so I started my summer job again today. I work for the city where I live. 40 hours a week, hoping to get a raise this yr instead of minimum wage. No one really believes me when I tell them what I do, or they think its weird. I all. Being outside 8 hours everyday in the sweet summer time is fine by me, its better than what most people my age can get. I suppose they think its weird because its considered to be a "man's job" and theres me, a long legged girl out weed whacking. anyways.. Im working with a kid from high school and another Im graduating with, guess whose the head bitch in charge ? So far its fine.. even though its only been day 1. my arms are all cut up like they used to be and my farmers tan is real appealing. everyone feel free to share your past experiences with jobs, the current job you have, or anything related to.


  • i've only had one job as a dishwasher 10 hours a week at this advertisement agency. it was okay in the beginning, but my boss didn't seem to like me very much. The other dude that worked there told me that my boss had been thrash talking me and said he thought i was a lazy deadbeat so after i found out about that i quit. now i'm trying to get a new job but it's pretty hard
  • chicks w/ farmer tans are completely appealing dude, keep it up. the best job i ever had was at a local uni, doing AV work. everyone was a stoner and it was 5 minutes of frantic work and then 2 hours of downtime during which we'd watch movies, drive around in golf carts, smoke, go out to eat. one time i went on a date in the middle of my shift. totally great.
  • yuck! bonnie bear!
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