan. [img][/img]
  • anybody here a wrestler? (not that wwe boschitt) im currently a 2x state qualifier in illinois (:
  • No, but I do know many REAL wrastlers at my school (probably won't see too many of them now), but for some reason at least four of them ADD/ADHD (whatever you want to call it). They are cool btw. I think Wrestling is pretty big in the mmidwest, I know in Iowa and Minnesota wrestling is a big deal for some folk. And congrats on being a state qualifier!
  • Thanks<3 and yeah, wrestling seemed to have died out here, people used to be just as crazy about the sport as the folks in iowa. But it kinda just died. D;
  • Dont worry Peacefish, the kings are totally gonna win. Im a calgary flames fan myself, though, which kinda sucks since theyve been so unsuccessful for the last couple of years.
  • Well i'm a Minnesota Wild fan so I really don't have anyone to root for in the Stanley Cup. I can't wait until they realine (I think that's right) the confrences un the NHL, then I won't have to stay up late to watch the Wild play the Flames, the Oilers, or the Canucks. Anyone here going to pay any attention to Euro 2012 soccer? I want Denmark, Sweden, or Ireland to win. I would say I don't want Spain to win at all though. Sorry fans of Spain.
  • i don't really like the way spain play.. i obviously root for Denmark, but i'm pretty sure they won't make it because of their group which consists of Germany, Portugal and Holland
  • Well, Denmark did get a hard group but no one expected Greece to win the 2004 Euro so anything can happen. Spain was pretty bring in the workd cup, the last world cup was boring in general, but I think out of all the teams Holland and England should be entertaining to watch.
  • i think Germany played the best in the last world cup, just not against Spain.
  • True that. I think Germany is always a consistent team in all compitions because it seems they never finish out of the top four.
  • we won against holland peace !
  • I saw it since I had nothing to do. Good for Denmark, looks like them and Germany are the favorites to advance from group B. The first day of tournement was pretty good with all the crazy things that happened in the opening game and then the awesome goals that Russia scored against the Czechs were sweet too. Now if only Ireland can win their group!
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