Senior project I did this in like 30 minutes but yeah just thought I would share this.


  • You're golden retriever looks awesome, love its coat. Very rich and thick and golden. you are good at snowboarding too, props.
  • Ha thanks!
  • That was neat! I've never seen a program like that before. I agree that your doggy is Very Fluffy. Where are the pictures of the message board????
  • Yeah I was waiting for my mustached avatar to pop up at any moment. Nice work though. The transitions and stuff are very sleeeek
  • Oh man I should have put pics of the board up! And ha I don't do the transitions or anything, the program automatically does it
  • This was some pretty sweet stuff man, and I loved your choice for music!
  • Hey, not bad for 30 mins work. Nice boarding skills!
  • YOU SNOWBOARD? where are you from? my favorite place in the world is big sky, montana
  • Yeah, I do! I live in michigan. I ride at this little place called bittersweet, it has a 250 ft vertical drop its pretty tiny lol. And I've had friends go to big sky, that place sounds awesome! You ride there?
  • Thought this was pretty siq. Love The picture of AC's set at Pitchfork it was so magical. Looks like we have two Michiganders on ze board..thats sweet you're going to ferris, I know a couple of people who are as well.
  • Michigan is my home state! I lived there from ages 1-10.
  • Right on. What part didja live in ?
  • edited May 2012
    Lake Orion- a small town about 45 minutes from Detroit.
  • detroit! what! sour trout CLOUD CULT
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