Danse Animal Collective

Does anyone else feel like AC have their own type of dance? I wouldnt dance the way I dance to AC songs to any other band. Every part of my body moves to the rhythmic pounding of Panda's drum beats.


  • I used to have this weird arm thing I would do during a listen to MPP. I was trying to mimick Geo or something.
  • Haha, I was thinking about this the other day. But yeah, I do dance very differently to AC than any other band/artist I listen to.
  • I went to a Native American Pow Wow today and the way they danced was the same way I dance to AC (especially to Kids on Holiday).
  • Watch what they do during shows.
  • Depending on the song, the dance varies! For me! I do get a lot of jumpy hoppy boing boing from them. Panda is good for tai chi-like stretching. I think I dance the same to everything. Hey, G.O., how would you describe my AC dancing? Kinda like you'd see at a pow wow, right?
  • the way they move during shows is the way I dance.
  • Sometimes I Avey strut!
  • I dance like a mixture of Thom York, Ian Curtis, and a paralyzed person.
  • I guess the only AC album I usually never dance to is Feels. Anyone have an explanation.
  • no. I find it dancable.
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    I think the higher points in Feels are very dancable; like Grass, The Purple Bottle, Banshee Beat (at the SWIMMMMMMMMING POOOOOOL! part), etc. There's a lot of chill points in Feels that can be awkward to dance to (how the fuck would you dance to Bees? I'm trying but I can't).
  • Flesh Canoe is a rager
  • Especially my cover
  • I mean I dance to it, but I just don't DANSE to it. Flesh Canoe, Bees, Daffy Duck, and Loch Raven are really hard to grove to. But that is how my body reacts, my brain dances to every AC song.
  • loch raven is a mantra dance, sway back and forth violently.
  • I wish we could all dance together to and with them all of us, around a fire and the moon
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    Thats sounds lovely, wini. Forest dance parties are the best.
  • I'll bring the smores!
  • no oh my god leave the marshmallows at hommmmmmmeeeee
  • I once had a really vivid vision whilst listening to Brother Sport of being at an AnCo concert in a marque tent with people dancing about chaotically wearing animal head masks and throwing red powder paint all over the place. I would love to live out that day-dream.
  • I had the same apparation with that song and Summertime Clothes! except it was in a forest and people took ectasy and... it was like an episode of Skins (titled "Effie") I had just watched. I want to do what is done in that "We Tigers" video where everyone is wearing masks. It looks like good fun. And I really want be part of a drum circle...
  • I'll leave the Mallows at home and instead i'll bring my corn bread muffins I made on Wednesday.
  • Zaphox, I read that as I want to live out that ice cream. Yum. So do I. And the drum circle! And all matters of fun and ESPECIALLY with deelicious home made corn muffins...
  • corn bread! ain't nothin wrong with that!
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