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  • I read that as spurt everything from my... Nevermind. Anyway, Fidelio, I think there is a fair amount of boots that have that version of taste recorded in them.
  • things are going to get quite cerebral on ACORGI 2012 2nd half! this is only the beginning! by the end everyone WILL be freaked the hell out! none shall remain! BLOOD!
  • not to mention a fair number of BOOKS! reading all the books at night! when do you ACTUALLY read them? and STEAL THEM! :(|)
  • No need to steal. One of the many perks is the absolvment from the late fines policy.
  • I need some artwork, I need something to visualize while daydreaming about this
  • @ MoonDog I've sought them out and still can't find it. Where should I be looking?
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    "Also, the album's really earth-oriented in terms of dirt and the ground." im actually extremely happy about this. the song titles, specfically moonjock and pulleys gave me an earthy vibe
  • This whole interview with Avey really got me excited. Maybe it will sound more like Strawberry Jam, I get those feelings he described from that album, and they were both recorded in the south west.
  • That interview made me so excited
  • Yay. We finally get to hear Deakin sing lead on an AC song.
  • i really hope there's a 9 min.+ epic and at least one short song
  • Maybe Deakinssong could be 7 minutes, same goes for "Knock You Down" (MOnkey Riches I think), but I wouldn't be too optimistic for an epic song. However, we may have a 2 minute song like Leaf House or WCWAR, because some of the live tracks were pretty short (just "I'm on my Own" I guess).
  • Am I the only one would enjoy another album similar to merriweather? I guess from all of the interviews and news I have read about this new one seem to be talking about how they are moving away from merriweather. I don't think that its " accessibility" or popularity or whatever you want to call it is such a bad thing.
  • Nah I'm with you Mitch, in all honesty I was a little disappointed when they said they were moving away from the atmospheric style of MPP. I know this new album will be great though, beggers can't be choosers.
  • i hope they have a song similar to somdeay i'll grow to be as tall as the giant. another example of that type of song is search for delicious. idk how to explain it
  • I like that they're moving away from MPP. It's not that I don't like MPP, but I think that now they're adding more crazy, lively vibes to their stuff and I see that as a combination of MPP and their older stuff like We Tigers. Honeycomb honestly could be on MPP, but it also has this wild vibe underneath the song that belongs on their other albums. If CHz is like that, then I'm really, really excited.
  • oh, i guess it could be considered a wondrous and calming world right before the finale
  • And I also hope that one of the songs is at least 20 minutes. But I doubt it because the album has so many tracks.
  • lol, that would be a record for anco
  • At first I was dissapointed because I wanted an album similar to MPP because I loved MPP's "pop" sound but then I realized how happy I was that Deakin was back. Strawberry Jam had so much energy. I love what Deakin does with a guitar. And I have been patiently waiting for a Deakin solo. Avey's screams were the best on SJ im my opinion.
  • i am almost positive this whole album will be in the vibe of Let go and I'd Rather. like avey said, dirtish and earthy
  • I just read that Pitchfork article. There are no words to describ3e how excited I am. Everything that Avey's described is how I imagined the album to sound. What I really like about AnCo's albums is the way they are tied to a specific atmosphere and they seem to come out effortlessly. Nothing is ever forced in the song titles, album names, central album idea, etc.
  • Exactly! Effort is something you don't hear in their music. (that's a good thing)
  • I think that a new song that is similar to #1 would be so awesome. I love that song and the role it plays in making strawberry jam have the feel that it creates.
  • agreed mitch, #1 gives SJ a ton of mood
  • Twin Peaks references make me so happy. Did you know that some of the samples from Down There are the voice of Laura's dad in another swamp related movie? AC fans enjoying Twin Peaks seems appropriate to me.
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    one of them might jump out and doooo you innn
  • twin deaks!
  • The Deakin and Deacon Show!
  • The Deakin & Deacon Show, sponsored by D-Con.
  • I want to jam with them in the garage. We can't jam in my garage because my grandma wouldn't like it and there isnt much room
  • I love the part in the video where your Mom tells you to turn it down.
  • excited
  • Excitante (not the proper way to say excited in Spanish, it means SOMETHING else). Yo estoy excitante para el album de Animales Collectivos!
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    Doesnt it mean erection (I just HAD to say it)? (excite(e) in french means sexually aroused) Je suis excitee pour de l'album nouvel Animal Collectif!
  • Wow, I am never saying excited again, just excitante. How do you pronounce it? Ecks-ee-tawnt-eh?
  • Je suis excistentialleTed. No, actually, I am nervous about the new album. It's like G.O. coming down here and me worrying whether we would still like each other and how MUCH we would like each other and what if we didn't and then if we didn't LIKE like each other then what about the past friendship and etc etc
  • So I'm guessing there might be some more Centipede Hz related news tonight? Honeycomb/Gotham was revealed/released 2 weeks ago today, album title and tracklisting revealed last week. What could tonight hold for us (if there is some more news tonight that is)?
  • Maybe the album artwork?
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    Maybe it will be leaked tonight? *[i]Crosses fingers[/i]*
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    Exitante is sexually arroused! I'm guessing tonight will bring a cryptic message that will require us to interpret what it means, something like those Assassin's Creed trailers.
  • exitante is a proper description of how i feel about this album
  • Gotta say I'm pretty excited about this - Merriweather had me high as a kite all of 2009 and now having heard Honeycomb/Gotham I feel like a little boy on a sugar rush who's just seen a pair of tits for the first time! Can't believe those two didn't make it onto the album, maybe they wont fit the mood of the rest of it? Gotham to me sounds like a masterpiece - the part between 2:30 and 3:00 sounds like Dave is freakin possessed, as intense as the 'you have your fits I have my fits it feels good' bit of Banshee Beat, which is really saying something. Sounds like everyone is hoping for different things from the album. I reakon they'll probably deliver something totally surprising that will confuse people at first but blow everyone away who listens a few times
  • i cant wait to hear mr deeks on the track
  • The live version of his song is glorious. His singing voice is pretty powerful too.
  • "Nightmare in Dream time"! I love the way how he says that to open up the entire song.
  • "I'd Rather" is starting to replace Winter's love in terms of my favorite AC song. thats saying alot. i really hope it makes it onto the album. that first melody and the guitar oohhhh myyy godddd
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