Manchester United...

Man Utd are currently winning 1-0 against Sunderland, with City losing 2-1 vs QPR! ARGH I CAN'T STAND THE TENSION!!


  • Peacefish is a football fan, though I think he supports Liverpool. I know nothing about football myself, or any sports tournaments.
  • City won. I don't wanna talk about it just yet.
  • City won! Sorry if you support Man United, but come on, those fans have been waiting 45 years. I mean Man U does football the right way, raising up a lot of players from the youth ranks, but as a Baseball fan who sees the Yankees beat my Twins every year, I like it when the club with little or no titles wins, even if they spent a whole lot of money. I'll probably not like Liverpool once Gerrard retires or if they win 12 titles in 20 years like MUFC. My second favorite team is Newcastle United so I like them just as much as Liverpool. The City game was fantastic if you were not a fan of MUFC. I mean I was jumping out of my couch when I saw both of the late goals go in. I couldn't believe they won. As for the season, it was one of the best ever, and maybe next year Man U will win there 13th premier league. And Liverpool will finsih 5th or something. :(
  • it taint foot ball it's SOCK HER! :(|) blahhhhhhhh!
  • It is Soccer, but soccer became slang because Association Football was too complicated for us!
  • hehe... Ass. Football FOOLS BALL! :(|) ^is the new :ANGRY: / >__< (what was it?) /// :x it's all the same!
  • Liverpool all the way! Even though they play really bad rigth now.. My brother is a huge Man United and FCK fan. I watch football every now and then
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    FCK is Football Club Kobenhavn, i'm pretty sure. I'm super into football/soccer in the winter and when the World Cup and Euros are going on in the summer. I don't like the American MLS because the quality of soccer is worse and I really don't have a team to root for.
  • yr not a man, chester! you are a woah mang! :|
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