What if MPP got even more attention then it already has and AC explodes into mainstream and starts producing a lot of music like Merriweather, would you guys still be as big of fans as AnCo as you are today? I personally never really liked Merriweather with the exception of Taste and My Girls was pretty catchy, but the album as a whole never stuck to me like Strawberry Jam or Feels, Thoughts, anyone? :)


  • I'd still be a fan of them if this were to happen, but I'd emphasize that I'm just a fan of their previous albums. I hate it when bands sell out or turn mainstream and lose their funk. example a: the black keys.
  • OMG. a great examplee! i used to be such a big fan of the black keys but with el camino and their last album and brothers in a way..meh.
  • and with mgmt, i think the same kinda thing happened. its such a shame. ;/
  • Exactly. Listen to Magic Potion and then their new album, no one can deny the fact that they are doing what will sell, I wish more bands would stick to their roots. I dont think AC will do that though. But with the two new songs released im incredibly hesitant..I understand they're doing what theyve never done before (like they always do) but i feel like I've heard 50 other songs just like them. And that's not how it's supposed to be. I listened to AC because they were original and absolutely nothing sounded like them- just completely out of the ordinary. Now I can't say that. I just hope the album as a whole will be better..when I went to pitchfork last summer all I could think about was the studio versions of A Long Time Ago and Knock You Down. Still hoping for those.
  • I mean, ODDSAC and TTG are evidence enough, not to mention Honeycomb and Gotham. I really loved MPP though, so if their new album is similar to that feel I'd be fine with it. I'm confused that you think MGMT sold out, Krishna. Do you think Congradulations was a sell-out? They basically gave a middle finger to all their superficial fans that wanted another Kids or Electric Feel and made a cohesive pop album without a stand-out hit. Personally, I think they're the anti sell-out. One band that I think sold out was Interpol, starting with Our Love to Admire. Turn on the Bright Lights and Antics made them one of my favourite bands, but they just progressively became worse and more poppy. I didn't even get their self-titled release because I didn't like the singles. I don't have anything against bands becoming "mainstream" though if they stick to what made them great in the first place.
  • I really dont think its possible for AC to become mainstream because they dont care about what others want and are too experimental to fit into any specific musical category. Which makes them the ultimate hipster band. Even what we view as pop, such as MPP, scares off a lot of people. If they made another MPP, I would be fine with that, because I loved it, but that is not going to happen because they are constantly reinventing themselves. AC did not make MPP to gain more fans. But what really matters to me is that their energy is always there. AC seems to really believe and love the music they make and if MPP music spoke to them it would speak to me, and each MPP would be as beautiful as the next. In short, I highly doubt they would sellout, but if they did, I would still love AC if they still cared.
  • Krishna, I really like the title of this thread.
  • i joined this forum instead of collected animals cause we dont say words like "mainstream", or "sellout". these types of discussions ruin music
  • although, i agree with narnia, they will never be mainstream. i showed my friend honeycomb yesterday and he said he couldnt even hear the singer's voice and it gave him a headache. our tastes are more tweaked than we think.
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    Well for one. They're just words, they don't directly impact the artist in any way. They hold no affect on them. Two, how does it ruin music ? If you wanna know what ruins music it's the record labels. And third, I don't believe you are the forum police and I didn't know you could set rules to what we can and can't say on here.
  • i wasn't trying to police in any way. i dont know how you became hostile just from my comment. i meant it ruins music for me. i had a hard time enjoying anco in the beginning of my fanship because i know that if i tell people i like them they will just say "you only listen to them because you think you're cool" or something. im sorry for offending you
  • i totally get what you mean Ticonderoga. thats what one of my best friends actually tells me too lol, that i just listen to them to be "edgy" and such. i guess this post is ignorant on my part, sorry.
  • I think you were just making a joke on a sensitive topic. After all, this an Animal Collective forum! I think all of have been poked at for liking whatever music we like. I've been called a hipster plenty.
  • ive only been called hipster by my family. mainly because i wore ray-ban wayfarer glasses all of last year. i still regret that. *shutters*
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    I'm with Ticonderoga. I like what music I like and don't worry about bands selling-out or what is mainstream. I personally love the Black Keys new music and their older music and i'm glad that they're out there making money and putting on killer live shows for thousands and thousands of people. I also appreciate the artists that never want to do that. If I like the music then that is good enough for me and if I don't like it anymore well then, the artist has changed for one reason or another and at least i like some of their albums. Worry about selling-out just isn't constructive.
  • I don't worry about selling out in the sense of making an album that widens your audience, it's just the artists that gain fame due to declining quality of albums. I don't care that they've "sold out" like joined a major label or become more pop-oriented but I do care if I really don't enjoy their new albums because of the changes they've made. In the end it's their choice and we have to respect that, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it.
  • I would only get worried if they got locked into some sort of groove -- like someone mentioned Black Keys earlier. If every song they started making sounded the same, like if the whole new album was "My Girls" then I would get a little upset. It doesn't sound like that though. Their sound is so dynamic and changes with everything they do, and I don't think the new album will be an exception to that rule. I don't really care how popular they are -- I care how much they stay true to their own creative impulses.
  • Yeah, I cant tell the difference between Black Keys songs now. They all sound exactly the same.
  • yeah, the thing that made me stop listening to the Black Keys was the consistency in their music, like i never even gave El Camino a thorough listen, it was all the same stuff from Brothers and Magic Potion, and like Moondog said nobody wants a album full of My Girls.
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    Okay I think the Peacefish needs to come into this discussion, I sense bad vibes! To Pottle and TicToc: I know you guys have a misunderstanding but COME ON, no one insulted someones mother (it's mothers day *I give my mom a back rub and does the chores early*). Tic just wanted to say that he liked this board because of how reasonably and responsibly we discuss music. Pottle, I understand your point of view too, but I am sure Tic was not trying to police you or any of us. I just want both of you to realize that no one can police on here except Wini, however we can report stuff too. Please make ammends via PM, just talk to each other about it privately. Black Keys: If it were not for the Black Keys, a lot of people wouldn't be into any sort of Indie or Alternative music. I mean one of my best friends is going to their concert on Tuesday night, and as far as live bands go, I think the Keys are pretty good. It is okay if you don't like their new stuff, it is okay to HATE it, or even disrespect them, but WHY would you? I mean like Claude said, there new albums require a different taste, one me and Tigers share apperently. I love them and I don't care what they do, like make top 40 singles, as long as I like their music in the end. AC and "Becoming Popular": I really don't like it when we talk about AC selling out, I mean MPP wasn't that much like modern pop music. I have had at least ten different people, all which like pop music, say MY GIRLS was trash. That alone makes me think anyone outside the ALternative/Indie genre will be turned away from AC in the short run. I wouldn't mind a "poppy" record like MPP as long as AC progresses their music and their sound like they have done in the past. I mean we really should take a step back and realize AC is not a band to talk about "selling out". Record Labels: Get money, stack paper, and make bank. I mean they are doing what is best for their companies and for themselves, it is only human. I do however think with the amount of money NOT being made with CD's and MP3's due to pirating and streaming will hurt the record labels eventually. Keep record stores alive (coming from a guy who hasn't been to a record store). MPP: I loved it, just my opinion Bros! As we tigers said "Worrying about selling-out just isn't constructive". Hope you all have a great day, I need to go make a movie. Peace, out!
  • Hey, did we want to discuss this any further? The power of language to invoke emotions (mainstream, sellout) or the parameters on word usage here? It's really painful when others diminish the potency/reality of something we care about. Calling AC sellouts hurts us to hear. It's a valid subject that comes up again and again here. I can assure you this: those words stop getting used or having any meaning when you get older. Oaken, do you agree? (I think you are an adult, too)
  • I agree. It's not being a "sell out" that I fear from some of my favorite artists, its when they put out material that, even for them, would be second rate in years past. So, as long as an artist (band, writer, painter, director, etc) does something that he/she/it/they are glad to stand by, something that pushes their own aesthetic to either something new or something they can be proud of, then that's great. And if the product ends up being mainstream simply because many people find out about it and begin to like it, good for the artist. It's a damn fine thing when people who are good at what they do get paid for the joy they've brought to their fans.
  • I am so pleased to be on a board with you, Oaken.
  • Sorry one last post which you new people have not heard yet: To most of the English speaking planet, "hipster" is a type of ladies underpants. That's all.
  • Thanks, Wini! Likewise.
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    I love all you so damn much for being so insightful! That post was what I wanted to say, but I didn't have the skill or wisdom to say it. I'll give you a cyber congratulations! :)>-
  • We are proof that growing is awesome (older, etc.) All of Us!
  • I want to be a youngin'! Or at least get old and act young, like riding on shopping carts through the aisles at Target in my 30's.
  • Does the parking lot of my grocery store count? Then plan on doing it into yor 40's!
  • Yay! anywhere is fine btw.
  • I don't really have a lot to add to this discussion that hasn't been said. I agree with a lot of the things that Peacey said. I just want to say I also am very happy how insightful and considerate everyone here is. And hi tiggles! :)
  • gotham sounds a lot like mgmt.
  • ^woah, just realized this. thats crazy
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    I noticed that when I listened to Gotham too.
  • Can someone tell me when MGMT is releasing a new album? because I am dying here. I cant listen to Congratulations and OR anymore.
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    "In January 2012 MGMT confirmed in an interview with Intercourse Magazine that they had started work on the album. VanWyngarden stated that he has written five songs. On February 27, MGMT began recording the album with Dave Fridmann in his Tarbox Road Studios. In March 2012 Andrew said that they will perform new songs on their upcoming shows in Latin America. On March 30, the band premiered a new song, "Alien Days", at a show in Bogotá, Colombia."
  • I listened to both of those albums everyday for almost 6 months, before I started liking AC. Then I was done with it but Electric Feel and Flash Delirium are still amazing. I just cant anymore though. I dont understand why they took such a ridiculously long world tour. There should have been some sort of long interval to write more music or make an EP. I know they made that LateNightTales thing (which I have), but they need to make more music.
  • They took a ridiculously long world tour cause they're ridiculously popular for an indie band. I mean, even some of my Christian acquaintances who listen to Hillsong and whatever crap listen to MGMT. They're making albums every 2-3 years, which is not band. At least they're not like The Radio Dept. An album/EP every 4 years if you're lucky. Also, this is an informative article:
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    New song: Edit: I think this is better quality:
  • Yes, I understand. I am just frusterated at the lack of MGMT. I am not saying they are lazy or anything with creating music. What I wrote was poorly worded. Forgive me.
  • No need for an apology! I was just providing a rebuttal, and I definitely understand the frustration of bands not releasing music. I used to be a huge fan of Arcade Fire and they NEVER release music. I'd given up hope and then The Suburbs plopped onto my lap a few months later, to my WTF reaction.
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    AC haven't released a TRUE LP in 3.5 years, a long damn time, but Tomboy, KEEP Cashette, Down There, HBK, ODDSAC, TGG, and Honeycomb/Gotham have all made up for the drought.
  • AC (and many other bands) are always making music in some form. This is probably a bad analogy but, it's like artists wouldnt stop making art for months or years just because they didnt have to. Their art becomes them and it their way of expressing theirselves. they make art happy or sad, rain or shine and the make to make it. artists get the urge to make art. its just that when bands go on tours for awhile and dont produce anything it can seem like they lost their creativity or drive. that may not (and I hope not) be the case with MGMT but that is what it seems like.
  • what is art? are WE art? IS ART ART garter belts!
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