I cant find many others

I have been looking for years, but I cant find any bands that have a sound similar to AC. While I have found some that are relative to them, like Blind Man's Colour, Young Prisms, Lotus, etc etc, I cant find any that give the same listening experience as AC. Anyone else know of any bands that are similar to AC?


  • there can be only one! hell that's half the fun!
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    There's a Japanese band called New House that sounds like them--that's because New House loves AC. Listen to their excerpts from their album "Burning Ship Fractal" on youtube and you'll see what I mean. It's almost too much of an imitation in my opinion, but then, I've only heard the excerpts and not whole songs. EDIT Hmmm. Instead of "imitation" I'll call it an appreciation and homage to AC. And it looks like some live songs by them are up now, too.
  • I feel like there is a lot of bands that are "inspired" by AC. They don't really sound all that great or original in my opinion though.
  • I once heard this guy who just sounds like a Panda copy. He was a decent musician but I think all these people just don't really want to find their own sound, they just want to make AnCo music.
  • the only music i have ever had a similar musical entrancement experience with is David del Tredici (the spider and the fly), Carl Orff (Carmina Burana), Mozart, Chopin, etc. and i hear that in the actual architectural journeying and momentum of the music as an entire work comparable to an Anco album.
  • Duprees diamond Blues by the grateful dead sounds like a song they would cover as they were grateful dead lovers. Sometimes I confuse animal collective and grateful dead when I have my ipod on shuffle listening to their earlier stuff.
  • Spotify's "related artists" for AmCo are hilarious - Grizzly Bear, Beach House, The Flaming Lips.. Some great bands, but there really is nothing quite like AC =D
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    Last.fm has: Panda Bear Avey Tare Avey Tare & Kría Brekkan Black Dice Deerhunter Atlas Sound Terrestrial Tones Fair enough... hahahaha
  • from 1:07 on sounds like somthing animal collective would play with their own instruments
  • sombody try to up me on somthing that sounds like ac but isn't. the task shouldn't be impossible.
  • Alvin Band is sort of similar. I find Ween to have similarities in some strange way, especially when you look at albums like Quebec. Atlas Sound obviously has some moments, Boards of Canada gives me some similar feelings though i'm not sure how similar they really are, Flaming Lips a little, The Warning by Hot Chip album's opener song reminds me of them (all the other albums I find uninteresting), MGMT certainly (second half of the first album and moments in the second album)....
  • Warpaint and some band with girls in it uh...Braids?
  • I was thinking of Braids too. Braids is the music inspired by Feels and then made by some girls!
  • Warpaint are cool, saw them live in Manchester 2 years ago.. still not really that akin to AC though
  • yeah, they just remind me of them from time to time.
  • I was thinking about this today, and although I wouldn't exactly compare the musical styles as being similar, I would highly recommend listening to 'Bent' - a British electronica duo. They have the same creative playfulness and a lot of their work is indeed weird and wonderful. Start with 'Programmed to Love' or 'The Everlasting Blink', or even 'Downloaded for Love' - a free download album. 'Ariels' is uber relaxing.. after that it went a bit poppy with the odd hidden gem. Bent were my old Animal Collective.
  • @Wetigers, the various bridges in the second MGMT album remind me of AnCo alot
  • I sort of don't like things to remind me of other things. Is that weird?
  • shinsy, not at all
  • Many of the afor mentioned bands follow rock and roll patterns. Ac usually dont do rock and roll. im thinking peacebone. some folk pop thats been around for centuries that you can find in old piano books. Only spirit seems different, some rock some classical? True danse doesnt have the same chords but simular melodies suggesting the same chords. I suppose that is very narrowminded. Safer deffinetly doesnt follow that pattern. I like the way they do it though. All dressed in the form of classical rhyme. A collision of culture and influence but somthing entirely new.
  • maybe beach boys on lsd? thats degrading? Is it? I could see them cover that although ugggg
  • Beach Boys were already on lsd, or at least Brian Wilson was. Acid and weed.
  • Double LSD bro!
  • I feel like AC's music spans so many genres and sounds that we each are thinking of different aspects when we say they sound like someone else. It's kinda cool. Animal Collective has managed to cover ground in so many different areas of music yet they still have a unique, signature sound. And I agree Shinsy. My favorite musicians are ones that sound unique and different.
  • Sagey, that was one of your best posts.
  • teeeeeeee!!! Sir claude is right. People thought once a delay petal was turned on it was the trippiest sound ever. Now theres all kinds of amazing electronics to entrance and rock and roll seems almost timid and it's at least hard to image from my point of view how adults thought rock was so satanic and crude
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    Well pretty much all the things kids are into at the time are claimed to be satanic and crude - rock and roll, South Park, Harry Potter, etc.
  • So does that mean in another 10-20 years AnCo won't sound outrageous any more? =o I hope not.. I can't imagine it ever sounding mundane, but then 10-20 years ago I probably thought that about stuff I was listening to then! Now anything with a 4-4 beat sounds so formulaic to me! As my tastes expand I'm finding it harder to find music which really excites me.
  • i agree 10000000000000000%
  • I think the last time I discovered music that genuinely excited me was... I can't even remember. There's been a lot music I've discovered that I now love: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Black Dice, Brian Eno, but I haven't been excited for a long time, which is really depressing to me. I don't think it's music's fault because I keep finding amazing artists. I don't know.
  • i think you do!
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