First AnCo Song You Heard and How You Heard About Them

I am 100% sure that this was already a thread. Anyway I am 15 and I first heard AnCo when I was 13 due to someone I knew being a fan. But I hated them at first, it just sounded like a bunch of random noise. Then, I year later I remembered them and I listened to Bluish which I was not really into at first until I read the lyrics. Then, once I realized all of the lyrics were of that caliber of beauty. I fell in love. It was a long process though. At first many of the songs sounded terrible ("The Bees" for instance.Their music scared me. ALOT. Now all they cloud my headspace.


  • The first song I heard was fireworks on a snowboarding video summer of 7th grade going into 8th. I'm a senior now and they are my favorite band
  • My first song was My Girls. I heard about it from my brothers room mate who went to Pitchfork 2010 and AC was on the list of bands so naturally I went to look up the bands and I saw the music video to My Girls. I love the song at the time and slowly started listening to other tracks from MPP.
  • My Girls was also my first! haha I heard it on the radio when I was...14? thoroughly enjoyed it, then went out on a whim and bought the album. However i really didn't care for it the first time I popped er' in the ole cd player, I picked it up again months later and instantly fell in love. haha
  • I was 16 so I was a little more mature at the time. And I was liking a lot of different and new things so Animal collective was easy to like at first.
  • I got Peacebone from a song-a-day podcast and I liked it. I had this older friend who listened to a lot of music, who I looked up to (for now what seems very silly reasons) who liked them too. Before I went to Coachella in 2008 I got strawberry jam and only listened to it a couple times before I left. I saw them there and was very very confused (as they played nearly all MPP songs, before there was an MPP). Now I'd give anything to relive that. Maybe it's because of the nostalgia but it's probably my favorite era of AC. The live version of Chocolate Girl, the old arpeggio sample in My Girls, Fireworks/Essplode...gah.
  • Brother Sport!i loved it! from my brother! the summer after mpp released. i hadnt really gotten into their discog until last year
  • in the flowers. I saw a trippy looking album so I picked it up at the library
  • trippy looking album... picked up at the library... woah... deja vu abu!
  • I remember asking for some musical recommendations from a few friends on another forum and one of them recommended me AnCo. He gave me a link to the music video for Bluish and told him that it was good and all, but I wasn't really "feeling it". Which is funny to me now, cause at the time I was really into Panda Bear. I knew who AnCo was, but didn't really get them at the time. Then one day I just randomly decided to downloaded their entire discography and before I knew it I was hooked. Now I'm starting "get", understand, and appreciate each of the boys now. They're almost at 300 plays in my library from last month alone now. Haha.
  • their music "gets" you!
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