Listening/looking/reading and Patience

As a result of thinking about Danse Manatee a bit earlier, I thought about the problem of patience and works of art and returning to the source. Now, maybe, maybe, one can take a look at a painting or sculpture and say "I don't like it." It's possible to do this with a film, too, I suppose (depending on the film) (uh, "depending on the street!" inappropriate pointless reference there that's only funny to me most likely). However, I wonder if the same should be said about music? Would I have given Danse a second chance if I didn't know who was behind it, if I didn't anticipate its eventual blossoming? I wonder. Yet I knew, or thought I knew, and so returned to it again and again, and it became something more each time. This makes me question all of my quick judgments on anything: how can I read a poem ONCE and declare it good or bad? For instance, I question my reading of, say, a longish literary work after a single reading and my judgement or enjoyment (or lack) thereof. Are things supposed to be enjoyed only once? Imagine listening to Person Pitch one time! Revolver one time! Hell, I don't know: Merriweather one time, The Lonesome Crowded West only once (I'm being revealing by my examples here I guess) any musical composition one time and one time only! And then never again! Nabokov said "All reading is rereading" but damn it there's no time! So I wonder: are literary works (or films or enter-your-choice-of-art-here) to be returned to again again--like albums? Damn it--this goes back to the "there's a shitload of great things out there ready to be discovered but only a finite lifetime to enjoy them" argument, which to me is a horrible prospect. So, I don't want to stick with things that will remain dross when precious things are out there awaiting my discovery. The main questions here, I suppose, are when should we have patience with works of art? When shouldn't we? When do you? When don't you?


  • For me, I enjoy some songs or albums as soon as I hear them. Some examples of this are summertime clothes, fireworks, brother sport, etc. I didn't need any patience to love these songs. Other songs seem to grow on me with repeated listens. I never like Alvin row or chocolate girl because I never got to the end parts where the songs change, but when I did make it to the end I really enjoyed them and appreciated the slow build up to the last part of the song.
  • I remember watching the first episode of the Wire and not enjoying it at all, and as of right now it is one of my favorite shows of all time. The problem with these things is that usually slow things or things intended for groups of people can be easily over looked. I know a lot of the things I like, even things like mustard, took time or some sort of epiphany to really appreciate. Usually it was a change in circumstances that would allow me to like something more than I usually would. Sometimes you like things because it is a phase but I can FEEL when I REALLY like something. I really like MLPFiM and I love Animal Collective. Deal with it.
  • sort of off topic, but i cant think of more than one song on DM that requires patience :/ living toys is the only song that drones onnnn and onnn for me
  • Ahh Good Country comes to mind...
  • i dont get bored with songs that build i guess. thats why i love dan deacon haha
  • Most of the albums that I love are the ones that I didn't get into until 4-5 listens. Is there anyone else in the forum that likes mindless repetition? I feel like a lot of people get annoyed by it, like Visiting Friends on Sung Tongs. I mean, it's certainly not my favourite on the album, but I get a certain joy out of it.
  • Mindless repetition is wonderful
  • mindless repetition is good if it fits in with the rest of the album that it's in. Visiting Friends is a perfect example of when reptition is awesome
  • I think it's great because you can get lost in the song. All the little changes seem so much larger if the song contains a large amount of repetition. It's like a landscape in your head
  • music that utterly changes every 5 seconds or so! THE FUTURE!
  • I want an Animal Collective soundboard that switches samples that they use every 5 seconds.
  • G.O., that's the "music" inside your head. Back in the day of raves...she said, leaning on her cane...repetition was orgasmic. The release from repetition! heh heh heh
  • Yeah, now, in retrospect, I don't think it (DM) requires as much patience as I implied. I think it took me a while because of the way its recorded and I first started listening to it while driving or walking around with headphones that don't block out other noise, so I didn't hear it like I hear it now. I guess I don't hear it now like I'll hear it later, either.
  • The actually quality of the recording was what had been a problem for me on all of their early records (pre Sung Tongs) but eventually one can overcome that by focusing on the music, and a pair of good headphones help.
  • Yep--Campfire Songs comes to mind especially. Yeah--headphones'll help I bet. I have an ipod and it just doesn't do the trick like I wish it would, and the other day I went to test out some headphones with it and they didn't seem to help much. There are a hell of a lot of headphones that I haven't been able to test out, so I don't know if they'll help or not. I suspect the fact that I'm trying to get a good sound out of an ipod might be the problem. Tell me any suggestions--headphones that won't put me on the streets begging for money that might actually sound good? With an ipod? What about headphone amps? I've been wondering about those, too.
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    I have no idea. Sorry. Also I have a decent stereo system in which to plug in my headphones so that helps. I use my dads old ones from the 80's and they are still better than ANY headphones i've ever tried.
  • ooh, Deadfly had a great headphone thread. Searching on here sucks aukbutt, BUT try keywords deadfly and headphones.
  • i felt so bored with campfire songs for about the first 5 listens. just wait. it'll come to you. i decided to play it after not listening to it for a while and i just fell in love, it was like a completely different album. you just have to go out of your way to find the melodies. doggy is one of their, if not, best melody they've written imo
  • My advice is good ol' Seinnheiser headphones. In my opinion they're the best quality for the lower price range. JUST NOT DR. DRE BEATS. For the love of god, those earphones suck.
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    Ok Wini. Hey Ticonderoga--I like Campfire Songs quite a bit. I was referring to the quality of the recording when I mentioned it. And I like your advice about putting something down for a bit and returning to it. That often breathes new life into it. Senor Claude! Seinnheiser. Yeah, I thought as much, but they're one of ones I went into the store and tested. I even tested them with Animal Collective! I listened to "Derek," well, part of the song, with my apple buds and then tried the same part with the Seinnheiser and I didn't hear too much of a difference. I went into the store thinking I was going to buy them, too, but after what I heard, I left without them.
  • Really? Which did you try? I have the HD419 which cost me 90 bucks, the difference between these and apple earbuds is margarine and butter. MARGARINE AND BUTTER. ... Sorry I'm a bit passionate about headphones. I mean, really, if you want good sound, you have to pay for it, but Seinnheiser is the closest I've come to a non-bank busting headphone for the buddng audiophile.
  • can't STAND audiophiles! to me they are somewhere only slightly above those OTHER type of 'philes! uh! miles of smiles and? BROTHER NILES!
  • I love repetition. not all the time, but I do enjoy it. I have more than enough patience to listen to 40 minute tracks, but none for anything else like driving or waiting or anything of that kind.
  • Are we all audiophiles, Mr. Ghosty? Lovers of audio? I usually have to be doing something else while listening to really long tracks.
  • I loved listening to Pink Floyd's Echos while just sitting in the dark, but now I get freaked out by the middle of that song. I still glisten to "Impossible Soul".
  • we must all one day glisten! i still want to one day at some random bar play just long songs on the jukebox... imagine Alvin Row (yes they have it!), The Doors - The End, IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN (by Iron Bugger Fly!), ECHOES, etc... all in a row! you could dominate the music for like 2 hours with just a few songs! it'd be so mean!
  • @PeaceFish, meddle is an amazing album! echoes is a crazy, track that doesnt really require patience for me
  • I was at a restaurant in Boulder and I played Echoes on a jukebox. Funny. People seemed annoyed that the song lasted so long.
  • I loved Echoes on my first listen but really only the begining and the end of the song. Now I like the whole thang, even the ambient Floyd in the middle.
  • Impossible Soul is like 6 songs in one anyway, but one of my favourite ridiculously long songs! Almost every song on Joanna Newsom's Ys is really long, about 9 minutes to 12 and I love them all. I played Desire Lines in the car with my family and my mum got annoyed.
  • My dad is surprisenly open to a a lot of the music I play. He liked Fireworks and Peacebone along with the album Tomboy. He even liked some of MPP and Feels. It's weird when your dad likes your music more than your friends.
  • My dad really likes He Would Have Laughed at the end of Halcyon Digest which is cool. He also likes Turn on the Bright Lights by Interpol.
  • I don't play AnCo in the car cause I don't think my parents would like it, at least not my mum. She hates anything that's noisey.
  • Same here Clawed! She actually liked some of the ambient chill stuff from early AnCo. Like I would be cleaning with her with it on and she would comment on how soothing it was. My dad liked the more rock side of AC.
  • what ambient early anco do you speak of?
  • Probably Campflames
  • Visiting Friends, De soto De son, etc.
  • ahhh for some reason i dont think of sung tongs as early anco. even if it released like only 3 years after STGSTV. whatevs
  • mid period AC! aaron THE CART HER
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