brighton festival

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this is so great. not sure if it has ever been posted but it made me wish we were still in the days of sung tongs


  • awesome dude. ty for posting. /enjoyed
  • I would've killed to have seen them during the sung tongs era..if I'm not mistaken, black dice was at this festival as well
  • I could Have Won a Rabbit! I'am not sure if I'd like to see them at a festival or a small indoors venue.
  • another crazy video from the fatcat page
  • what i really love about the sung tongs era is that at times they were soooooooo close to yodeling. not genre is safe...
  • AnCo's invading metal next!!
  • I love oldish live AnCo! Actually, (and my friends violently disagree) I think Animal Collective's live presence is unbelievably good. But I've never seen them live...
  • I agree with you Moony and I have never seen them live. I can feel their energy. I really like the Brighton Festival performance, especially Avey's intro to Purple Bottle, its actually my favorite version of the song. My favorite video from the Sung Tongs era has to that one of Kids on Holiday in Paris in 2005... so crazy... and Deakin's dance and him on guitar is shjufvjgkigbhthn
  • narnia, i just watched that, that's so cool! they look like a punk/noise rockband. i love their performances in small venues the best
  • I know Ty! their soooooooo into it and everyone is screaming!! I love it!
  • you've changed yr name you don't even look the same! WELCOME TO NARNIA! [img][/img]
  • oh the shame! the shame of shitall!
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