2 new AC songs.



  • excuse me
  • why is everybody at collectedanimals calling them KoRn? what did i miss
  • Doc said that whenever someone types "AC" over there it come out as "KoRn". Same goes for other commonly used words relating to Animal Collective.
  • Lol. KoRn. I want to stop listening to them too! At least for a while. I really felt like I ruined Tomboy for myself by listening to all of the singles so often.
  • im getting more paranoid about that. im only going to listen to them when they come on on shuffle
  • I changed the settings on iTunes so those two songs are skipped on shuffle. I only want to listen to them on purpose!
  • i have a lot of music so i think ill be safe :) i will only deliberately listen to these while in the car
  • Yeah, I'mma hold off of the songs a bit myself. Don't wanna spoil myself. xD
  • ive listened to both two times deliberately since i posted that. i dont really get sick of anco songs. theres too much to take in, you notice something different with every listen
  • I think the difference with Tomboy is that almost the entire album was released as singles beforehand. It didn't feel new when I listened to the whole thing.
  • I didn't listen to any of the singles of Tomboy because at the time I was only a fan of Animal Collective, but I became a Panda Bear fan after I got into Tomboy. Funny how far I've progressed over the year.
  • Funny how many of us are having to moderate ourselves with this.. what a bunch of AnCo junkies! The good thing for me is that I'm still new to TTG, Campfire Songs, and Avey's solo work, so plenty to listen to for now.
  • TTG and oddsac are the only "fresh" albums to me right now
  • I noly have Hollin left and my first listen was horrible, I just didn't like the recording style that much and that is a pretty big pet pieve of mine.
  • my first listen of Hollin I got out my guitar and jammed along. ANYHOO!! I forgot to post my imput into this. I heard honeycomb in youtube videos and now there is a studio version. I love how the studio comes out second with them. Great song, I listen to it fifteen times everyday. Gotham is the closest they've gotten to indie rock I think. It sounds a lot like MGMT. I like it though
  • gotham kind of scares me. while i like the song, i personally dont want them to go in that direction. even if they do, based on Gotham i will still like the music.
  • i still haven't listened to these yet! the hell is WRONG with me! gah! help me tico!
  • Gotham is dark, and when Avey says "it's not my choice, to be there on time", I just feel so much pain. It's like the pain on Down There but a lot more powerful to me because of the music backing him up (not electronic in nature). Just my opinion y'all!
  • i neeeed to feel the energy
  • I like zeh eleconic nature personally, but I see what you're saying Fisheh.
  • people are all anti AC-electro these days? i seem to see! it saddens me! they must go MORE tronik! voices become digitized lies! well i guess now i can glisten to these 2 new songs! yayyyyyyyyy!
  • No, you are hearing me wrong, I think, because I love Down There and MPP and all there Tronik stuff, I just don't feel the sadder emotions like I did on Feels or some of there early work.
  • troniks bring the sad robe emotion! ROBO-MOTION!
  • Going into my ~20th listen of Honeycomb, I'm finding the rhythm easier to dance to...SO FUN!
  • SUCH FUN! :(|) i still haven't glistened yet? it's becoming a serious mental problem!
  • GO listen GO. It's probably not on the tracklist (but might?).
  • and it never was no... never... NEVERBLOODYEVAH!
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