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YOU GUYSQ!!! I just realized the purple bottle is a song about using cough syrup as an aphro-desiac! Also. Do yawl have favorite members like hinduism or are they all favored same? I typically find myself partial towards Avey but definetly can appreciate Pandas genious.


  • Black licorice is supposedly an aphrodisiac's good in hard candy form. Guh. Avey is my favorite.
  • as for the song bees well they have strange turn ons. which one of their dads died?
  • This is really tough. Music wise I'd go with Avey, I probably like Down There more than any AC album. Personality wise Deak seems really nice and chill.
  • Theres somthing about Panda that seems somewhat more systematic then the others? Maybe that comes with being more into percussion. I suck at anything percussion. If that's true then he may be the most important element they have. I'm guessing those high pitch screeches and low pitch electronic drones and some of those other sounds were Aveys idea. I'd say Geologist but the first track on spirit you have very very diverse tones screeching everywhere. I'm glad Avey's more comfortable with his voice nowadays because I love it. Dave earlier mentioned that Deeks single sounded very psychadelic and seemingly drug influenced compared to the other members singles from that one special tape thingy. I see what he means and wonder how they would sound if he had an even bigger influence on the bands music ex: merriwhether.
  • Avey is my #1 favorite.. We share the same birthday. Panda is my second, none of them make as much solo stuff as Noah- and it's all good too. Geo and Deaks are on the same level. I had read an old interview and Geo shares a lot of the same views as me..I feel like I could chill with him Anyday.
  • Btw It was Panda's dad who died Purp
  • I really like Geo! He seems like a serious bro! Wait...all of them are bros, our AnCo bros! Deaks and me need to go on a nature walk! [img][/img]
  • Man... nature walks with AnCo bros! What a dream!
  • hell yeah. If there was some stupid prize on some shitty yo-gurt to hang out with Animal Collective I'd buy EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! JAJAJAJAHHHH!!!!! Just kidding, kind of.
  • I would buy a shit ton, man, why can't they ever have cool competitions like that on products?
  • Ahhh, I remember my Danimals super sweetstakes backstages passes to the jonas brothers. Kevins so funny. A regular bros day riding in the limo and having little girls beat you up and sing night night prayers together.
  • geo's black brother! GEORGE!!! :(|)
  • Omar coming yo!
  • I usually find myself liking Panda slightly more than Avey because Panda's drums beats are so amazingly sporadic! and I like his solo work more than Avey's. Also Panda's shyness I find rather endearing. But as of recent, I find myself liking Deakin after watching the 2011 Pitchfork festival performance. what he does with a guitar is indescribable.
  • YAY! A genuin Panda fan. How could you not love the guy for all that music he puts out?
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    I've always wanted to talk to avey about music
  • its my dream to jam with those guys. Im a master of both mimickry and creativity so I think I could hold my own without sticking out like fire hydrant in a shit bowl... bad analogy :/
  • I think I'd be way over my head talking with Avey about music... it would be an awesome experience though.
  • This is kind of irrelevant but there is this guy who looks exactly like Panda and even acts the same way as my school and its all I can think about when I see him. its crazy, the facial similarities. sorry for my spam. just needed to say that.
  • I would probably date him... even though I'm not gay.
  • That's better than my friend always saying that panda bear is a drugged out Sheldon from big bang theory.
  • HA! HA! HA! The band I'm in has simular roles that the AC gots. We all do our own solo shit too. Have you ever snorted Zanex that's some trippy shit
  • both my grandfather and my damn dad worked at the hormel plant! you bet yr spam i'm a gopher fan!
  • Minnesota shout out!
  • when is geologist having another kid?
  • when is geologist making a solo album?
  • When is Deakin making a solo album?
  • When is Deakin making a solo album?
  • when is Deakin making a solo album?
  • when IS deaking making a "solo" album focus on the BUM! ow OW! geo will never make a proper solo thing ... for people to HEAR! he already made an EP! VOSTOK! the legends were true! countless copies are sitting in a damn box somewhere! never to be heard from again! deeks really waited too long... the keep cash shet should have been the biggie hype builder then he should have got the album out by late 2011 or very very early 2012 like jan... missed chance! not to mention the damn african adventure collector's album / THING
  • gimme my africa album deaks !
  • When is Deakin making another Geologist baby?
  • When is Africa going to solo a new baby geologist like Deakin?
  • Is Avey single? How do I find his address?
  • Let's go to his house and give him a massive group hug! I'm serious...WE MUST FIND A WAY. To get Avey arrested!
  • i feel like I may be in jail very soon. Do you think he would like that? I see him as introverted towards media and extroverted towards people friends family and fans. Mayhaps not. Either way if sombody broke into my house I think I might call the cops
  • Mayhaps- I need to use this more often.
  • Wussup Brooklyn Wusssssuuuuuuuuuuuppppppp I think he would enjoy our presence. I wish I could shot gun a beer with him since I couldnt drink at the bar he was chillen at
  • i love that word. I might have picked it up from reading the redwall series as a kid. Them books have all these little critters and each different animal speaks a different english dialect. The moles say "gurt" and "patroo" and the hares say "Wot wot". that would be fun indeed purpurpurp
  • I was all into Redwall in middle school. Martin the Warrior was beast.
  • Oh wow I forgot all about Redwall. Martin was a badass.
  • mayhaps betwixt somat patroo. i met that brian jaques dude and he sighned one of me books. he also held me pet hedgehog.
  • i got sick of the series because the formula was almost the same for each book. damn good books though
  • reader beware... yr in for a scare!
  • "I'm serious...WE MUST FIND A WAY. To get Avey arrested!" haha! YES! just the image of him handcuffed being put in the back of a squad car saying "what'd i DO?!" and they never tell him! no not him!
  • You said this back that in November so I thought I might as well bring it back up so we can make all the indie blogosphere explode with rage.
  • if I saw that I would immediatly protest outside the courthouse regaurdless of who he kilt
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    He killed Panda Bear! (This is absolutely horrible that i'm saying this). Only one member of Animal Collective to rule them all!
  • Hahaha Peacey that reminded me of Clerks and how much I love that movie
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