Centipede Hz - New Animal Collective Album

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http://www.myanimalhome.net/ - Watch this video FOOLS! First of all - NO HONEYCOMB OR GOTHAM! !!!


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    Full Track Listing! Moonjock Today's Supernatural Rosie Oh Applesauce Wide Eyed Father Time New Town Burnout Monkey Riches (For Werewolf Slippi) Mercury Man Pulleys Amanita
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    I'm sorry for not posting in the last twenty minutes due to my brain exploding and what not! I'm going to die in September! And what is a name like Centipede Hz? I mean they are taking this video game thing too far. [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/6/6b/Centipede-arcade-flyer.jpg/256px-Centipede-arcade-flyer.jpg[/img]
  • Holy shit
  • Centipede Hurts!
  • I am so excited. Mercury man! Yes!
  • [img]http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lk7akh4K2q1qfeaneo1_500.jpg[/img] This was the Mercury Kid! What is he like now that he is all grown up!
  • I'm on an iPod touch,I need a better medium to express my feelings! Let's begin speculation on the lack of honeycomb....
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    I'm guessing Centipede Hz could be a concept album! Like the Wall or something sci-fi like! That is why the two songs couldn't fit! Arkanoid JPEG! [img]http://amigaworld.zeronews-fr.com/Images/CasseBrique_1_640.gif[/img] Trust me this image is sweet!
  • September is too far awaaaaaaaay
  • September is going to amazing for so many different reasons. I'm most excited for "Wide Eyed". I have been waiting for Deakin's solo and now here it is! It sounded amazing at Pitchfork and is my favorite live song for Centipede. And I love the way AC announced this news.
  • Wide Eyed is the Deakin song? I need to listen closer now!
  • Claude, where did you get this news?
  • He must've just went on to the website because he announced it before anyone else broke the news.
  • What an awesome way to deliver the details. Kinda gives an idea of the feel as well - so stoked.
  • MayjunejulyaugustSEPTEMBER
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    I think Clawed got the news from FB. And "knows news" is what is said at the beginning of Honeycomb.
  • It makes sense now! I wonder if it will leak? I hope not though.
  • I will only listen to it when AC want me to!
  • This looks very Black Dice-ish. Which is awesome. I'm just glad Honeycomb and Gotham aren't on there... now I can listen to them over and over again!
  • That is a plus Doc.
  • So excited!! I think a leak is almost inevitable. Everything leaks before it's released nowadays unfortunately. =|
  • The difference between us and CA, is how many people they have and how much they post! There CHZ topic already has 145 posts! I mean it kinda feels like we can't get excited over here about anything. :( Hopefully some new folks can join and talk about the new album!
  • yes!
  • Yes indeed folks, I found this on Facebook just before I was going to class. Animal Collective made me ten minutes late! Damn you sweet sweet Animal Collective! @Fishy - I don't know about you, but I'm super pumped! PUMPED. Let us not compare ourselves to the CAers, or as I shall now call them. the KoRNers.
  • I lol'd when you said KoRners! Yeah, I always know we aren't the same, but sometimes I just wish we would discuss Animal Collective stuff more often. I mean i'm fine talking about other stuff but I think some people wish we could talk more AC (at least we can talk AC and not KoRn).
  • What kind of AC stuff?
  • im really pumped too ! i'm looking forward to see which songs from the tour will be on the Album Mercury Man must be Mercury and im pretty sure that Today's supernatural is Let go
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    Great titles! Monkey Riches! Amanita! Yes! I think that's marvelous that there are already 145 people posting on CA about Centipede Hz. We're two very different sites filling different needs, and it's ok to go there to be psyched in a group format! But seriously, let's just keep this about Centipede.
  • Do you ever post there anymore Lula?
  • Individual songs, past albums, samples, favorite styles of AC songs, the members in general, live stuff, etc. I'm not sure how many people would want to do this because no one has revived an old thread like that and i'm thinking if I should revive one, but it seems not many people on here want to talk about it in that way. But hey, we still can talk CHZ in the meantime.
  • Let's talk about breaking the Centipede code! What do the song titles mean?
  • Well, you get the conversation going, and you don't know what will happen Fishey.
  • Oki Doki Loki! 100 Hz, turn up the base, because from here til September the AC talk on here will be set to maximum!
  • I wish it came out this summer instead.
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    +1 Mitch! September is one hundred and ten days from now! Curses! Centipede Hurts sounds awesome! It will be like Sung Tongs mashed into MPP mashed into something new and original and sonically awesome like only AnCo can make! Also, there are songs called 'Moonjock' and 'Applesauce' on the same record! Next Kid-A-level-awesomeness-album high five anyone? Pitchfork are psyched too, but they're trying to pretend to be cool about it: http://pitchfork.com/news/46495-animal-collective-announce-new-album/ I can read you like a book, Pitchfork! To symbolize how excited I am, here is a picture of a happy girl holding oranges: [IMG]http://i.istockimg.com/file_thumbview_approve/5864863/2/stock-photo-5864863-excited-little-girl-who-loves-oranges-on-white-background.jpg[/IMG]
  • Hehehe, Pitchfork. "Oh by the way Animal Collective announced their new album... might be cool..."
  • I pretty much wanted this to be a summer album. Like with that warm summer feel to it that merriweather had and person pitch had too.
  • So are people speculating that "Wide Eyed" is the one with Deakin on vocals? The song formerly known as "Change?" I was pulling for that one to make the album most. That and the one where Avey screams "c'mon n' lelelelelelele -LET GO!!!" Also, I'm glad Honeycomb and Gotham are not on the album, not because i didn't like them but because I now have no idea what the album will be like.
  • So super psyched. Peacey, don't compare us to CA. They have more people. The song titles themselves are telling me this is going to be awesome. I can see this being a great mash between early AnCo and later AnCo. If you listen to Honeycomb and Gotham, there are definite Straw Jam and Spirit influences in it. Oh boy. I hope one of these songs is just Avey screaming relentlessly. And I hope Geo has his own song.
  • I really need to see this album artwork. RIGHT NOW.
  • Hang on. There is a track called Moonjock. My name is Moondog... They named the album after us, guys
  • BREAKING NEWS! Found the album artwork! [IMG]http://i45.tinypic.com/xmio0h.jpg[/IMG]
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    Oh no...this is me seeing that picture. http://unrealitymag.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/charlie-brown-good-grief.jpg Very funny though.
  • G.O. is going to love that. They named the album after him. Yes, Moonjock, Avey's code name for you. And I run a tumblr specializing in amanita photos. It's all very interesting!!!
  • Moondog: You really cracked me up there, yes, I think I may have cracked a laughing muscle (sarcasm) It would be really cool if they named the album after this forum! Sirs David, Noah, Josh, Brian, if you put the word "Kafkaesque" in any one of your songs or titles, I will be eternally in your debt and I will publicly proclaim to everyone with ears that Animal Collective are the greatest band of all time!
  • @ winilula link please I need to try them before this album comes out. Gotta find some evergreens :\">
  • Is this the first sequence of Centipede Hz or the full sequence? When do you think we will get the ACTUAL artwork and what will it be like? Music videos? Other promos? The process is so exciting since I didn't get this with any other AC album.
  • me either! its unbearable! gah i wish it came out in at least august. i wonder when the hype will officially set in...
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