Animal Collective Infidelity

I was wondering what other fan bases people are apart of? I'm a fan of Ezra Miller (if you dont know who he is look him up), Andy Warhol (I dont really know if that counts for anything but...), of Montreal and Deerhunter.


  • in terms of owning entire discographies, i like Odd Future, MGMT, dan deacon, The Gorillaz(only self-titled and demon days),biggie smalls,MF Doom, Quasimoto, Bon Iver and of course Animal Collective. other than that its just like i have a couple songs from various albums by a million different artists
  • If we're talking music wise discographies.. I thoroughly enjoy AC (duh), Radiohead, The Appleseed Cast, DeVotchKa, Maps & Atlases, Modest Mouse, Minus the Bear, BoC, At The Drive-In just off the top of my head. But I dig Warhol as well ! Dali is great too
  • RADIOHEAD and SUPER FURRY ANIMALS! those 2 and AC are The Big 3! cloud cult, mark mallman, men without hats, REM those have been quite important to me too! xiu xiu, the mae shi, gang gang danse! i think most have been set pretty in stone by 2003/04ish still open to new bands but man... age 14 to early 20s is like that golden time though every so often i still get really hit (hard!) like with sufjan AGE OF ADZ or PRINCE RAMA! llama ding dong!
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    Bands: Animal Collective, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Fleet Foxes, Yeasayer, REM, Sufjan Stevens, Arctic Monkeys, Fountains of Wayne, MGMT, Deerhunter, Flying Lotus, LCD Soundsystem, and Pink Floyd to name a few. Visual Art: (pandering) Turtlebite (I saw what you said was your worst stuff so your best stuff must be amazing)! TV: The Wire (I'm only started the first season and I already am a huge fan), The Walking Dead, and also Top Gear. I forgot about the Colbert Nation. Movies: Is it possible to be in a fanbase here without being super into a movie? Books: I like reading but I really don't have a favorite author or anything.
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    Also I like Brigitte Bardot,MGMT, Ariel Pink, Syd Barret Panda Bear and Avey Tare, Atlas Sound, Ducktails, Bright Eyes, Wavves, Best Coast, and The Velvet Underground Books: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, American Psycho Movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show People: Edie Sedgwick, Michael Pitt Shows: Mad Men and Freaks and Geeks
  • Was this thread more about music or about fanbases in general?
  • Hell, I'd wonder what sort of OCD someone had if all they EVER listened to, EVER, since Kindergarten, was AC. You'll get to know us, Narnie, if I may call you that, and often we are here because we don't have anyone else to talk to about AC, but there's only so much to say. AC is like the light that draws us in and then we stay for the free drinks and comraderie. That is misspelled. Is it? Once upon a time we each had a profile where we could list all our fave bands and made additional connections that way. This (fairly) new message board format put the kibosh on that so we're all kind of groping in the dark. (grope grope, ewww!) If there is a specific band you'd like to talk about, check for topics in the Audible section, then start your own. We're very wide ranged and kind of weird, so you may not find exact kindred. But you'll find Very Interesting Individuals.
  • You may be a VIP, well i'm a VII Double OG.
  • VIIOG. Viiog. Viiogog?
  • VII as in 7.
  • This is supposed to a thread about fanbases, but whatever. AnCo and Ezra Miller are the two things I "stan" for most at the moment.I help run a fan blog called weneedtotalkaboutezramiller, it can get pretty intense there. And on a sidenote: I have never read any of the Narnia books but my nickname is Narnia.
  • So was saying that I like the Walking Dead appropriate?
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    Yeah, anything that you love on an (almost) parallel level to AnCo.
  • Aside from the AnCo fanbase, I dwell in the Bowie, Panda Bear and Bjork fanbases.
  • This is supposed to a thread about fanbases, but whatever. Holy *barbie collection*, guys, stick to the topic, ok?!
  • Winilula, your speech up there was beautiful
  • Thanks, Dragon. And Narnie, just to warn you, we have trouble staying on topic, although I knw that wasn't what you we saying.
  • Hm... I'm not involved in any other forums, but I am a fan of and collect the grooves of Atlas Sound, Kraftwerk, Avey Tare, Deerhunter (except for their first album) and Joanna Newsom, in no particular order. I have an irrational love for the movie Driving Lessons.
  • COMPUTER WORLD I like Jane a lot, and lots of the bands people have listed above my post. I like a lot of the things people have posted overall actually. And I am on a Bukowski kick, as far as reading goes. He is real
  • huge fan of BLACK DICE Javelin Avey Tare Atlas sound Kria Brekken Black Moth super rainbow Diamond rings James Blake Eric Copeland Jimi Hendrix Led Zeppelin MF doom Zoo Kid/King Kruel Deer Hunter Wavves King Onyina But this is the only forum i go on.
  • im currently getting into pink floyd.i only have DSOTM, Meddle and wish you were here. i like them all
  • When Im not listening to the anco im typically listening to rap, or the grateful dead. I love primus, lotus, the roots, sublime, the red hot chili poopers, wierd al yankovik. they might be giants, fleet foxes, the new riders of the purple sage (hence my name). Bob dylan, keller williams, slightly stoopid, ani difranco, the evette brothers, yonder mountain string band, yoyoma, zizi perlman, wu tang clan, jefferson airplane, INFIDELS! FIDEL! MUERTE SE?!?!? INFIDELIS!!!!
  • Oh! and to add to my fav. books: American Psycho has been my fav. book (next to "Perks") since I was 12. I have read it six times.
  • i like lady gaga and iamamiwhoami and the smiths and cold war kids enough to join forums, but i really dont have the energy to think about all their music like that. Anymal is most productive, i think, most worthy of my time.
  • Lady Gaga, there is a confession thread on this board for that. Although I must say I did like a couple songs by her when I had to listen to the local pop radio station in art class two years ago. I don't hold nothin' against that man. Animal Collective can be music to think to or music to lose yourself to.
  • Judaaaas! Jud a a aaaaas! I am a Gaga fan. Not all the time and not all her songs, but she's a beast.
  • Oh! I love The Smiths too Ly!
  • I'm surounded by GAGAS! Ah Gas! I like the Smiths a bit. Mainly because I loved Oasis back in the day. In general, it's good to like some more mainstream pop stuff like Gaga so that when you are at a party or something of that sort you can dance along and feel good while doing it. I can't really explain why but I don't mind.
  • I wish I liked mainstream pop only because I look lame at parties. I just stand around and pretend like I am having fun... which isnt enjoyable at all.
  • (i think GAGAZ genius just manifests in the form of a pop song. i caint fight it. i tried once, but i was only denying myself.) i came out of the womb singing the smiths. i have marrissey in my dna.
  • I haven't listened to Gawgaw in a loooong time. Scheiße's my favorite from her tho.
  • Me too Ziggy!
  • just danse! gonna be ok! dah doo doo dda!
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