Summertime clothes beginning

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Right at the beginning of summertime clothes, does someone shout out "boobies"? If not, what are they shouting?


  • Ahahaha... I'm pretty sure that's just somebody yelling "Weehee!" But I can kind of hear boobies if I twist it in my head.
  • I only hear "Weehee"! Please don't be offended Mr. Triangles when I say that I can not hear "boobies" at all. It's like a summertime grill out and people are just cheerful, because of boobies, maybe. Did they say boobies, probably not.
  • Haha! I never thought that before, but just whacked it on and I can see what you mean.. or rather hear what you mean. I love that sample anyway, it's so fun!
  • We'll never knoow...
  • feels good! WEEEHEEEE!!!! So! So! So! i love how the pitch is so.
  • Yeah, feels good! Whoopee! I have to make up my own lyrics for a lot of their songs because I can't make out the words. Boobies!
  • i am a guy that likes boobies but i dont think i heard boobies
  • Everyone likes boobies. Who doesn't like boobies?
  • My friend the other day was designing buttons and I was like, "Make one that says "I hate boobs"!!" and she started drawing it, but everyone around me was like, "but no one hates boobs!" And I don't hate boobs, I just am very indifferent to them. I'd probably prefer a world without boobs.
  • Althought I wasn't being entirely serious, I recant my statement and subsequent question. I know for a fact at least Shinsy and her friend don't like boobs, and also this girl in my class who had back problems because of her bustitude.
  • It was actually just me :P I don't know. I guess the feeding your child thing is probably important. Oh man what if I had an udder. That'd be cool. Actually that would probably be terrible. People would want to do science experiments on me. Aww, back problems? That is unfortunate. Maybe she has the wrong bra size! A lot of women have the wrong bra size. Those feminists in the 60s never actually burned their bras, they just threw some in a trash can. And it was like two people. Bras were invented by a woman! Makeup was invented by the Egyptians! I think. I don't like makeup. Are bra sizes different in Australia? Sorry guys I'm friends with this lady who's like a pro-bra information activist. Also I'm tired.
  • Dead babies are kind of sad. Plus boobs are so squishy...! I think udders would be a bit disturbing, but we'd be used to them if they were always that way. I don't think she had the wrong bra size, they were just gigantic, seriously. Bra sizes are the same in Australia I believe, but maybe slightly different in the sense that a medium t-shirt in Europe is a extra-small in America. I'm pro-bra as well, but I guess I don't get much say as a guy.
  • I think all body parts are awesome but I especially like boobs. They feel nice to have on your body (if they are not too big) and they feel nice to feel (my own and others) and they feel nice to have felt (by myself or by others). Plus they make FREE FOOD for all mammal babies. I could nurse an aardvark! I appreciate bras as fashion items- I don't need the support/nipple coverage (some girls have really big nipples! and they stick out! and people look at them! and it's embarrassing!)- but prefer to not wear them. I like that bras can make your boobs/cleavage in certain blouses look really snorzleable.
  • Woah, that got weird.....
  • And I thought you guys would say the original comment was inappropriate...
  • Hey- bodies, we all got em. Aint nothing inappropriate about bodies or boobies or mishearing lyrics.
  • Sometimes we wish we didn't have bodies, but we all have them. It is threads like these which make this board unique compared to the other boards out there.
  • Feels good, Feels Good! Weeeheeee is what i heareth
  • Is he saying "soak" after that? I cant tell.
  • mitch in a damn bra grubbing my ash graw!
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