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Out of curiosity for the whole thing, I've decided to create a Twitter for the site. It's an experiment. You can Tweet/follow the site @[url="!/animcol"]animcol[/url]. For now, if you've ever wanted to share that special thread with the world, you can. I'll be adding buttons throughout the rest of the site (individual posts, album pages, etc) if this thing goes well. If it doesn't go well, we'll never have to speak of this again.


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    Until we figure this out, please don't tweet it if you didn't say it. Or at least, please don't tweet anything I say.
  • I don't like this idea but it could get more traffic here, good or bad.
  • Currently it just tweets the thread title. Nothing else. People can, of course, edit the tweet before saving it on their twitter profile.
  • I thot I twot but I check and, not.
  • i dont tweet much
  • I don't go into the Twitzone. I don't know anyone that sends out Tweetmail.
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    Let's say someone tweeted the title of the drug thread. #Drugs #Peacefish got found eating a Popeye's Chicken Wing
  • I don't have a twitter.
  • Twitter is a screamy teary angry place for me for deeply personal reasons so I try to stay off of it. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with it.
  • Guess I'm the only one here who's a frequent twitter user. Hehe.
  • I use twitter ! woop... wooop wooop
  • I have a tweeter. His name is Ted. I have a twitter but it's under my "real identity".
  • there's two sides to wini !
  • Sort of. G.O. has seen both. sort of. I mean, he didn't get to see me "being a librarian" but he saw me "being Suzie inside the library where she works". If I don't blend the personal and professional as seamlessly as I can, I am always living a lie, and that's a waste of Life. Knowwhutimean? But my boss and the general public has no business in my winiworld, so I keep it in Hidden Stash.
  • Welcome to winiworld how may I help you?
  • and there's two sides to everything, and the truth, I have found, is usually in the middle. An amalgamation. Companies used to be Amalgamated Corn Products and Amalgamated Tire Burgers. Hateradio hates what we've done to his thread. He should make all of them announcements amd no one can respond.
  • Sorry Hate! We've ran wild and we don't all have twiter accounts. The nature of this board is for us to discuss anything anywhere and this is that in a nut shell.
  • tweedly deet!
  • why you no tweet yet?
  • all the little birdies on jay bird street rockin to the beat!
  • dipplin' dopplin' lickin' my feet rockin' robin!
  • I tweeted! I tweeted the Peacefish Chicken Wing topic! Nuttin' Happen!
  • Yes, spread the Peacefish!
  • twitter is fun if you follow comedians you like... they are the only people who use it correctly.
  • #StephenAtHome
  • #hashtaggy!
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