A Statement from Your Moderator

Hello, people. On the "old board" we kept topics grouped together. If you had a dream, you'd post it in the Dream Thread. If it got posted somewhere else, I could move it over to the Dream Thread. This new style is forcing me as moderator to abandon a lot of things I once did (like the Activity Feed, it is no longer linear, it is like an expanding ring of foam). Posts cannot be flagged. Topics can't be congregated or split or moved and I can't follow a damn thing. Basically all I can do now is decline memberships and hope everyone here is getting along. SO...let me know, via PM, if you need something done! Because I just can't participate like I did nor can I read even a fraction of what's here. Love, Your Faithful, Frazzled, Moderatrix


  • Awww shit, sounds like absolute poo ! I wish you could do the things you wanted to win ! I feel sorry for you !
  • oh god, don't ever feel sorry for me. Everything is always exactly as it should be. Thanks anyways.
  • Hahaha sorry, i didn't mean that in pity, or reading it again sounds quite sarcastic of me, but i can assure you i wasn't !
  • Oh, I can change topic names so that when it goes totally off-topic I can point it out. And I forget how young most of you are, and that stuff you do that seems totally normal to me is completely abnormal to those around you and mice versa! For those not in the know, I'm 41. (Oldest but not eldest) LOng Live Shinsy Rainbow Princess and King G.O.!
  • wini! I'm up there in age with ya, sista...so you're not alone. Thanks for running this thing. Hope all is well, I've been away for a bit. ants
  • Ants ants ants!!!! Yay!!!!
  • New peoples- Hidden Stash is hidden from people who are non-members. It is also NOT INDEXED on the internet. What is said in private remains private (until you join). The majority here (now) are Old Members who post topics in topical places. Maybe someday we will move again to a different type of board (owner says no, but, you never know. I hate this format. hate it.) Young people: if you use a moniker in more than one place (as I do) please do not post any participation in illegal activities anywhere other than Hidden Stash. Please. For your sake. I learned this the Hard Way.
  • Please all members read the above post. Alo, I cannot keep up with everything right now so be kind to each other, and if anyone has an issue, PM me. Thanks. Your loving Mod, Wini
  • wini bringin down the hammer!
  • i used to step on that very hammer! and boy how it squeaked!
  • edited May 2012
    but in that squeak one heard the thunder of the GODS!
  • It sounds like this: reep! reep!
  • reep uh cheep!
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