What do you make of STGSTV / Danse Manatee?

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Up until STGSTV / Danse Manatee, my introduction to AC went in this order: Panda Bear - Person Pitch Strawberry Jam Merriweather Post Pavillion Feels Sung Tongs Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished / Danse Manatee ...So I kinda of worked backwards. Anyway, I've only just started to really get my head around STGSTV & Danse Manatee. First few listens just annoyed the crap out of me and I struggled to find anything to like. It felt like they were just testing the water to see what they could get away with. So, I left it for a couple of years and now I've come back to it, I've got to say it's grown on me. Interesting and quite relaxing sound scapes, and I dig their creativity. Still - not the sort of thing you'd stick on with mates round! If I had to write a 3 word review it would be: "Music for Machines!" What do you guys make of it?


  • STGSTV is the most emotion inducing nostalgic beautiful album ever. it's use of contrast is amazing danse manatee is just an album that is "for fun" by my terms. while the music is not as meaningful as SGTSTV, it still is a great dose of AnCo
  • I feel like most people work backwords I love them both
  • OH GOD! Am I a machine?... the only option is to join Kraftwerk. We're charging our battery And now we're full of energy We are the robots
  • lol claudeavecvin, I almost spat my tea out then.. oh jeez, that was funny. Wasn't meant in a derogatory way.. By "Machines" I (obviously) meant Happy robot machines full to the gunnels with yummy oil (of a pleasing viscosity) who are building The Heart of Gold Space ship. It's heartening to know people love them though, looking forward to falling in love with them.
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    I have fallen in love with STGSTV since August when I listened to the album non-stop. I even slept to it every night because the songs on that album conjure up dream like images of forests and faries. As for Danse, that one can be tough, especially if you haven't had the opertunity to like early Animal Collective for a good amount of time. I really enjoy the sharp contrasts on Manatee and it seems like one of those records which just says we do what we want. Every song on there is so abstract on your first listen and that makes it hard to love at first and hard for non-AC fans to take seriously. Right now I only find Hollin to be the only AC stuff I can't love (and Campfire Songs when i'm not in that kind of mood). ON second thought TTG is like a high-fi Danse. Awesome!
  • STGSTV is dream music. It was recorded in the lands inside your head. So was TTG. But it's nightmare music. In a good way.
  • I could listen to the random TTG generator all day long
  • i just listened to danse manatee on vinyl for the first time! gave me new respect for the album. in the singing box >
  • Haha, no harm done Zaphy, I knew what you meant. The level of accuracy on your depiction of our work is very frightening to say the least. I just got Danse Danse Manatee on vinyl too, Dragon!
  • im ok with that
  • I loved Spirit from the getgo, and I've loved Danse for the last month or two. It's excited me that I'm so enamored of an album many people dismiss, or, I should say, an album many claim is their least best. That means, I hope and anticipate, I'll love that which I've not yet heard (I have all their stuff: I'm waiting and haven't yet indulged in them all yet). I'm saving Sung Tongs, People, Water Curses, Prospect Hummer, and Fall Be Kind. For the famine.
  • @Oaken, thats a very interesting method. i guess when anco stop making music you'll be the last one laughing
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    Ah, well, I didn't quite mean to that extent. When I wrote "for the famine" it was an attempt at being farcical because without those I've yet to get to, I've already got quite a bit of them on rotation and It's quite enough already (and yet not even close to enough in some ways!). It'll actually go like this: in a few months I'll start listening to Sung Tongs, a couple of months after that another, and so on. It's a somewhat whimsical yet planned goal of getting each of them all to the point where they're THERE, and then having them all PRESENT, each one at some ideal realm where I can dip in anywhere in their catalogue with glee. Hmmm...let me put it like this--it's a bit like halloween candy: one can, I suppose, eat it all at once, but it's nice to have a few Snickers and Butterfingers waiting to be chomped down in early December or even into the new year. At least that's my way of looking at it. Good idea, Ticonderoga, but I wouldn't be able to wait for any real famine. It's hard enough not to try to listen to all them at once, now, right now, this second. I mean, hell, I can see them on my bookshelf about ten feet away as I write this, beckoning me. For instance, I listened to MPP about a month ago--earlier than I anticipated--and it's thus entered into the listened/listening/hereNOW category I've arbitrarily set up. And I'm damn glad it has--wonderful stuff, that. Sometime in the middle of all this the new album will come out and by then I'm sure I'll be ready for it. The upshot? I know a good thing when I see it and I want it to LAST!
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    back to how you said STGSTV had alot of mindless noise, i just cant comprehend this. the intro is a little crazy, but every song has a graspable melody besides untitled and everyone whistling. i dont get it! :^)
  • Spirit is probably my favorite Animal Collective album, so many good tunes on that one. The raw passion and their overall approach on that record is indescribable, and it is one of the few records I have loved right off the bat. April and the Phantom, Chocolate Girl, Bat You'll Fly, La Rapet, and Alvin Row take the cake for me. Some of the other shorter tracks are pretty noisy, but overall, I fucking love it to death.
  • Zaphox, lovely writing, btw.
  • I love Spirit. it blows my mind that they both made that album when they were in high school, at my age. I cannot imagine creating something like that at this point in my life. and the sound ? god its like a dream land. Danse Manatee is terrific. I enjoy each track, Essplode is in my top 10 favorite songs by them. I can understand why its the least liked album...although I feel bad for those who can't seem to appreciate it.
  • JACOB!!!!!! My favorite AC albums, not true. I love all of them. I don't like the song lakablecky dress much just because its a fireworks prototype at least chord progression wise.
  • I love all of spirits transitions. I am not the biggest pop fan so songs like april and the phantom naturally apeal to me more thhen my girls or somat. I can appreciate their pop stuff too. At least it isn't modern shit pop with your typical C G Am F bullshit.
  • listening to my girls make me feel weird, like, people who dont even listen to AnCo love that song
  • I still likes it! You just have to listen with an open heart and not think of all those people. Just listen to what your heart says about the song.
  • hahaha thats exactly what i think to myself while listening!
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    Danse is my favorite album by them. it reminds me of an opera. at least emotionally and dynamically. all of the distortions create this fantasy soundscape. If you can imagine and commit to journeying to a place where this music exists then i think it will be better understood. Also if you think of at the end of Alvin row, the little girl says, that light didnt come back to me... my singing voice is gone. Danse is kind of the journey to find said singing voice; they go to the light child to find it and end up eventually in the singing box where they make happy music. so together they are my favorite... yes. (PS this is my first post)
  • Welcome! I never thought of Danse that way. It makes it so much more beautiful. Mind blown.
  • spirit is the testament to my childhood that makes all of its boody and challenges comingled into this emotional cocktail I drink and cry and smile simultaniuosly
  • glad to help! but really the first time i heard it i thought something was wrong with my computer... but now i see the noise has purpose, so its not noise :)
  • That was beautiful lylas! I wish I put more thought into my music like you do. I just kind of sit there and drool or bob my head.
  • the nice thing about their music is that there is material to keep it light, or get buried under, whichever you prefer in that moment.
  • You can't delete your own posts, it sucks. Wini - our gracious mod - sometimes cleans them up for us. But yeah, totally agree. Or sometimes both, in the case of Spirit! Buzzzzzzzz Lalalala Buzzzzzzzz.
  • I totally agree that Spirit and Danse are like Kid A and Amnesiac in that they kinda belong together. The second album compliments the first making both of them that much better. I really wish that I would've liked Danse at the same time I liked Spirit because I couldn't handle Danse until about 2 months after my first listen to it.
  • i enjoyed danse on the first listen just because I loved how strange it sounded.
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    I think i like songs liked In the Singing bBox, and Runnin' the Round Ball, and of course I liked Essplode all on the first listen. Songs like Ahhh Good Country and Meet the Light Child took time for me.
  • Lylas: Digging your Danse review and now can't wait to listen to it again =D I found Purplesage's and Ticonderoga's comments on My Girls interesting too. I always wondered what die hard AC fans thought of the more recent accessible stuff. Because I came in backwards I started with MPP. My Girls and Brother Sport were the first songs I really loved, and I haven't looked back since. However I can imagine some fans who have been there from the beginning not being overly keen on AC making music which is more accessible to conventional taste. Me, I'm really glad they did because I might not have invested the time to get into their earlier works otherwise.
  • don't get me wrong, i haven't been there since the beginning. i too became obsessed by mpp
  • The only AC albums I have ever became obsessed over were MPP and Down There, both albums basically were the only things I listened to for months.
  • My experiences with their albums are a bit different. I got hooked on them listening to SJ, and Holli first listen consecutively. so somewhere between the sequences: Reverend Green/Fireworks/#1 and Pride and Fight/Forest Gospel/ Theres an Arrow is where I fell in love. Outerbody experiences fit snuggly in my headphones. But everytime I tried to listen to MPP, i just couldnt digest it; it kind of sickened me. BUT after I grew into Spirit, I understood MPP; I associate the two very closely, but I have no idea why. it annoys me on a daily basis.
  • im a nooooobie! G.O's probably been around since their early times. Is that true GO? They've been jammin since the 90s. albums since early 2000000s. tens already passed and they getting older. ya know. i hope they still tour because i want to see them so bad
  • lylas, i can see what you mean by associating MPP with STGSTV. they have a similar tone at times
  • Stgstv is such a spring album
  • its more of a rocky winter album for me. with some evergreen trees thrown in there
  • I find it more as a nighttime album, and generally I associate it with fall. I think we are not going to get an answer where all of us agree.
  • its too weird of an album to really generalize to one setting i guess. i think out of every anco album, it's the one that is furthest away from all other music made ever
  • I think of it like fall into winter, the danse spring into summer. but i agree with peacefish, we wont all agree.
  • I think it of an album of mist but I can't say for sure if it's a specific seasonal mist. With a kaleidoscope of sun precipitating through at certain times, for certain intervals, surely.
  • I think for me it's when I start to listen to an album, I listened to april and the phantom and chocolate girl in spring so it reminds me of that time frame.
  • I've actually never listened to it. Just never bought it. But I feel like now is maybe the time for me to. I feel like my taste in the past few years have become more and more introverted (if that makes sense. I like to describe it like that). Spirit seems like it would fit in perfectly.
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