Any of you guys go to yours? I cant decide if I want to go or not.


  • I missed mine
  • Do you regret that?
  • Mine is this saturday, not attending my senior prom.
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    I didn't go to mine last Saturday. The main reasons I didn't go included the planning, the money it takes to go, and the size of the event. A good Tux, a fancy dinner, and a damn ride cost too much for me. Some might say it would've been worth it but hanging out with friends or a going out a on a date would've been just as memorable in my opinion. My friends went though and had a great time, so I still don't know how much fun it would have been if I went since they are sorta like me when it comes to these things.
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    I hate double POSTS!
  • Yeah I don't think I'm going to mine, I just don't like big things like that due to my social awkwardness when it comes to people I'm not really friends with or don't know very well
  • I was on Prom court and almost elected prom king. My best friend didn't even go. Most people probably think indifferently about their prom experience but I enjoyed it imensely.
  • Senior prom we had a picnic and carpooled. It doesn't have to be expensive. My date made me cry, so that sucked. But he was my boyfriend at the time, so he was "allowed" to make me cry. We picnicked in a gazebo and re-named it a Geekwazoo, which I have called gazebos ever since. Only in my mind though, it's too long an explanation. G.O. and I hung out in a geekwazoo. High school and its trappings (prom, parties, pranks, sports games) can be either the high point of your life or it can be an incidental phase. If it is VERY important to you (as it was to my friend Jessy, who still brings up high school stuff all the time, even 25 years later!) then go. If you think that your high school years will just be a 4 year chunk of an 80 year adventure, then fuck it.
  • or go and fuck shit up YO make it a prom to remember like CARRIE!!!!
  • I wasn't gonna go but my best friend who is a boy is going in a dress and I'm going with him in a tuxedo dress and a Magikarp tie.
  • oh shinsy! :(|)
  • I think boys in dresses are hot. Not boys wearing dresses to be "ironic" or because they are "gay" but because dresses are beautiful. Shinsy, what is a tuxedo dress? What is a magikarp tie?
  • Hmm well I think I will go spray paint some stuff then go chow down at Denny's with my friends, since only 2 of them are going. Not to mention I dont have a date, either. And Prom is this Saturday and I dont have a tux yet, either.
  • Excellent idea. I support you fully in your endeavors of havoc and dining. Be sure to leave silly messages written on the sugar packets.
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    I would have loved to go to my prom in a dress, but I'm not sure how that would have gone down at my conservative Christian boarding school. Oh, plus they forbid cross dressing, or maybe that's just at school? Anyway, they probably wouldn't let me and everyone would think I'm gay.
  • Dress(insert not equal to symbol)gay. There was a Goth phase where the guys wore long skirts, that was awesome. And then all the pagans and their Utilikilts (google it, fantastic) and then the nice Indian ones which are all soft cotton...
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    No, I definitely agree with you Wini, but a lot of people wouldn't. Edit: I googled those utilikilts. They're pretty cool, but I don't think it'd really be my style.
  • Trench Coats are where its at nowadays! And creme colored velcro shoes.
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    I like trench coats because you feel like Neo from the Matrix when you where one especially when you where some badass sunglass'. (maybe it's not a trench coat but it definetly is some long length coat that Neo wears).
  • Originally popularized by some dude a million decades ago, brought into fashion in the 80's by John Cusack (sigh!)and then adopted by the emo predecessors, then worn by those Columbine kids, so then it became kind of awkward to wear...I'm glad to see they're popular again. I like the black ones with jeans and a cool t shirt and high top Chuck Taylor All Stars. Not on me, that would be a ridiculous outfit.
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    The Doctor (David Tennant) from Doctor Who could pull off wearing a suit or a trench coat with Taylors.
  • A tuxedo dress is a dress that sort of looks like a tuxedo. I was thinking of just wearing a suit but I don't really want to. And Magikarp is a pokemon that my friend is gonna paint on a tie. My friend who is wearing a dress is actually gay though. Last week at school we had this "Mr. Troubadour" (Troubadour is our mascot) and he was one of the four guys nominated and for the talent competition he wore a billowy blue dress and lip synched to Dancing Queen. He didn't win but he should've. I think he actually likes wearing dresses and stuff but there's a twinge of irony in it, maybe not because of him but because so many people in his extended group of friends really like Ru Paul's tv show and stuff. I think. I don't really know them... Last summer at art school I met a boy who wore skirts all the time. It was different from my friend though, who as you can probably guess is very extroverted and theatrical. This kid was kinda shy and quiet and just wore them because he wanted to. One of my classmates made a documentary about him and in it he said that in his family gender doesn't really matter. He's beautiful. I heard he's asexual but if he wasn't I'd marry him immediately (if he wanted). Not really. (Maybe.)
  • That Ru Paul show is hilarious I see clips of it on the Soup all the time. I think people should treat the people you mentioned with respect, I think there are a couple of people like that (not to a cross dressing degree) in my school, and they don't get respect/tolerance/acceptence they deserve from other people. I wish people wouldn't care about gender as much as they do, like they have something to be afraid of. I do think it's a little strange but hey, skirts are probably more comfortable than shorts or jeans.
  • Ah Peace yesss!!! I'm super interested in gender theory and I love to hear people saying things about not caring about gender! THat's the best attitude to have, so many people end up not being able to express themselves properly because they're afraid of the backlash they'll receive from society just because they don't fit the gender binary predetermined for so many of us...I don't think many of us actually fit the gender binary. I know if people were more accepting I'd probably present myself in a more masculine way occasionally...just because that's who I am. Sorry that's an odd rant. I"m just really invested into the problem with gender because I know a number of people who consider themselves bigender, gender neutral, or refuse to put any sort of labels oon themselves..
  • Oh and Shinsy! asexuality doesn't mean people aren't' interested in relationships :) it's mores so they have almost no desire to be in a sexual one
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    Shinsy is the MASTER when it comes to demisexualism and the lack of importance on gender. I'm her student, we all are.
  • OH've..........underestimated the master. ...sorry :(
  • Yes , I bascially affirmed my belief that Shinsy told me about a while back.
  • May I ask what this belief may be?
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    Demisexualism: Demisexuals are characterized by a lack of sexual attraction toward any person unless they become deeply emotionally or romantically connected with a specific person or persons. The level of connection it takes for sexual desire to form is dependent on how close the relationship is rather than initial attraction. It is an orientation that is not chosen. And the gender thing is that guys can like girl stuff, grils can like guy stuff and no one should judge one another based on what they see themselves as or liking.
  • Good for you Peacy! That's awesome, and I really wish faaaaar more people would adopt this belief. Makin me proud son! Makin' Me proud.
  • It took me awhile not to care about gender because I grew up in a society where gender roles were very fixed and I didn't know anyone that defied the gender "norm". Except maybe my gay uncle, but I didn't even know he was gay until I was 15 or something. I was led to believe that his partner was just his roommate, hahaha! I have a bunch of stuff to write down, but I'm finding it hard to get the words out, so I'll just summarize by saying that I don't care at all about gender, I'm probably as feminine as I am masculine, but I'm still attracted to girls. What now society?
  • I'm the master? I'm so flattered, y'all! And I know that asexual doesn't necessarily mean aromantic, but I don't really know the kid too well so I wasn't sure (and I wouldn't reallly want to pursue a relationship with him). Personally, I am not really "masculine" but sometimes I feel uncomfortable with any of my characteristics being attributed to my gender. I'd rather be a nothing than a girl but that doesn't really mean I want to change anything about myself. Also I have a lot of weird issues with physical attraction. Like I really struggle to understand the line between objectification and attraction.
  • Inherently you are who you are, but society labels certain traits as masculine or feminine. Identity exists outside of gender, many would say they are a man or a woman, but what does that mean? That's like someone asking who I am and me just saying I'm Australian.
  • Labels! "What do you do?" I pet my dogs, I dance, I cook, I sleep... "No, what do you DO, like, your JOB." My job is to love and open pathways. "No, like, for MONEY." Labels, in society NOW, no longer function as methods of communion and understanding. The opposite. It's hard for me to talk, though, I picked a cool label.
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    Librarian is my political views on facebook. I think it's funny. Some people might think I'm a libertarian though.
  • Can my political views be another profession, let's say...Geologist?
  • most of y'all are "students" which is an excellent way of life.
  • i see them girlies walk by in their prom dress clothes!
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